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Thank you for liking my crème brûlée on my previous post c:

So yesterday marks down the first step of spring and said goodbye to winter. It’s amazing that I haven’t seen any snow this years winter. Not even a single snowflake! Yeah, I’m no fan of climate changing.

Yesterday was amazingly warm as well (20°C68°F) so I decided to go outside and shoot some buds and flowers for you guys. Scroll down below and witness them!

Happy Weekend!

Bedankt voor jullie leuke reacties op mijn crème brûlée in mijn vorige post c:

Gisteren was het officieel lente! Het is ongelofelijk dat ik geen ene sneeuwvlok heb kunnen zien in dit jaar! Nee, ik ben geen fan van dit klimaat verandering. Ook al heb ik het liever warm dan koud.

Gisteren was het ongelofelijk warm! Wel liefst 20°C met volop zonneschijn. Ik ging daarom gisteren op pad met camera om wat bloemknoppen en plantjes voor jullie vastleggen. Scroll maar naar beneden toe!

Fijn weekend!

A whole invasion of ants going on in the backyard...


  1. Oh vry amazing and beautiful pics!


  2. Zijn dat komkommers of courgetten? Of iets compleet anders haha :p

  3. I'm actually super excited for spring this year. I've gotten a couple more pairs of shorts, so this summer should be fun! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. Aw I love all the plants in spring. :) The pictures look lovely!

  5. Lovely pictures !

  6. I wish we were going into spring here. It's weird saying that it's fall in March haha :)

  7. ongelooflijk je foto's. fijne lente hehe c:

  8. funny how most of my friends are like "ugh [insert season here] sucks etc etc" and i'm like "um..i wanna live in your place because you guys have winter and autumn there and i wanna experience it" haha

    all the photos are lovely but i like the ants most. i like it when photographers stand low, as low as possible to get a close up view of what nature has to offer. i tend to approach insects/bugs close enough too for a clear shot because i think they're interesting. small yet interesting creatures and so i have the fascination to capture them close up, head shot. people around me tend to freak out though because they think bugs/insects are disgusting and are plain abomination... i beg to differ :P nature is interesting and each has its own beauty so sometimes i feel like it's a pity how people disregard the small creatures and think of them as pests :(

  9. Ik ben ook blij met de lente! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt. Jij ook een fijn weekend ^_^

  10. Heelmooi<3 ik wil echt zomervakantie haha :')

  11. Aww, so pretty!! Ik ben het met je eens, die klimaatverandering is een beetje jammer. Had best wel wat sneeuw willen zien. Al is het weer wel legendarisch goed. En wat leuk, ik houd van bloemen. Die blauwe is mijn favoriet, wat een schatje. Doet een beetje 'ouderwets' aan. Weet jij wat het precies is?

  12. yay Spring!! I hope my garden eventually has as much variation as yours. I don't know about the ants though :P

  13. beautiful photos!:)♥ the weather in Prague was incredibly warm yesterday, but today it's raining again..


  14. These are absolutely beautiful.

    This weekend hasn't been as good for us, so slightly jealous!

    Hmm maybe...

  15. So beautiful pictures! I love your blog.

  16. love these little signs of spring!


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