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All good things comes to an end, and so does my TONY MOLY cream: my day ánd my night cream in one.
I was satisfied with my TONY MOLY (read review here) but I wanted to try something else that I haven’t tried out yet and maybe even surpassing it. And hopefully that will be the one from HEMA!

HEMA is actually a Dutch department store and they have their own skincare line. And lucky me they a special offer now: buy 2 get 1 free! So as for my Dutch readers, take your chance ladies c;

I’ve bought the day cream, the night cream and a serum and I’ve been using it for more than a week. Time to show you my first experience of it to you!


Mijn TONY MOLY crèmepje raakte als snel op. Want dat krijg je als je die als dag en nachtcrème gebruik.
Ik was tevreden met mijn TONY MOLY (lees review hier) maar wilde toch graag iets anders proberen. Dat misschien wel beter is dan TONY MOLY! Dus het werd dus HEMA.

En wat een geluk, want HEMA heeft op dit moment 2+1 actie (goedkoopste gratis) op de gezichtsverzorging! Ik heb de dag- en nachtcrème en een serumpje gekocht. Dus dames, neem uw kans c: want het is een koopje… Ook online!

Dus. Wat is mijn eerste indruk van de HEMA? Lees het hieronder c;
left to right: 75 ml, 30ml50ml

My previous day + night cream (I'm lazy..)! I've liked it very much c; the only downside might being not hydrating enough. But still a well deserved 8/10! 

Claims to be: hydrating, mattifying, SPF 10, reduce production of sebum, restores natural balance of skin, smoothed 
TOP: the price, that it has SPF 10, texture, foil covered, light weight packaging, no break-out s(yet..), dermatological tested  
CON: not really mattifying unfortunate :c 

Claims to be: hydrating, smooths skin, vitamin E + C, panthenol (apparently restores skin)
TOP: the price, suitable for day/night use, , small light packaging, a pump, dermatological tested  
CON: none

Claims to be: hydrating, replenish water reserves
TOP: the price, dermatological tested, texture
CON: none, maybe a bit boring cream.. 

I was expecting a gel transparent texture but nope.  


  1. Ze zien er keurig uit! Ik ben vooral benieuwd naar de serum, maar ik ben denk ik te lui om én creme én oogcréme én nog een serum bij mijn gezichtsverzorgingsroutine toe te voegen :p

  2. I've never heard of Hema before, but it seems like a good deal. I like how all of them have been dermatologist tested, so hopefully, all the products are good for your skin.

  3. I hope you have fantastic results with this line! Looks and sounds promising :)

  4. ooh these creams sound intriguing! I've never heard of this brand before but the products sound really great! :D

  5. Looks good! I'm also a huge fan of the simple packaging! Hope in the long term it's just as good!

  6. I need something that hydrate me so mych because in doha we always live in AC!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  7. Love the blog post ! All of these products seem to be great !

  8. last picture is a perfect ending to this post!

  9. REALLY need to try this <3

  10. I love how clean the packaging is!

  11. I'm always excited to see what other countries skincare/makeup has to offer! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  12. I love trying new creams and these look great. I've been using different serums lately and am on the Shu Uemura serum but I'm not sure i'll continue to use that when I'm finished with it. Always on the look out for something new!

  13. I don't know this brand, but the products look interesting!♥:) great post!

  14. I have been using my cream for forever, maybe I should have a look at other things, too...


  15. Ik heb die dagcrème een tijdje geleden gekocht, maar hij ruikt een beetje naar bellenblaas hihi best wel grappig c:
    liefs, Tessa


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