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How fast went the first half of 2014? July is coming and the Summer has began officially. Well actually after when I finish my final interview with school. After that, I can really enjoy summer!

I start to have more free time as well now everything school-related is finished and hand over. I’ve made desserts and shopped lately as well since sales are happening in most stores.

Having more free time means more free time to read as well. Which also reminds me I have to purchase for new novels as well. Perhaps you have a recommendation for me c:

Anyways, todays post is more like a collection of my recent life, please enjoy the photo's!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Hoe snel ging de eerste helft van 2014? Juli is in aantocht en de zomer is officieel begonnen. Nouja, wanneer ik mijn eindgesprek op school heb gehaald dan isie voor mij dan echt begonnen!

Ik begin nu ook meer vrije tijd te krijgen, nu ik alle schoolwerk heb afgerond, uitgeprint (is blut door al het kleuren printen) en overhandigd. De vrije tijd benuttig ik meestal aan koken/bakken en lekker fröbelen. Ik heb weer eens crème brûlee gemaakt!
En ook beetje gewinkeld nu de sales ook begonnen zijn.

Het hebben van meer vrije tijd betekent ook meer vrije tijd om te lezen. Ik moet trouwens nog nieuwe boeken kopen. Misschien heb jij een leuke aanbeveling c: voor mij?

De post voor vandaag is niet meer dan een verzameling van foto's van mijn recente leventje. 

Hoe dan ook, fijne woensdag!

Re-reading Norwegian Wood. 

 Here's the recipe

 A quick lunch with my folks. Also got intrigued by this chandelier reflection... 

 One of my latest conquering c: how cute is this beanie?! 

 NL: dit ga ik zo missen, het gratis studentenreizen! 

Lilies from our yard! 


  1. I love your photos! <3 .. ahhh and this beanie is so lovely!

  2. Do you recommend that novel? I haven't read anything Haruki Murakami before but I keep hearing about him.

  3. Omg I have so many summer reading recommendations - what are you interested in?

  4. glad to read that you will be enjoying your summer's holiday all-time favorite novel will be p.s.i love you from cecilia ahern. not sure you heard this before or not..but i read this book twice.i love the romantic storyline though the husband passed away in the story..

    xo josephine c.

  5. I read this book recently and watched film! i really enjoyed them :D

  6. Hi love your blog! :) Lovely photos, especially the one where you captured the reflection of the chandelier!

  7. These pictures are looking amazing as usual !

    Giveaway, win a Sally Hansen and Cocoa Brown self tanning product

  8. Mijn docente Nederlands spreekt de naam van die schrijver nooit helemaal uit en verspreekt zich ook nog eens: "Het was toch harumi enne... nogwat?" :p
    De lelie ziet er heel mooi uit, heel zomers en natuurlijk ook nog in het oranje!

  9. Wish I could recommend some new reads, but I'm at a standstill myself :(
    Get through those little obstacles so you can enjoy your summer, you deserve it!

  10. I love these random bits and pieces :-) Thanks for the sneak peek into your personal life!

  11. The beanie is so cute! And I've been dying to read one of Haruki Murakami's books >< But I'm so lazy and the dessert looks yummy! :)

  12. Gratis reizen is erg fijn jah! Mis nog wel echt de oude OV kaart, veel makkelijker :P

    Mijn laatste boek was Over een brug van dromen, van Lesley Downer, weet niet of het wat voor jouw is maar who knows :p

  13. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!

  14. Mmm al dat lekkers :D en de beanie is echt zooo cute!! :D Tof dat je wat meer vrije tijd hebt nu ^-^
    En ik heb gehoord dat dat een goed boek is, ik moet het eens gaan lezen dus :P


  15. Op jou foto's ziet alles er altijd zo lekker en mooi uit hihi c:

  16. That beanie is very cute indeed! Best of luck with your final interview :)

  17. My friend loves Haruki Murakami. How do you like it?

  18. I know! sooo fast! can't believe is almost July already!
    nice photos!

  19. De eerste helft van 2014 ging inderdaad razendsnel! Prachtige foto's weer <3

  20. Norwegian Wood is my favorite book! The pudding looks yummy too! Amazing photos as always xx

  21. Wow! Love the beanie!
    Hmm, The Vampire Academy is a really good series. It's not the typical vampire-love-story hehe it has so many twists and turns :)

  22. It is going by so fast! Year is half over hehe!!
    That beanie is super cute and I am glad that you are enjoying your summer! Whoo free time is the best!!

  23. Nice photos! The pudding looks delicious and I really want to read Norwegian Wood one day. Haruki's books are usually pretty good.

  24. The beanie is too cute! I started the book for 5 times or more than that but never finish it...

  25. Norwegian wood was my first Murakami novel :) Do you like it? Then I fell in love with the weirder Kafka on the beach (maybe the cat in the book had something to do with this :P). Lately I am enjoying "Into the wildwood" and the sequel "Under the wildwood", that are more like a fantasy kid-teenager story but the drawings and the story is so sweet!


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