My First False Lashies


So yesterday while I get myself dressed up and washed my face I stared at this box with false lashes from Claire’s that I’ve won at Chopstick Panorama giveaway awhile ago.

I have never put on falshies before in my entire life and I decided to put them on. I wasn’t going anywhere or seeing someone so yeah why not have a little makeover at home!
Makeup guru’s at Youtube makes it al so easy to apply on, so it should not be a problem I was hoping?

So, was it worth it?
Well! For the laughter and for the giggles, then yes. I looked amazingly fake because these lashes looked so unnatural. But after 4 hours I got fed up and rip them off my eyelids. 

Gisteren was ik in een neppe bui en probeerde voor het eerst in mijn leven deze nepwimpers die ik gewonnen heb met Chopstick Panorama’s giveaway!

Ik heb nog nooit ‘falshies’ geprobeerd. Ik bleef gisteren thuis werken dus ik ging ook niemand zien of op stap. En hiermee bespaar ik iedereens ogen ha (want ik zag er niet uit vond ik zelf, maar goed). Ik kijk graag naar make-up guru’s in Youtube en zie vaak genoeg hoe deze meiden deze falshies opdoen.
Geen probleem moet het zijn toch? Wat een hoop gedoe was het uiteindelijk :c

En, hoe vond ik het?
Het was lachen gieren en brullen want ik zag er ongelooflijk, onnatuurlijk nep uit :') Wat zijn ze lang! Maar na 4 uur was ik er klaar mee en trok ze van mijn oogleden af. 

Never again...

 I've learned that you stick your falshies as close as possible near your own lashes.....  
I am an amatureeeee

Comfortable:  1/5 it felt weird on my lids (maybe I'm not used to it) and it keeps coming off. 
Look:  2/5


  1. i think it's fun to play around with when the urge strikes! I've tried it out once, out in public (very natural onces that i got from japan) but the other couple of times i've played around with them i just felt too uncomfortable and like they would fall off at any moment! a good mascara is enough for me :) xx

  2. Het is iets te nep. Misschien met andere valse wimpers zal het wel meevallen.

  3. Try trimming a little of the end off to the size of your eye, then it will feel more comfortable. Also, if you put on a little eyeliner first, the lash bone will blend in more with the base of your own lashes :) I can't live without my falsh lashes! Gold star for trying!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  4. Lol ziet er inderdaad erg nep uit! Je bent zonder nepwimpers veel mooier ;) xx

  5. It's a very nice pair but you'd definitely have a much better fit and feel if you trimmed the inside half a cm of! Also stick it as close to the base of your lashes but becareful not to get the lash band and glue on your lashes as it could pull out lashes later on removal! Hope you keep on trying out lashes!

  6. I haven't tried falsies yet but I would love to! I heard it gets heavy tho and with cheap glue, it could fall off midday, haha. That'll be so awkward in public!

  7. Nog een beetje oefenen, denk ik ;P Het staat je wel mooi hoor! Maar ook zonder heb je erg mooie ogen (:

  8. They do look a bit unnatural, but I think if you would cut it in half and trim down the length it can look natural. :)
    Nevertheless, you're still pretty either way. xx

  9. je hoort the ends wel te knippen, want ze zijn te lang voor je ogen ;) ik zou de lashes ook knippen, want ze zijn niet natuurlijk lang… en bij zulke dunne, kan je ze beter in stukjes knippen, dan lijkt het natuurlijker… anyways, oefenen!!! helpt erg veel :D

  10. I've worn it for big events usually, and I feel like I should never close y eyes or blink becasue everyone would see how they are stuck on my face...

  11. Ooh those are crazy long! I never wear falsies cause I just don't have the skills to get them on, haha.

  12. I stuffed mine somewhere in the bottom of one of my drawers. I tend to see when people buy falsies they cut it down a little, they always come so long and like 'Wow, those are totally fake!" look to them. Finding the right combo of mascara really helps :)

  13. I have never tried false lashes but I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must have felt. Maybe you could try lash extensions they are supposed to be more natural looking but are pricier...

  14. I don't often wear false lashes, I find them to be super uncomfortable. If I want to boost my lashes up, I usually will just wear mascara.

    xxDenysia Yu

  15. haha falsies! Ik zal ze zeker wat bijknippen om ze draagbaar te maken :)

  16. You look cute both with them and without! I wear falsies pretty often and though they're not the moct comfortable thing on earth, you get used to it over time and will forget you even have them on. It also depends a lot on the brand of glue and lashes - if they're think and gard to shape, they will be very uncomfortable and will fall off easily. For glue, I prefer see-through or black, sinc ei looks beter than white. Also, you can cut the lashes in halves and use only one half on each eye, that way it is more natural and also easier to apply and keep on. :)

  17. The left lash looks perfect.

  18. ^__^ I think it's fun to play with falsies too! I think you look just fine without them, but if you were interested in wearing them from time to time, I'd suggest finding a different pair, ones that are more natural can sometimes help enhance what you've already got! I the pair you have on may needed to have been trimmed to fit your eye a bit better, but still really cute nonetheless. ^__^ ♥

  19. i had false lashes for my wedding and loved them so :) i also had them weaved on me! the folks that did my wedding make up started a weaving service and i had them done. i think i would do it again too! :)

  20. your eyes looked bigger than usual..well,pratice makes perfect results..last time i used up to an hour to glue the falsies but now i only needed a few seconds to do so..

    xo josephine

  21. Falsies take practice to put on, so hopefully if you try again in the future, you'll get better ^^! I really like the cheaper ones from Asian stores. They normally come with glue that clears dry and look a lot better.


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