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Today is a post about my recent visit at an art exhibition that was held in an cathedral.

That day I was with papa doing some groceries and I saw that the cathedral was open for visitors (normally closed) with a no-charge art exhibition as well!

I was curious and asked papa if he wants to see it. My dad isn’t so interested in this ‘dusty’ art stuff so he rather go the market himself, and ditched me at this art exhibition. Oh well suit yourself.

Walking inside a cathedral/church and the architect of it will always fascinate me.
The art inside this cathedral itself isn’t really jawdropping amazing (some were to abstract). But the statues were nice tho!

Scroll down to see more of it c:
And thank you for liking my DIY on the last post!

Laatst was ik op bezoek geweest bij een art exhibition dat plaatsvond bij een kathedraal.

Die dag was ik met papa boodschappen aan het doen en ik zag dat de kathedraal open was voor bezoekers (normaal gesloten) met een (gratis) kunsttentoonstelling!

Als kunstliefhebber was ik wel nieuwsgierig en vroeg papa of hij een kijkje wilt nemen. Papa is niet zo van de 'stoffige' kunst dus ging hij naar de markt alleen, en dumpte mij op deze kunsttentoonstelling.
Dan niet.

Historische en oude architectuur hebben mij altijd geboeid, net als deze kathedraal. De kunsttentoonstelling zelf was niet echt spectaculair (smaken verschillen). De beeldjes waren wel mooi trouwens.

Scroll naar beneden om meer van deze tentoonstelling te zien!
En bedankt voor jullie complimentjes op mijn DIY in de laatste post!

With my eyes lying on the art hanging on the walls and not on the floor, I nearly tripped over these stone floor. 

There was also a felt artist showing his/her work. This here a soap bar, wrapped in felt. And for sell. Interesting!

 "Purple Rain"

 Do you see those landscape looking paintings? They are for sell and checking the pricelist made my heart skipped a beat. Some were between 4-8k! 

I don't know why but this reminded me of coconut pudding... 
why do I always think about food.

 Bowler hat: H&M // dress: H&M // necklace: E bay // bag: Primark // flats: Hong Kong 


  1. Cute outfit! Vilt verpakkingen heb ik nog nooit gezien, interesting :)

  2. Lol. It's funny that you always think about food, yet you never gain weight! You're lucky. :) It's too bad your dad didn't go with you, at least you had fun right? Love your outfit btw, I still think red looks awesome on you.

  3. You should always make time to go explore an art exhibition - and your market outfit is adorable

  4. Wow the gallery is beautiful - all the sculptures are very interesting and those soap bars are pretty cool!
    I'm sort of in love with the outfit you're wearing as well - the braids are adorable and your hat is so cute! LOVE your shoes :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. The felt art looks really cool! I probably wouldn't bear to use the soap. You look so gorgoeus in that outfit.

  6. Ik ben verliefd op je jurkje! Dat kleurtje staat je echt mooi! En je hoedje is ook zo leuk c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  7. Oooh sounds like so much fun to do. I'd enjoy that too. And your outfit looks so freakin' cute! On a lot of girls this would a bit too cutesy girly, but you really wear the girly yet trendy look very well!

  8. Everything looks so nice, and love your outfit, super cute !

    Giveaway, win Sally Hansen & Cocoa Brown self tanning products

  9. this must've been so pretty to see in person. and i love your hair in pig tail braids. so cute :)

  10. Cute outfit!
    I stand by this quote about modern art and stuff: "I could do that." "Yeah, but you didn't."
    4K... that's a lot of money!

  11. Cute outfit!!

    Cathedrals have such beautiful architecture & art. The Purple Rain piece is so gorgeous.

  12. The exhibition looks pretty cool, but man. That's a lot of money for those paintings.
    I guess I can understand why. Then again, that seems to be the way at exhibits.

    You thought of coconut pudding, and I instantly thought of banana pudding.
    Food either way though. Good train of thought.
    You looked very cute as well.

  13. Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
    From what I can see this is a pretty building for such an interesting exhibition, and your outfit (especially your hat) looked so cute!


  14. i love interesting architecture and design like this - it's so inspiring and creative. as is your outfit!! x

  15. i love the vibe you bring into your photos.. it's just amazing. btw red and blue is really vibrant, and it suits your personality I think! :D

    Capturing Reves

  16. I love exhibitions, so good that it was free to look around too! Your outfit is super cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

  17. Love your blue and red combo outfit! (& cute bow shoes!) :) The cathedral looks a nice place for exhibitions.


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