I've been meaning to have a mini-library 5 years ago


The answer to some of you: yes, Norwegian Wood by Murakami is a recommendation! In my opinion, Murakami’s writing skill is easy yet enough to dream away and that is recognizable as well.  

Also thanks for the recommendation that I’ve received of some of you guys!
Therefore I went bookshopping lately at one of my favourite bookstores. Unfortunate I came home empty handed.

Do you guys use an e-reader? Is it a nice replacer? I’m a curious! I’m always wondering if it beats the thick papers…

Apart bookshopping, I’ve been viciously looking for white (white is my summer color this year) looking sandals this week, with zero result :c


But of course, no day starts without a breakfast (my favourite meal) with fresh melons!

Het antwoord op een aantal van jullie, is: ja, Norwegian Wood van Murakami is een aanrader! Murakami’s schrijft herkenbaar en eenvoudig maar genoeg om jezelf in het verhaal te verliezen.  

Ook bedankt voor de aanbeveling die ik heb ontvangen van een aantal van jullie!
Daarom ging ik kijken bij onze plaatselijke en een van mijn favoriete boekenwinkel. Het is jammer dat ik niks kon vinden (nog).

Gebruiken jullie een e-reader trouwens? Is het een leuke vervanger? Ik ben nieuwsgierig!

Naast het ‘bookshopping’, ben ik deze week op missie gegaan naar het vinden van dé perfecte witte (wit is mijn zomer kleur dit jaar) sandalen, met nul resultaat :c


Maar natuurlijk, geen dag gaat zonder ontbijt (mijn favoriete maaltijd) met verse meloenen!

Gotta love a good melon in your breakfast. 

What I wore: I am not so sure if colorblocking is still trendy? Is it still trendy?

This bookstore that I've recently visit doesn't only sell books, but also sell nifty kitchen tools like this awesome silicone farfelle pot grips! 

I'm eyeing on this book: "The Girl Who Saved The Girl From Sweden". Have you read it?

Yeah quite a neatfreak myself as I cover my books. 


  1. That skirt is so gorgeous ! Love it so much !

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  2. Ik gebruik de E-reader! Ik vind het echt reuze handig, het is lichter dan een boek(en), je leest lekker weg en met een normaal tablet kun je in het zonlicht niet veel. Maar de E-reader kan daar wel tegen dus ook in de zon lezen kan. Ook onthoudt het waar je bent gebleven. Als je een e-reader koopt zou ik je een e-reader aanraden met een ingebouwde licht (dat is de nieuwere versie wat ik niet heb).

  3. I've always wanted a library too but when I invested in my e-reader, it's literally the best thing ever. A lot of the "popular" books (eg. YA fictions/top sellers) are much cheaper than an actual book so you're saving a lot of money in the long run. I still read hardcover books when my bookstores is selling it ridiculously cheap or the e-book version is much more expensive/unavailable so I split my time between an e-reader and actual books. However, truth be told, I like reading electronically more than actual books, haha. And it's so convenient to just shove it into a purse without worrying about the weight and size!

  4. that pasta looks amazing!

    I have a kindle that came in very handy when I lived abroad, as I could buy English books with no problem and no import price spikes. Right now though i'm back into reading paperbacks - there is nothing quite like holding a real book in your hands! x

  5. I love the outfit! And I like melons too! They are very tasty! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  6. Omg see through wrapping paper?! That's amazing!! I actually downloaded The Fault in Our Stars for iBooks on my iPad a few weeks ago because I want to start reading on my tablet this summer. Just so much more convenient, especially when travelling! As for your sandals - have you had a good browse on ASOS? They have a huge sale on at the moment!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  7. Awww, you cover your books - that's adorable. I have an iPad but still like buying hard bound books because it makes them that much easier to share

  8. Love the color of your skirt, so vibrant and so perfect for summer! I have a Kindle and it's really great because I can get library books on it as well as purchase books to start reading right away. However, I still love to pick up paper back books because actually being able to turn a page is something a Kindle just doesn't have :)

  9. Those silicon gloves are so adorable! I just want to grab a bunch, don't think I can find them anywhere in store in Sydney. They are such a novelty!


  10. Wat een goddelijk ontbijtje en wat zie je er superleuk uit! c: die rok is echt heel mooi!
    Liefs, Tessa

  11. I read ebooks on my computer however I don't have a kindle or anything like that.

    Yes I have read 'The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden'. I wouldn't say that I loved it but it is quite funny and very different to most novels (or at least most novels I have read). You should give it a try.


  12. The wrapping paper over Murakami's book looks sooo cute! Your outfit is so pretty, reminds me so much of cool summer days. I don't think an e-reader is a good replacement, because I had a pdf of the fault in our stars on my tablet and I ended up buying the book in the end because I like holding paperbacks in my hand XD and owning a copy of my own :)

  13. I recently got an e-reader, I like it because it's so easy to get books on! You can't throw an e-reader around like you can do with books though, haha.

  14. Love love love the outfit and I swear your hair gets longer every time you post a photo of yourself! :)
    A mini-library would be perfect --- definitely an idea for my future place.

  15. i think color blocking outfit is great for summer..you definitely have great fashion sense..

    xo josephine c.

  16. Love the pot grips! So cute :)

  17. Leuke rok! Werd je niet raar aangekeken in de boekenzaak met het nemen van foto's? :P

  18. who cares if colurblocking is trendy, as long as you like it just wear it ;) and these white sandals caught my eye just recently: http://www.bershka.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductPage?initColor=001&catalogId=40109501&keyWord=Bershka+buckle+detail+track+sole+sandals&categoryId=1068001&langId=-1&productId=3797502&storeId=45109519

  19. I have a Kindle and it is definitely lovely. But I don't think it beat the smell of the books and the feelings of papers. Books are my lovers.

    I used to cover my book with pretty wrapping paper then a clear book cover.

    Hope can visit your small library one day!

    Dotty ∞

  20. i love that you cover your books :) i have been mean to some of my books in the past. i think if they had feelings they wouldn't like me too much! :D

  21. Oh wow, you should definitely do a tutorial on how to cover books! I've always wanted to try doing that, but I'm horrible with those unless I get taught, haha. I'm not a big fan of e-books and such, even though they are so convenient and environmental-friendly. My eyes hurt from the screen... despite my love for reading blogs, haha. Anyway, I love your outfit- I don't know if colour-blocking is trendy or not, but it looks great on ya!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  22. Miffy book cover? Cuuute!! :) I also have mixed feelings about e-books, I like the fact that you don't have to carry around a sometimes quite heavy load (my poor shoulder is quite in pain these days with my last reading) but at the same time can't resist beautiful book covers and editions & having a mini library at home :)

  23. I think my heart kind of skipped a beat when I saw your wrapped Norwegian Wood book. I love how good care you take of your books. Murakami is one of my favourite authors, I love the absurdity in his stories (which I was not so much in Norwegian Wood but Sputnik Sweetheart, After Dark or Kafka on the Shore are really weird-in-a-good-way).

    Oh en ik kan sowieso Jonas Jonassen aanbevelen. Vond de 100 jarige man echt fantastisch, en heb the girl who saved the king aan m'n broer gegeven voor zn verjaardag deze week. Heb er in gebladerd op werk, en het klinkt echt wel nice.


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