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Wishing you guys a great weekend tomorrow!

I’m preparing myself for the annual Liberation day in The Netherlands (5th May). It celebrate the end of the German occupation in Holland back in the WII.

I’m planning to go with friends to festivals and see our Dutch singers and celebrities perform c:
I am just hoping it wont rain! Fingers crossed!


Allereerst wil ik jullie een fijn weekend wensen!

Aankomende week ga ik met vriendinnen naar een Bevrijdingsfestival op 5 Mei. Eventjes wat afleiding van school. Ik heb er zin in! Hopelijk het weer ook want mijn camera heeft een afschuw voor regen…..
Dus drie keer niezen allemaal voor goed weer c;

Wat gaan jullie doen op 5 Mei?  
Papa came home with this! 

 This rice drink is pretty nice stuff and great dairy re-placer!

 From the chocolate cupcakes here. Because creamcheese is precious...


  1. Have fun :D

    The Cutielicious

  2. What a great occasion to celebrate. Have a fun day on Monday and hope you have a good weekend too!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment darling!

    LOVE your nails! I wish I could get my hands on them and paint them haha!

    Also, I got a new Instagram account. It's: milkyinstant


  4. Haha lavendel-smeerkaas :P Ziet er wel heel lekker uit! Ik had laatst de banaan-drink van Alpro geprobeerd, zo lekkerrr... Maar deze rijstdrank had ik nog niet gezien, misschien ga ik die ook wel proberen! Ik duim voor je dat het goed weer is volgende week! xx

  5. I always fins interesting things when I come to your blog ! Lavander buttercream? Never heard of it, but sounds lovely ! The rice drink as well !
    You photos are always inspiring <3

  6. Your snacks look super healthy and delicious *_* Have a good weekend~

  7. have fun at the awesome celebration and event. love these snacks.

  8. i never try kiwi jem before..is it better than strawberries one?hope you have a great weekend ahead..

    xo josephine

  9. Hope you have a good weekend + good weather for it!

  10. The food looks really good. I've yet to grow my lavender plant. I'm hoping to grow it by the end of this month! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  11. Ik vind je foto's altijd zo leuk hihi c: Heel veel plezier met bevrijdingsdag! Die kiwi jam lijkt mij echt jummy!


  12. Hmm lavendel buttercream ziet er zooo lekker uit <3

  13. omg looks yummy
    i'm drooling now
    I'm new visitor to your site.
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)

  14. Omg, the kiwi jam and that lavender butter cream look sooo scrumptious!

  15. Nice!!



  16. I already had my dinner, seconds, dessert and I still want more cause of you!

    7% Solution

  17. You totally snack like a pro - I'm taking some inspiration from you and your wonderful food snaps

  18. i didn't realize there are so many may 5th holidays from around the world! hope your weekend was fantastic!

  19. KIWI JAM! ohmy. did you make that yourself? because i've never seemed-- at least i don't think i ever seen any in here. i saw mint jelly the other day and i was like, "i gotta buy it!" since i'm a sucker for mint. used it as spread on bread although the label says that it's good for eating meat, preferably lamb haha

    rice milk is really delicious :) i think i love it more than soy milk! i wish there's almond milk in grocery stores though :( never came across one. i'm not sure if this brand is available in your grocery store but the rice milk i always buy is australia's own organic rice milk and it has this...slightly salty taste? i wonder if it's common for other rice milk brands hm..


    ugh seriously, woman... stop eeetttt LOL i feel like crying every time i remember how good and trained you are with the kitchen *cries* i can't even flip an egg properly! ugh.. the buttercream is so beautiful too aaaahhh *o* lavender is a pretty pretty color~

  20. Hope you had fun yesterday at the 5th of May celebrations! :) Good going reusing the lavender buttercream with your toasts! Did it taste nice?


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