HOTSPOT 23: Sake Sushi


People who like sushi are my kind of people. Pronto. And last week me and my friend went to this sushi place called Sake Sushi. It’s funny because me and my friend were both craving for sushi A LOT. I serious can’t remember when I had my last sushi meal so I was super excited to have sushi for dinner as my friend made the reservation.

I was also excited about this sushi place since I’ve never dined at it before.
As we arrived there was this really young girl who greeted us and asked if she can take our coat. But of course! The place was quiet as well so the reservation was not necessary. Nonetheless.

Sake Sushi uses the all-you-can-eat system that goes up to 6 rounds. In the 6 rounds you can order sushi (duh), sashimi, deep fried stuff, salads, soups, fried rice/noodles and ice cream. My belly was happy at the end of the road c:


Hou jij van sushi? Dan mag ik je simpelweg, gelijk, over en uit. Laatst hadden ik en la vriendin gegeten bij Sake Sushi. We konden beide niet herinneren wanneer we voor het laatst sushi hebben gegeten. Dus een all-you-can-eat-sushi was broodnodig en we hadden al gauw een tafeltje gereserveerd (just in case) bij Sake Sushi.

Ik was ook nieuwsgierig aangezien ik nog nooit bij Sake sushi heb gegeten. Eenmaal gearriveerd werden we begroet, onze jassen afgegeven en geleid naar ons tafeltje door een jong meisje. Reserveren was eigenlijk overbodig want wij en nog een tafeltje waren (nog) de enige in het restaurant.

Zoals eerder aangegeven is het een all-you-can-eat restaurant met de standaard 6 rondes. Helaas waren ik en mijn vriendin gestrand bij ronde 3. Maar mijn buikje was een blije buikje op eind c:

*drools* their spicy salmon is nice! Really hot!

 It's real. 

The salads were nice, but! There was a huge amount of mustard in it, pinching my nose and tearing my eyes........ 

As interior matter, Sake Sushi has the best Japanese decor of all the sushi restaurant I've dined at. There was even oriental music at the background!

ADDRESS:  Smalle Kade 15 4381 CE Vlissingen - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  5/5 
Price:  3/5


  1. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Glad you got to satisfy your craving!

    Have the best day ever,

  2. Oohhh rode bonen ijs!! En de sushi ziet er echt overheerlijk uit.. You lucky girl! Ik moet toch maar snel weer eens naar de Shabu shabu :P xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! I've never had Sushi before but I'd love to try it, looks so delicious xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  4. jaaaaa sushii!
    Wie houd er nou niet van??

  5. Whoa, dit ziet er echt niet slecht uit voor een All You Can Eat. Ik vind die ketens van Sumo en Shabu-Shabu vaak niet altijd even goed, maar oh my... ik heb nu nóg meer zin in sushi dan dat ik al had. Lekker joh!!

  6. I love sushi and this place looks good!! Love your photos too!

  7. Mm, that looks incredible!! When will they invent a system where you can relocate restaurants internationally for an evening?! Great photos as well Mei! x

  8. I love sushi! <3

  9. That looks so good and the plating is super pretty! I've never tried black sesame ice cream, but I would like to give it a try one day.

  10. Glad the food was great! that sushi platter, that sushi roll and the black sesame ice cream! Ooo, all things I'd eat too!

  11. I love sushi! The food looks delicious! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  12. Wow! Do you like sushi? It is Japanese food! I am so happy.I love sushi too.


  13. The interior of the restaurant looks lovely and the sushi looks delicious! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh man, it's been way too long since I last had sushi! Any place that has an all-you-can-eat option sounds like heaven in my books :)

  15. Sushi is always so pretty but alas, I'm not a sushi person. The ice cream looks good, though!

  16. YUMMM. all of my favorites!!

    unagi and wakame salad ::slurp:: wish i could get good sushi in germany!! boo!! lol i'll just have to live vicariously through your food photos :)!!

  17. yummmmm!!!!! I wanna try sushi too now!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  18. We make it a date to have sushi at least once a week :) Which one is your favorite? I tend to like classic ones, as the sake (salmon) or tuna avocado, or only tuna nigiri or maki :) Lately we are also obsessed with edamame before every meal at home, hahaha. The ice cream looks also yummy, never tried the azuki one!

  19. OMG! You make me crave for sushi ! I also can't remember the very last time i had sushi for my meal. It looks super delish, i've never tried sake sushi before. And you make me wanna try it ! It's an awesome review <3<3
    Check my latest post if you have time ;)

    Titany Shintamurti

  20. I only tried sushi last year and I'm a true fan now, it's just so damn tasty and I love the texture. I've been to the all you can eat places but the sushi in these photographs top what I've had!

    Katie » Tattyboots

  21. Eugh I haven't had sushi for months now TT-TT the only people i can take alongside me when my stomach craves for something sinful (LOL) are my parents and last week, they're like "ugh no, not sushi again" djekhflwk;; just because my father gets to eat rice every day while i don't >A< (the only rice i'd touch is sushi,i guess? LOL)

    wakame salad is yummm >w< my favorite kind of salad~ also because it's not like the western type of, caesar salad especially, with all the mayo and dressing and such >A< augh.

    man, i miss eating edamame while drinking tea and watching tv (like those old men in japanese tv shows lol except they do it with beer cans and not tea lol)

    also, the first sentence of your post. yes, sushi people are my kind of species LOL

  22. It's twelve am here and I'm reading your posting on food, which makes me soooooo hungry . THank you for the sharing anyway. Wish to try the sushi sometime

  23. so delicious. i love sushi. have you watched the documentary jiro dreams of sushi? it's pretty inspiring!

  24. Het ziet er echt yummy!

    Much Love, M

  25. I hear you - I miss sushi like nothing else here in Melbourne. Unfortunately the only food here that isn't all that great is sushi.


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