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When I study, 8 out of 10 that I listen to music because music softens out the stress of studying.
Today I’ve finished listening Lorde’s album ‘Pure Heroine’ 3x while studying and I’m obvious hooked on this amazing album and it went straight to my never ending cd-list. I was abit sad that her album lasted 37 minutes...

 And don’t tell me I’m the only one here that still buys cds! Which album are you eyeing for c:


Wanneer ik leer/studeer heb ik 8 van de 10 keer wel muziek in mijn oren. Muziek is mijn bron van energie en het verlicht toch wel wat schoolstress, zeg maar. Vandaag heb ik 3x naar Lorde’s ‘Pure Heroine’ album geluisterd en wat is deze dame keigoed! Ik vond het wel jammer datie maar een kleine 37 minuutjes duurde maar hij is in mijn cd-verlanglijstje geplaatst :P Uiteraard koop ik het wanneer hij in de uitverkoop is... 

Bad tapioca: overcooked ones and some were undercooked :c

I feel guilty because I almost entirely ate this bag of delicious Kindereggs all by myself :c


  1. All looks delicious like always~


  2. Those treats look delicious! ^-^ Aaand, I still buy CDs too! I'm eyeing Bright Fire by The Honey Trees! <3

  3. Okay, the bubble milky tea and those instant noodles are totally what I'd be going for too! Delicious stuff, hope your studies go well!

  4. i love bubble tea!! but my man don't allow me to drink more as he thinks that it is not a healthy drinks

    xo josephine

  5. What homemade treat did you make? It looks so pretty! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Lovely blog post !

  7. Ahh je hoeft je toch niet schuldig te voelen! Volgende week komen alle chocolade eitjes toch weer in de opruiming hihi, kun je dan weer een zak kopen :P Jammer dat je milktea tegenviel! Die meringues zien er superschattig uit! xx

  8. I buy no CD's anymore, I have a mp3 player, so I go for mp3's! Fijne pasen! :D

  9. Oh mannnn, Kinder eieren zijn zo goed! Wat heb ik die al lang niet gehad! En wat leuk dat jij ook nog CDs koopt. Hoewel ik bijna alles via mijn computer beluister, vind ik het nog steeds leuk om met een heeeel goed album een daadwerkelijk product in mn handen te hebben. Fijne pasen!!

  10. oh those noodles look so good. and soothing. :)

  11. Mmh, die mintkleurige toefjes zien er heerlijk uit! Ik ben vorige week naar het concert van Stromae geweest en ben nu ff in een Stromae fase beland, wat een feestjesmaker is hij zeg!

  12. I haven't bought CDs since the 90s! Most CD stores have gone out of business here in America anyway. I know that CDs are still a huge thing in Japan to the point that a few of my friends easily had 100-500 CDs in their tiny apartments.

    I listen to music a lot too when I study. I'll always YouTube "Nujabes/Ayur homework edit" so that the song gets looped for an hour. I prefer songs without vocals since it's easier for me to focus on my work ^^

  13. Mmmmm Kinders. I might pick up a megapack the next time I'm in London

  14. I buy CDs that I'm really a fan of. simply said, of my favorite bands..all western ones. surprisingly to some, even if I'm a fan of one japanese rock band for example, I won't buy their albums, much less order them online. thus I always settle down for western bands haha also because japanese albums tend to only have little songs (and they have singles and albums ...what the heck. such robbery)

    That said, my albums consist of fall out boy, linkin park, avril lavigne, boys like girls.. hm what else i forgot.. I don't really buy a lot. Linkin Park, though, I got 2 of their albums which is really...hm, weird because usually I'd be like "uh at least i have one album for them" haha I guess being a fan is THAT difficult.

    current album I really really want is probably uh my favorite pop punk band, All Time Low's...but yeah, I don't think I'd find it here. this country sucks. also, some others like arctic monkeys or you me at six...yeah, it sucks that music stores here only pimp mainstream pop singers like uh katy perry...or J-Biebs and i can't stand that :P the music stores here sucks. I can't even believe they ran out of OneRepublic's Native! I was so disappointed :(

    ANYWAY, I tend to buy albums when my parents aren't around haha since they don't get the reason why we still buy hard copies, ya know... :s

    I've never tried the kinder eggs... they are milk chocolates right? i usually go for dark choc bars instead of milk >__< but yeah, for some reason, i don't wanna-- i'm not interested in buying the kinder joy egg sold LOL like..eating choc from an egg "shell" doesn't interest me. haha, weird reasoning. (cadburry milk chocolate,though, is a different reason)


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