I ate noodles for breakfast


I pretty much grew up with instant noodles. As I was younger and I came home from school, my mum always have a nice bowl of hot ramen ready for me. I was always looking forward going home really ha :P
I’m quite missing those days.

Anyway, I was at the supermarket and saw these instant noodles by Conimex, which is a Dutch brand. I haven’t had instant noodles for a while and mostly I eat Asian brands (Nissan, Indomie etc.).
But I decided to give Conimex a chance and chose the ‘teriyaki’ flavoured one. And I thought it would be fun to share my opinion with you guys, so scroll down to read my verdict!

Al vanaf dat ik tandjes heb gekregen at ik al noodles op jonge leeftijd. Als ik van school kwam had mama altijd noodles voor me klaar staan. Want wat werkte ik hard op school zeg :’) poe poe. Die dagen mis ik soms wel.

Maar goed. Ik was weer eens in de supermarkt laatst en was verrast dat Conimex ook instant noodles heeft in hun collectie! Hoewel mijn voorkeur voor de Aziatische kant ben (Nissan, Indomie) besloot ik Conimex toch maar eens uit te proberen. En het werd de ‘teriyaki’!
Ik heb ook besloten deze voor jullie uit te testen dus lees, kijk en huiver!

I've stirred everything well and combined, don't worry.

There were these white fat inside the sauce (I assume fat) so I didn't add that too it :c

Taste: I like the fact that there are sesame seeds added to it. The noodles were so-so as my mouth is already Nissan colored. But the teriyaki taste is not bad! Could be a tad bit spicier + hotter. 
Price: I think it was 70 cents? Me being a student I'd say: not too shabby!
Packaging: I always have a fun time ripping the packaging and wondering: will there be sesame sauce/dry vegetables added too? Or will I only find a soupbase? And what Conimex provide is not too bad! 
Kills hunger: I was hungry again after an hour :c



  1. I love your gif of the noodles being assembled! My favorite ever instant noodle is called 'Ibumie Asli Migoreng' It's an instand noodle that just stays so chewy after being cooked and it comes with a chilli powder, oil and dark sweet sauce. I always add more dark sweet sauce, some fish cakes, egg and vegetable! I always add lots to my noodles! That one looks decent but I'd add more things to it!

  2. I haven't had ramen in a while. I'm probably going to go buy some this weekend. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  3. When I was a child I was a ramen addict, I still am!

  4. mmm looks so tasty! and I love the GIF :D

  5. Haha noodles als ontbijt zou ik waarschijnlijk alleen in nood eten :P Ik heb wel een keertje noodles gehad om 12 u snachts xD Ik heb van Conimex de hot & spicy geprobeerd, maar die pittigheid viel nog wel mee. Vast omdat het Nederlands is :P Meestal heb ik Yumyum noodles, de shrimp daarvan is wel pittig! xx

  6. Hmm noodles... :-) I'm going to Japan next month and my Japanese friend warned me that I'd be shocked by how different a Japenese breakfast is from the breakfast I know! I need my cereal, my yoghurt, my bread... but she said I can forget about that, lol :-) Which is fine, I want to embrace every new experience!

  7. Maybe two packets next time? I have such a guilty guilty love for ramen even though the sodium content is insane

  8. looks yummy ^^
    You should try MyKuali Penang white curry mee too which recently crazed by many Malaysian after rated as "Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodles Of All Time" by theramenrater.com (popular American blog which reviews instant noodles of all kinds.)...well, I'm not try yet as the mee is not available everywhere, just manage to take 2 pack from my friend.

  9. I used to eat lots of instant noodles, until someone told me that processed foods are not good for you. Then I got scared. Lol. What ingredients does it say on the package? If it's not too bad a list, I'd love to eat some again.

  10. I looooove instant noodles, I always have it for breakfast on Saturday mornings haha. My favourites are Nissan and Shin Ramyun!

  11. my husband loves instant noodles. and i actually crave them too from time to time. especially on rainy days.

  12. I'm in love with ramen. But my favorites are definitely Shin Ramyum and some taiwanese/chinese brands. The more "real" the ramen the better!

  13. I grew up eating Nissin noodles too!! But then I went through a phrase of not liking it (crazy right?!) but I now like it again!
    If it's not as filling as you'd like maybe you could try adding in some extra ingredients? I love adding in eggs and beansprouts to make my ramen yummier and somewhat healthier haha!

  14. omg that gif is too cute!! and the noodles look so good ahh~ T_T xx

  15. I discovered Ramen at Japan two years ago :) and we are kind of obsessed since then, we are a lucky that there is a new place in Barcelona that only serves homemade Ramen, so it's kind of a second home right now ;) Having one soup after school during your childhood sounds great. Btw, I loved the gif so fun to see the teriyaki soup changing in preparation!

  16. Haha omg you eat Indomie ><
    I used to eat instant noodle every sunday too...and then stopped because i'm so scared of weight gain LOL
    the nissin one is really addicting though..so dangerous x__x

    you're making me drooool TT__TT always the beautiful photographs sobs ;w;

    I haven't had ramen for a long timeee....>__< now i want a japanese ramen (though not instant lol)


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