Peek Into My Life 44

Yesterday we planted some of these 'dong gua' seeds which are huge Chinese cucumber in my opinion. 

Glossy meringue. 

Dinner by la girlfriend. 

My geek look. 

New desk trash bin! From Flying Tiger


It’s April again. How was your day yesterday? I hope you didn’t got pranked c:

I am currently what a student would be: stressed, tired, hungry and with a bit of sparkle of hope inside.
Luckily I now and then get out of the library and go do something fun! But June will be here soon and I’m scarded.

These pictures below will summarize it, enjoy!  


Toen was het ineens april. Bleef je ongedeerd gisteren met een 1 April? Of was jij degene die de grapjes uitdeelde?

Ik ben momenteel wat een student zou moeten zijn, denk ik: gestrest, moe, hongerig in combinatie met een beetje hoop in me. Het is dan wel april maar die juni die komt er aan hoor! Naast dat ik veel in de bieb doorbreng, heb ik nog gelukkig wel een beetje sociaal leven over.

De foto’s hieronder moeten dat beetje samenvatten.


  1. Ik moet echt langs flying tiger! Ze hebben zulke leuke spulletjes :D
    En dong gua is zooo lekker! Vooral Dong Gua soep ^^

  2. oh this post made me hungry! so much delicious and colourful food. i hope it's helping you combat some of the stress - it's important to take a break :) you suit those glasses so much x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  3. The dim sum looks really good! I haven't had any since September of last year.

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. love your photos!! they look so good!!

  5. Ooh I love dong gua! I really like them in soup - I hope they grow well hehe. All the food looks so good!
    Aw good luck with studies. Don't stress too much. :)

  6. Lovely pictures. So hungry right now.

  7. you always have the most amazing food pictures! i always leave feeling terribly hungry ;)

  8. Wauw wat maak jij mooie foto's! Krijg er trek van joh ;)

  9. This looks very delicious, nice pictures!! We invite you to visit our blog and if you like we can follow each other, please let us know
    a beautiful maison

  10. Looks so yummy !

  11. Beautiful photos, I had no idea meringue was so reflective! Wish I could try a sampling of each. :)

  12. Oh nomnom, dat eten ziet er zo lekker uit! Succes met je studie, komt goed! :)

  13. Zoveel lekkernijen op een blog post, wat doe je me toch aan?! :(
    Veel succes met je studie, ik ken dat gevoel al te goed.. maar hey, nog maar 3 maanden te gaan en het is echt vakantie! ;) x

  14. Heel mooie foto's!
    En dat eten ziet er heerlijk uit! x

  15. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BIN FROM TIGER. Except they only had green ones, not such a nice colour like yours! But I've bought a can of gold spray paint with the intention of spraying it all gold! Only the best for my rubbish haha

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  16. Beautiful and inspirational pictures(^^) <3

  17. Oh yums to all the food - looks like your April is shaping up to be a good one

  18. OMG all that food looks GORGEOUS!!! I think we need to hook up so that I can learn to make some oriental stuff :D

  19. You take such lovely photos! I had dim sum earlier this week too and I'm starting to crave it again after seeing your photo!

  20. i swear you are such a.... i don't know what's the word but your house screams comfy and green and just ugh so comfy looking? that doesn't make sense :P but the fact that you can plant your own dong gua!! >w<b try xi gua hahaha and then build a farm :P jk.

    lovely pictures as well~ :) geeky you is adorable, by the way! haha

    ugh is that the custard bun?? x__x /drools

  21. Love your peek into my life posts! :) The food looks so yummy! (mmm the rolls!) and that meringue has the perfect texture. Oh! don't be scared about June, I'm sure you'll perfectly succeed! :) I usually feel like April is that in-between month, but I'll try to make the best of this one.


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