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This post is all about the food that went in my belly most recent c: 
I’m also watching Masterchef Holland currently and it’s final days and I’m super excited!

Whats your favorite Masterchef?
Mine is definitely Australia!

Welk liefde ging er nu weer door de maag? Dat zie je hieronder. Ik ben op dit moment Masterchef Holland de finale aan het kijken, super spannend! Ik hoop dat Rosah wint, ik vind haar een topwijf!

Kijk jij ook naar Masterchef en welke is jouw favoriete versie? (ikke Australië!)

 I love soup macaroni c: 

When viciously stirred...

This super dense and thick yogurt is my favorite new yogurt! 


  1. And now, I really want a cup o' tea made just like that

  2. oh my gosh, everything looks soo good! I LOVE Master Chef! And really, anything with Gordan Ramsey :) I'm currently binge watching the last season of Kitchen Nightmares :) But, I've only seen the Master Chef America...I didn't know they had it in other countries! I'll check them out!

  3. This is such a cute post! I've never actually watched Masterchef…that cup of tea looks insanely good though, I'm going to try it tomorrow. x

  4. OMG! Love these!


  5. Love the layers in the photo of the tea and those tomatoes look so yum!


  6. mmm jummy! Ik heb ook de finale van masterchef gekeken gister! Ze waren allebij zo goed! My kitchen rules is ook heel leuk :D

  7. Oh, these tiny tomatoes look so cute!


  8. That Earl Grey combination sounds really interesting! I definitely have to try it for myself sometime :)

  9. The tea you made looks delicious! I love watching Masterchef too, but I'm a bit divided about the Dutch version so I kinda stopped watching it after the first episode. My favorite version would probably have to be New Zealand's Masterchef.

  10. Hmmm that yoghurt sounds yum, I like mine thick and creamy too :-)

  11. honey earl grey and creamer.. thats it huh.. i gotta try that this week, I loveee milk tea!!

  12. wasn't aware that there's a masterchef holland!
    back in high school when some of my friends were into masterchef, i was never one to follow. now, i'm all about food channel and stuff haha.. hm i often stumbled upon masterchef australia (more than the US version) so that's probably my pick too... i like the junior masterchef too by the way haha sometimes, i even like the junior one more.. it's crazy how those kids tend to cook better and have better imagination/creativity xD

    i don't really track down masterchef's precise schedule but every time the show's on, 90% it's the australia one :))
    do you watch others like top chef too? i like watching top chef dessert :P *sweet tooth* and then um shows like...eat street on natgeo etc to discover street food adventures :D

    omg wow that's a lot of creamer there whoah :o i really wanna try creamer (never have i ever tried creamer! i swear!) but i'm afraid of its side effect like..people tell me creamer is more fattening than using skim milk to my coffee so :(
    did you make that drink just like that or with a machine? because it looked like something out of an espresso machine! haha

  13. Woooah Nissin makes macaroni soup? I have never heard of this before, haha.

  14. mmm the tea with honey looks so delicious!♥ lovely pictures!;)


  15. Looks so yummy !

  16. omgosh that tea looks DIVINE!!! i absolutely love honey tea! are those macaroni noodles like Hong Kong style mac noodle soup?? i didn't know they made pre-packaging ramen one!! #mindblown lol! :p


  17. wow. that tea/creamer/honey mix looks amazing. and i love tomatoes. they're one of my favorites to snack on. love tomato juice too :)

  18. That drink looks delicious!!

    Tara xo

  19. Is there a Masterchef Holland? I didn't even know. I'm currently watching Masterchef Spain. By the way your blog is adorable :3

  20. This is what I call real 'foodporn', good, now I want a tomato salad pleaaase! :) please make more food posts!

  21. that pasta is fascinating! it's like... asian pasta?! x

  22. That drink sounds absolutely delicious!

    And I haven't watched any masterchef this year, been very bad.

    Hmm maybe...

  23. Wow I have to try the tea!!!! It sounds delicious! :) I am also watching (and enjoying!) Masterchef here in Spain but never realized that it was actually playing around the world, do you catch the Australian edition in your tv or online?


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