Say 'AH' for ice cream!


Woops, sorry for not posting for 2 days!
Today’s Saturday is a pretty nice one: 20°C degrees and sunshine! And of course I have to enjoy this with a nice scoop of ice cream that I’ve bought recently at the supermarket: mango & passion fruit ice cream by the brand Hero. This stuff is really good for you as well as it contains 100% natural ingredients in it c:

How are you spending your weekend?    

Sorry voor het ontbrekende posts in de laatst 2 dagen hoor! Maar goed, ik ben weer terug. En wel met ijs! Want de komende dagen in Nederland zijn warm en zonnig! En dat geniet ik extra met ijs natuurlijk. Met de mango & passie vrucht van Hero welteverstaan. En wat smaakte hij goed! En ook een leuk weetje: het ijs bevat 100% natuurlijke ingrediënten!

Hoe spendeer jij je weekend?  


  1. That ice cream looks so delicious !

  2. Yummmy! That sounds good! Who can resist a nice ice cream on a warm hot day?

  3. looks nice :L

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  4. Oooh 20 ºC??! Major envy! today is freezing here in Barcelona and we have had quite a bad weather this last week, let's hope the good temperatures in Netherlands stick for our close visit there :) I didn't know that Hero had ice-creams! I will keep an eye the next time I go to the supermarket :)

  5. Yummy ice cream! <3
    I also ate ice cream today because the weather was great! :) xx

  6. Ohhhh dit ziet er erg lekker uit. Ik zal deze dan
    helaas ook maar snel moeten uit testen... vervelend hihi :)

  7. Ice cream sounds good right about now! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  8. That ice cream sounds so refreshing and delicious! I love passion fruit and mango flavored desserts, so the two together must be so wonderful.

  9. This is making me crave for a McFlurry but the weather has been raining and cloudy all week!

  10. Ice-cream!! The weather was very lovely here too :D

  11. Ow yam that ziet er heerlijk uit!
    Ijs is je beste vriend op warme dagen
    heb mezelf ook al op een McFlurry getrakteerd vandaag haha :)

    Much Love, M

  12. Mango and passionfruit ice cream ? Oh My, I WANT !

  13. oh my gosh. looks so delicious!


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