Of course I feed my hair with banana's (HAUL)


So recently I am slowly building up my beauty stuff by adding my new haul from The Body Shop (cuz I had giftcard).
Please take a look!


Mijn beauty stuff hebben weer nieuwe vriendjes bij gekregen: nieuwe spulletjes van The Body Shop! Want ik had namelijk nog een cadeaukaart over.

Thanks to beautyblogger Zolea I've purchased this overnight serum! I always wanted to try out these overnight stuff, so I hope this one will be a nice fist one!

As many of  you guys have pinpointed this banana shampoo at this post! I wish you guys could have smell it, because it smells banana-licious c:


  1. Mmmm zo'n overnight serum lijkt me ook wel wat! Ik ben benieuwd of je er iets van merkt :) En die bananenshampoo moet inderdaad goddelijk ruiken! xx

  2. These products seem to be amazing !

  3. that honeymania body butter smells so good!

  4. Oe die lijken mij allemaal heeeerlijk :)


  5. I love the scents from The Body Shop but have never used any of their products myself. Will you be making a review post in the future *_*?

  6. De vitamin E serie ruikt zooo lekker! De serum ziet er interessant uit. En de banana shampoo.. ik wist niet dat de body shop die had joh!

  7. wow, i got hit by such a sense of nostalgia as i used this shampoo as a teen! i remember the smell so well. i've heard amazing things about that serum, i hope you like it xx

  8. I really like this body butter from the body shop :)

  9. I loove The Body Shop products, I'll have to try out something new myself! : )


  10. I love deliciously scented things! Nice haul! ^_^

  11. Mmmm, Honeymania smells so good!

  12. I've been using body shop's body butter too >w< the first i used was coconut one and it smelled so nice ;w; ...i don't know why i'm using the papaya one now lol i hate papayas and yet i bought this fragrance :))
    every time i go to body shop, i have this urge of buying all the interesting body butter ugh... how dangerous >__< and i always think like "ugh this body butter doesn't seem to lessen- i'm bored already i wanna change the fragrance!"

    ahhh you make me wanna try that banana shampoo >w< i love bananas haha
    the vitamin e serum seems like a must have :P especially since i have damaged hair and whatnot from constant dyeing TT-TT

  13. OMG banana shampoo. my boyfriend is going to flip out

  14. The items you got look really good! Keep us updated with what you thought of these products! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  15. Omg, you know if those things were near me, I'd take that banana shampoo and that honey mania butter away from you! All the honey mania stuff was sold out at the the body shop when I checked the last time!

  16. ahh how have i never heard of this banana shampoo from the body shop? i must make a mental note to sniff that next time i'm there! i hope the serum works well for you, i was thiiis close to buying it the last time i was out shopping - heard lots of good things about it :) x

    rachel x

  17. Gorgeous photos! Love the body shop products, excited to try the banana products - never knew they had any! xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  18. Looks good! :] Ik denk dat je het ons vast wel laat weten of het werkt?! ;]

  19. Ik hou van de producten van de body shop, maar ik heb nog nooit
    een product voor me haar bij hun gekocht het ruikt wel altijd heel lekker enzo :)

    Much Love, M

  20. The Body Shop is such a dangerous shop for me to go into!

    Hmm maybe...

  21. I really like your blog! Following you now, hope you will follow my blog as well ♥

  22. Your photography is amazing, and I'm so jealous of your haul! I don't take care of my skin very well over the winter, so I think I'll have to make a trip to The Body Shop soon too :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  23. Cannot get enough of The Body Shop! I love the sound of these products. I stopped by over the weekend to get the Tea Tree oil spot treatment and body scrubber. So much new stuff!

  24. i've been wanting to try the banana shampoo. how is it? i would love to know!

  25. I really love this post and your blogstyle!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin, dear? I'd like to keep in touch!
    Let me know with a comment on my blog, I promise that I'll follow you back!

    J'aime les feuilles rouges

    xoxo Marta

  26. ooh let us know if the overnight serum is good! I haven't tried out bodyshop's facial stuff in a long long time!


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