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So last Monday the 5th May where (well, almost) everyone had a dayoff because it was our annual holiday called ‘Liberation Day’ in Holland, where we celebrate being freed from the German occupation back in the WW2! And we celebrate it mostly with free festivals with our famous Dutch bands and singers! Of course me and my friend A. were part of it because we love freebies, ha.

We had a great day and I’ve met a lot of nice people as well!
I’ve made pictures of course, but not a lot because people were throwing beer and I didn’t want my camera to get wet, but anyway feel free to scroll down!

Heb jij net als ik de afgelopen maandag de vrijheid gevierd? Ik wel! En dat deed ik samen met vriendin A. in Vlissingen! We waren beetje aan de late kant gekomen voor de Bevrijdingsfestival en hadden onder andere Nielson en Gers Perdoel (ik heb hem toch eerder gezien..) gemist :c maar goed het was alsnog een leuke dag geweest en heb leuke mensen ontmoet c:

Uiteraard heb ik foto’s gemaakt maar niet veel, want er waren mensen die het wel geinig (not) vonden om met bier te gooien. Ietswat ik en mijn camera natuurlijk niet leuk vinden. Maar goed, scroll naar beneden voor de overzicht!

Aloooot of people!

Me and my friend did some robotic moves ha, even the music wasn't so suitable for it, but oh well it was fun. 


Then we decided to chill out and soak up some sunshine. 


  1. This looks like such a fun time!! I love all your photos!
    You look super cute!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! :)

  3. Omygoodness this looks like such fun

  4. glad you had a fun time and met lots of people! love the last photo by the way! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. Sounds like a nice way to spend a day! Wow at everyone's litter though >:(

  6. looks like an awesome event!

  7. Bank holidays are the best and even better when they include free music festivals!


  8. Ik kon helaas niet naar een bevrijdingsfestival, maar jou foto's zien er zo gezellig uit! Ik vind die festivalsfeer zo heerlijk c:

  9. lovely pictures! Ik mocht lekker leren op bevrijdingsdag, maar ik ga het volgend jaar wel gewoon vieren hoor haha

  10. Really cool pictures ! Seems like a lot of fun !

  11. Wow looks like quite the crowd. Must have had a good time at the festival. Hope you had a good day off!

  12. looks like such a fun time! i love your necklace too!

  13. That's great that they have free concerts to celebrate. My friends and I would be there so quickly, even if we were just semi-fans of the band.

    That's odd that people throw beer at the concert. At the concerts I've gone to, we usually hold up lighters or start up mosh pits. We've never thrown liquids though. If we did, I'd probably end up leaving my camera at home. :(

  14. Oh..It is not good to throw away garbage...
    but,this event is great!!


  15. Friends and music it's a good plan :) The event looks so much fun! Oh! and taking it for the second pic your city looks beautiful. The only downside of this type of events is the litter, always so much plastic around, here is the same :S

  16. i love these pics!!! it looks like you had such a fun time.. there's really nothing better then friends, warm summer nights and good music!!

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