There is BB cream and CC cream, but AA is just a battery


So happy to hear that some are you are trying the tortilla pizza from my last post! Go for it!

So, in my past post I now and then post some pictures of my skin/beauty routine which involved my current BB cream from The Body Shop. Some of you guys requested a review of this BB cream so here you go!

It’s my first BB cream as well that I’ve bought last year. I don’t use it on daily basis, only when my skin is breaking out (sigh) or on special events and parties and what so ever.

I’m quite happy with this BB cream. Even it doesn’t 100% cover a zit but it does leave a natural sheer look. Which I prefer than rather looking like a cakeface…

What BB cream do you use?

Wat tof dat sommige van jullie de tortilla pizza uit mijn vorige post gaan uitproberen! Succes en eet smakelijk al vast c:

Uit het verleden post ik zo nu en dan wat make-up en beauty spulletjes waaronder de welbekende BB cream van The Body Shop! En bij deze kreeg ik vragen of ik hier een reviewtje wil doen. Maar natuurlijk wil ik dat doen c: Vandaar deze post.

Het is mijn allereerste BB cream die ik vorig jaar heb gekocht. Ik gebruik het niet iedere dag. Alleen wanneer mijn huid niet leuk is (lees: acne) of wanneer ik naar een feestje, event of iets dergelijks ga en waarbij overal camera’s aanwezig zijn.

Ik ben best wel happy met deze BB cream! Hij dekt dan niet 100% die pukkel maar geeft wel een mooi natuurlijke lichte dekking. Beter dan een ‘cakeface’ toch?

Welke BB cream gebruik jij?

I have a combination and sensitive skin c: 

It appears white but once you blend it on your skin it turns into a warm beige color c: 

 Testing it on my right dark circle which you hardly see any different, it's reaaaally sheer. (I blend it out with my finger)


 The Body Shop BB cream 01 claims to be:  Adapts to your complexion, to smooths, 24 Hours moisturizing, caring, smooth skin results, light feel, natural-looking and non-comedogenic

 TOP:  it does adapts to my skin color and even makes it lighter as well, sheer finishing, light feel, no cake face, 4 available tones, available in store and online
 CON:  I don't like the tube packaging, not waterproof (once it rained so hard and I pat dry my face with a tissue, the tissue absorbed all the BB cream...) 
 OVERALL:  ♥ 4/5


  1. Looks like a very good product with a light coverage, many thanks for your review~

  2. Been wanting to try BB cream instead of foundation. Didn't know the Body Shop made some. I'm guessing you still need to use concealer for zits and dark eye circles though right?

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  3. I actually prefer BB creams to foundation. And the Body Shop has some very good products!

  4. Haha ik moest zo lachen om de titel van je post :P Ik heb zelf bb-cream van Garnier, maar zo vaak gebruik ik hem niet, want hij is een beetje te licht. Alleen geschikt voor in de winter dus.. Jouw BB-cream ziet er wel mooi uit hoor! Al is hij inderdaad niet zo dekkend. Het schijnt trouwens dat als je op wallen schuine strepen veegt ipv stipjes zet, dat het dan beter dekt! xx

  5. I'm using a Benefit BB cream and love it!

  6. I love BB creams! This one looks lovely x

  7. I really like how natural BB Cream looks! I find that with other foundations my skin starts to look powdery and it starts to get uncomfortable. However, I never have those problems with BB Cream.

  8. I started reading about CC creams in a magazine and was wondering, what they would do. I'm currently using a Dior BB cream, which I used the most in Summer time last year as well. It gives a nice sheer and fresh look, but nothing heavy like a full on foundation would do. I have heard a lot of good things about the Bodyshop BB cream, maybe I will give it a try next time I'm there :)

  9. P.S.: Your background illustration is beautiful! Did you do that? :)

  10. I have been using foundation for so long now that I really should try a BB cream! I like the natural look of this BB cream on you and might just give it a try.

  11. Ik vind de titel al geweldig haha! En je maakt van die leuke foto's! c:

  12. Ik ben dol op The Body Shop en BB creams, dus misschien moet ik deze eens proberen! :)

  13. I seldom use BB cream..and I'm not sure about the benefits too..thanks for sharing info to us..

    xo josephine c.

  14. The packaging looks so pretty! BB creams are so in right now.

  15. Oh the dreaded cake face! BB creams are just so natural and light, and some people use a lot of it to compensate but that is no good. I have used one from Lancome for about 2 years now, it is amazing and very light and natural and works wonders on skin that is oily.

  16. The Body Shop products are super good ! You look cute on the pictures !

  17. Love Body shop products.. but then I haven't used this one! Will give it a try :)

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!


  18. i was just at the body shop last night and thought about buying the bb cream. i didn't this time around but i will definitely consider it! thanks for the review mei!

  19. i remember using clinique's bb cream as my first one and it didn't work out well. it took few seconds (or was it a minute even?) before the shade blended in with my skin color. i was told by a few others that it's the side effect of non-asian bb creams, that they tend to be a little difficult to blend in because "the shades were meant for foreigners/western people"... i'm not really sure myself and it's weird because the one i bought had "made for asian skin" printed. anyway yeah it gave me this weird.. sort of white-ish glowy look and i dislike it.

    imma still using fairy drops bb cream that i once reviewed which, surprisingly, lasted for a year now ever since i bought it from hk *proud* then again i don't go out very often and most times i go to college with naked face (don't wanna put too many "burden" onto my sensitive skin >___<)

    the next one in my line would be uh... etude's cotton fit natural beige bb cream...

    i love body shop's body butter, however, for bb creams...let see if that's gonna do the justice of covering up my redness... i know it's not foundation but if it gives no change then might as well buy a foundation instead for total cover up haha ...sometimes though, i still have to use concealer for eyebags -__- sucks.

  20. Bijzonder!! Wist niet dat zoiets bestond. Geeft een mooie natuurlijke finish voor je gezicht :)

  21. Haha! I love your photos on the post always, you're so fun! I use bb cream quite a lot but haven't tried any from western brands, I'm afraid that these color changing ones might not match me well so I haven't got one yet! It does look good on you!


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