A rainy day in Eindhoven


It’s been awhile that I serious went out shopping and buy stuff. I haven’t gone onlineshopping either! Although, I love going on ASOS and fill up my wishlist... 

So last week, after some of my friends mentioning about the new clothes at Primark, I’ve decided to check out Primark with my buds. I usually go to the one at Rotterdam but this time we went to the one in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven has some great old buildings but unfortunate, our shopping day was involved with heavy rain so I did not take many pictures of the city much…   

But! We didn’t came home empty handed nor empty belly either. Check out the pictures below and some of my buyings as well!


Ik kan bijna niet meer herinneren wanneer ik voor het laatst serieus heb gewinkeld. En ook niet meer ge-onlineshopped. Hoewel. Ik bevind me graag op ASOS.com en mijn wishlist vol te klikken..  

Dus vorige week, nadat sommige uit mijn omgeving over de nieuwe collectie van Primark hebben verteld, heb ik besloten om  langs Primark te gaan met vriendinnen. Normaal ga ik naar Rotterdam, maar dit keer gingen we naar die van Eindhoven toe. En wat is die filiaal groot!

Het was tevens mijn eerste keer in Eindhoven, en wat zag ik mooi oude gebouwen! Helaas had onze shopdag alleen regen gekregen en kon hierdoor niet veel foto’s maken van de stad zelf.
Jammer :c

Maar! We kwam niet met lege handen thuis noch lege maag. Bekijk de foto's hieronder + mijn aankoopjes!
We decided to grab breakfast first. Can't shop without an empty belly right?

Funny faces for bad weather. Our Primark paperbag didn't survived long.... 

On our way home in the train, sharing strawberries and eating fries. 

My favorite pick of all!

 My dad was so proud of me :')

The Bill


H&M basic tee

Grey sweater
White overall
Strawberry tee
2 beanies
A bra + undie set
Pyjama shorts
A canvas tote bag

Small fries + ketchup



€0,20 x 2


Total damage:


  1. I love your pictures :) They're so good

  2. I don't usually shop in Primark but my sister does and she finds some amazing bargains! I am the same on ASOS too - I always have huge wish lists!

  3. I've heard of Primark, and believe me when I go to Europe, that's going to be one of the shops I'm going to be hitting up! :D

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. That shopping center looks amazingggg! Breakfast looks tasty too. I can't remember the last time I had a nice breakfast like that ;(

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  5. oohh, those overalls look cute! and OMG i can't believe those beanies are just 20 cents! i have the olive green one on the left, too

  6. Love your photos! I've never been to a Primark before, but after all the hype, I definitely want to visit one soon. The white overalls (?) look perfect for summer.

  7. What a great day!! I'm so jealous of primark! I'd probably go insane if I visited one! I love the strawberry top and those croissants and the fries look sooo yummy! Its lovely to see you crocheting everywhere!

  8. Die foto dat je die primarktas vast heb is leuk! En lekker die aardbeitjes hihi!
    Liefs, Tessa

  9. Ik wil ook zo graag een keertje bij de primark shoppen >.< Het is zo goedkoop haha!
    Vind de aardbeien shirt/trui erg leuk :)

  10. Your dad has every right to be proud! Good job :-)

  11. Those beanies were 0,20??! Ooh wat een koopje! Eindhoven is inderdaad heel leuk om te shoppen. Het is lekker groot allemaal en niet zo krap zoals in R'dam of Utrecht. Jammer genoeg is het nogal ver voor mij :p

  12. Woah at all that World Cup merchandise! I love your strawberry tee, it's so cute.

  13. Oh! a white overall! is it short or long? Since the denim overall was my key item last summer-fall I have been trying to find a different pattern or fabric to add into my wardrobe. Hope we will soon see you in your new white ones! :) It is so fun that you mention the endless wishlists at Asos, I would also add Modcloth, love almost everything there but the shipping cost (plus taxes) for us in Europe can sometimes be a little painful, so I definitely think twice (or 10 times :P)

  14. looks like such a fun outing! :)

  15. I love how you call it "damage" when you spend money for clothes. :P Those white overalls are adorable. I so very much want to go shoppiiiiiiiiing god, but I feel so bad not seeing my son for an entire day after I haven't seen him all week. Oh the dilemmas. Maybe I should just take a day off every 2 months or something. Lol.

  16. Dat shirt met die aardbeien!! ZO LEUK!

  17. What a great deal for those beanies!!

  18. Don't forget to treat yourself! Sounds like a nice time out, oh how I wish there was a Primark here!

  19. I love the strawberry tee and that blue beanie! So much <3


  20. Oh wow, all that food looks excellent! And I can't believe those beanies are only 20 cents! Talk about a bargain! Primark is excellent! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  21. ahhh strawberry shirt, super cute!


  22. What is that sauce in the fries? Looks delicious!
    20 cent beanies? You gotta be kidding me! xx

  23. Wow!! I can't believe that your breakfast was only 1 euro hahaha. That is amazing. I loveeeee Primark. I wish we had one in the US, but then again....I'd probably be broke because everything is so inexpensive & I'd just put everything in my cart not realizing it'd be adding up!!

    Neat haul! :D

  24. seems like a fun-filled day! i havent gone shopping in a very very long time myself.. the student life's got the best of me! hope all is well :)


  25. What? Breakfast for 1 €? Amazing! And, I love that strawberry tee, that's probably my favourite of the bunch!


  26. What a lovely day you had! ^__^ Love strawberries, and those look so sweet and juicy! I have been on a spending ban for a few weeks haha ;__; I fill up all of my wishlists and favorites lists too!

  27. Primark... Altijd een gevaar om heen te gaan!


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