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After sweating my brain out with writing my essay, I decided to reward myself (gotta keep myself motivated) today with a thin French pancake also named crêpes.
The only crêpe I have so far in life are these Asian version one that is filled with cream and fruit. So I was eager to try the ones at Crepe and more!’ shop! 

This tiny cute corner shop is located near the Rotterdam central station and I always walk by it but never got time to stop and buy a crêpe because catching a train is priority.

But today I make time for it. Their menu is pretty versatile: crêpes as in sweet & savory (nice!), macarons and waffles. My goal was tasting their crêpe of course and I chose for the refreshing-sounding ‘Fresh Lemon’ flavoured crêpe, that fits today’s warm Wednesday.

Lets check out some pictures shall we!


Na het doorhalen in de school mediatheek met het her én herschrijven van de scriptie, besloot ik mezelf te belonen met iets lekkers. Want ja, je moet jezelf blijven motiveren toch?!
De enige soort crêpe die ik ooit in mijn leven op had, zijn de Aziatische versie met vol fruit en room. Dus ik was benieuwd naar onze NL crêpes. 

En dat ging ik doen bij dit schattige crêpe winkeltje: ‘Crepe and more!’. Dit kleine hoekwinkeltje is gevestigd vlakbij Rotterdam Centraal station en ben er al paar keer langs gelopen maar had nooit tijd voor een crêpeje (want die verrekte treintijden). Maar vandaag moet en zal ik een crêpe eten!

Crepe and more! heeft naast zoete en hartige (!) crêpes ook macarons en wafels in de vitrine staan. Mijn doel was een crêpe natuurlijk dus koos voor de ‘Fresh Lemon’. Kijken jullie mee naar de foto’s hieronder c:
I want a crêpe plate cooker thing at home :c

They also sell homemade macarons c:
For the next time!


 Nomnomnom time #ice__pandora

 ADDRESS:  Karel Doormanstraat 5 3012 GD Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥ 5/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  3/5


  1. That crepe is so much different that the ones I usually have! But I guess a crepe, regardless of how it looks, tastes delicious! :D

  2. It looks like you had a delicious day out! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. This place looks cute! I love a crepe, only sweet ones though because I can't get into savoury!

  4. Oh man, this is making me crave crepes so badly! I've always loved the swirly thing crepe vendors do when they spread out the crepes, haha :) If only there were more of them in Sydney!

  5. That food looks so yummy !

  6. Looks absolutely delicious and I love how it's a nice thick but crispy crepe! I don't like them so thin and waffle like! I'd imagine eating that with some yummy fruits or a savory filling!

  7. i should try some! c:

  8. Looks delicious. I love crepes and waffles. I wish I could find some good egg free waffle recipes to make at home. I should look into that. <.<

  9. and now I'm craving crepe ;) looks amazing!

  10. AWW ik ken die winkel!
    Ze hebben er zulke lekkere crêpes, ik loop er regelmatig langs ;)

    Je hebt een super mooie blog trouwens!
    Xx julia

  11. Crepes AND macarons in the same shop?! Rotterdam is lucky! This is really obscure but there is an amaaaazing crepe shop in the mall attached to the Royal Plaza Hotel in HK (Mong Kok) and omg the crepes are HEAVENLY!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  12. Wah, I miss eating crepes ;A;! It looks so good. Congrats on finishing your essay :D

  13. i knew this! crepe is also a popular food in singapore and can find in most of the shopping malls.but *shame on me* i never try before.just not sure why everytime i passed by without the intention to buy.but your photos definetly looked really yummy!! and lemon sounds refreshing.happy day ahead,girl

    xo josephine

  14. yum! there is a local crepe shop over where i live that we've been meaning to check out. i also remember making this for our junior high school teachers during my home economics class! it was my first time making crepes :)


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