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So I’m currently at my last uni year and it’s going pretty well for some changes! I’ve done, closed and passed all of my classes/minors/subjects which is a nice feeling, a real weight off my shoulders. Now the weight of my other shoulder: the dreadful essay. But I’m halfway through which is good news as well.

I know some of you guys are wondering what kind of education I’m doing.
I’m doing something really important, a contribution to the world (that’s what she says..) and its…….. pedagogy. Wahhhh?
Yeah nothing artsy related as some of you guys might think.

Of course no studying without food. Because food is my fuel for motivation. And I’m still motivated c:

Dus ik ben momenteel met de laatste loodjes bezig met mn studie. Ik ben helemaal klaar met colleges, minoren en wat voor vakken dan ook. En dat voelt goed! Die kilo die op mijn schouder zat is voorgoed weg! Nu nog die kilo op mijn andere schouder: de scriptie. Ik ben halverwege en heb vandaag goede feedback ontvangen c: Blij!

Ik doe trouwens pedagogiek voor de mensen die zich afvragen wat voor studie ik doe! Niets artistiek of creatiefs in die zin. Nou ja, creatief, je moet bij alles creatief zijn tegenwoordig. Maar niet teken, knip & papier, klei of ander knutsel creatief ha.

Maar goed voor iedere studie geldt: goed eten! En daarom heb ik altijd snacks binnen handbereik. Je moet gemotiveerd blijven toch c:

 My new 'Nutella' on my slice of bread: speculoos! Which taste like gingerbread-ish.... 
Really nice!

'Studentenkoek' also known as 'student cookie' :')

 And of course a healthy pick: sweet cherry tomatoes! 


  1. Congrats on finishing all your classes! and also I'm wishing you patience for that essay (hopefully you will soon be relieved as well!). That gingebread nutella seems interesting, hahahha, I'm sure is where all your strength to finish the exams came from :P

  2. Nice pictures !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a Vichy skincare product !

  3. Cheese onion... it will always be my favorite. Screw healthy food, I'm eating junk food today lol
    Succes met je scriptie!!

  4. OMG somehow I totally see you as a teacher. Your creativity and positivity will be well placed, you'll see. That's so cool! What grade do you want to teach?

  5. good luck for the essay! and that speculoos spread sounds like the most delicious thing ever x

  6. The snacks look yummy. It's what got me through school all those years ago :)

  7. Love the pictures Mei! And all of this looks really good! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  8. Super dat je goede feedback hebt voor je scriptie!! ^^ You can do it! Chill dat je voor de rest geen colleges meer hoeft te volgen, meer tijd om te relaxen hoop ik! Die brosse koeken van LU zijn trouwens zoo lekker.. Ik had vandaag wat B&J ijs mmm ^^ xx

  9. Huh, I always imagined you as an arts student! Chips look so good, I was thinking of buying a bag after work but settled on cookies instead, haha :P

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  10. Cheese and onion is my favorite chips flavor. Unfortunately, the supermarkets don't sell that in the states. Speculoos is also really delicious! I love it on toast.

  11. Jaa speculoos is zooo lekker! <3

  12. Yup, everyone had their uni favorites when it comes to snacks. Mine was bubble tea haha. Didn't eat all that healthy that's for sure.

  13. Ha definitely can't study without food! That speculoos spread sounds really good.

  14. Ik ben echt verslaafd geweest aan Speculoos pasta! Tegenwoordig heb ik het niet meer in huis, want ik vret dat veel te veel haha. Succes met de laatste loodjes!

  15. Hooray for us to being in our last term! I may have to fly over to you and share a drink with you in celebration for us in completing Uni! Keep fighting on, almost there!

  16. congrats on completing and passing all your classes!

  17. I always study with food :D


  18. Succes met je scriptie! Leuk dat je pedagogiek doet, lijkt me een leuke studie :)

    Much love, M

  19. Succes met je essay! Gelukkig geen les/minor/colleges meer! :]

  20. Lol I had to google pedagogy hahaha i feel...dumb. but hm, why am i not surprise...i think it's because i have the feeling you're not an art major though pedagogy was never in my mind haha

    wahhh i'm currently in my 4th semester and hearing "last year" scares me >< augh...internship's gonna be the death of me, i think.

    cheerrrryyy tomatoesss <3 love em!


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