Peek Into My Life 45


The end of April has approached. Here are some pictures of what my camera lens has captured in the last couple of months!

Het einde van April is nabij. Hier zijn de foto’s die mijn cameralens heeft gevangen op zijn netvlies!

Love zapping the bunnies :')

I recently have downloaded The Simpsons 'Tapped Out' game on my phone and this game is pretty kewwwl c:
Apple people: click here
Android people: click here!

Still yoga'ing. 

Pictures around the city Rotterdam - Blaak. 

involves lots of the colors: orange/red/white/blue, fleamarkets and games!
One of my most reason made baking shizzles: chocolate cupcake with lavender butter cream, recipe is here!


  1. hmm, your april photo diary look awesome!

  2. Omg die beursjes!!! LOVE them ^^ En het ijsje op de eerste foto ziet er zoo yummy uit.. xx

  3. Love your pictures !

  4. Omg! I'm addicted to tap out too. I've been playing it since September 2012.

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. The cupcakes look delicious and I really loved the Simpsons game too.

  6. Cute outfit!! Even cuter cupcakes! Yummmmm. They look delicious. Looks like you had a great April. :)

  7. Leuke kiekjes! Het schreeuwt lente en daar ben ik heeeeeel erg blij mee. Eindelijk mooi weer :D

  8. ahh the weather looks so nice where you are right now compare to here. rainy and cold. and reverse pray pose, looks nice! love the first picture of the food you post too, you take the best food photos haha

  9. zippers! i can't wait to see that! and kingsday looks so much fun. i'm down for any flea markets!

  10. love this post dear! Did you have fun on Kings' day btw?

  11. The cupcakes are so adorable! They sound really good too, I have always wanted to try something Lavender flavored :D
    Love your ice cream tee! xx

  12. love these kinds of posts! and i'm in awe of you being a yogi :) x

  13. I'm so impressed by hos flexible you are. My science teacher has us do yoga every so often in class. It's really fun and I hope to get into it more when I have some free time. (:

    You make everything look so beautiful! Is this all Holland? Wherever it is, I definitely want to visit one day.

    1. I'm so sorry for wasting your time! This is the comment I was talking about.

  14. LOVE that grey jacket!! Beautiful Pics <33

  15. You make everything look so beautiful! Are these all of Holland? Wherever it is, I would love to visit it one day.

    I'm really impressed by how into yoga you are. Hopefully, I can practice more when I have some free time.

    (This is going to sound weird, but could you delete my other comment? I accidentally used my school account instead of my blog account and would prefer not to have my last name out and about.)

  16. I love your photos! I tried yoga a few times, but I'm really not flexible at all :X

  17. oh man! i love the ice cream cone tee. those zipper crochet pies are just too cute. LOL you bunny zapper! HAHAHA

  18. Wat een leuke foto's allemaal :) Zo te zien was het een leuke maand voor jou!

  19. i laughed at the "apple people:" "android people:" part haha it's like categorizing two species and sorting people into each one :P it's true though haha apple / ios vs android is a constant argument (and i'm in the first zone hahaha) the game looks funny... i've been playing amateur surgeon 3 on ipad recently; full version for free too (but with time limit) and it's really fun...try it if you haven't ;)

    other times i play batman arkham city just because 1) i'm a superhero batman fan and 2) the graphics :P

    i think people also need to take temporarily leave from LINE games or something..uh those cookie run message thing is really disturbing :))

    ugh forgive my brain if i ever asked this but-- what's the lens you're using? is it always the same with other photos or do you change often? i know i don't :P 50mm is too comfy for anything and everything! (and standard zoom sucks)

    love all the photographs! my favorite is definitely the upside down one...was it originally like that or did you flip it? 8P


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