Peek Into My Life 46


Hopefully my days in the library that usually goes along with heavy coffee is over now.
We are already passed half of 2014, and sometimes I refuse to believe it.

As you might know, I’m still finishing the last bits of school and hopefully I will graduate (I already bought my graduation dress..)!

Apart dealing with my thesis, I’m also enjoying the victory that The Netherlands have with 5-1 against previous worldchampion soccer: Spain! I deeply honestly did not except that and I bet a lot of people in Holland as well. Nonetheless I am proud c:

The weather in The Netherlands is a bliss lately, and I even snapped a few flowers here and there as well as they are being the prettiest in this month June. Scroll under to see my most recent activities c:

And it’s daddy’s day today! How are you celebrating it?


Hopelijk zijn mijn dagen in de bieb die meestal gepaard gaat met zware koffie echt wel voorbij. Niet dat ik een afschuw heb voor de bibliotheek, nee hoor, want I love books!
We zijn al voorbij de helft van 2014, en soms weiger ik het te geloven.

Zoals u wellicht weet, ben ik nog steeds aan het afronden van mijn laatste beetjes school en ga afstuderen binnenkort. Want ik heb namelijk al een jurk gekocht voor het afstuderen c:

Naast het aanpoten van mijn afstudeerscriptie, ben ik ook aan het genieten van de overwinning die Nederland heeft met (ex)wereldkampioen voetbal: Spanje! Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik dit totaal niet heb verwacht maar ben héél blij met die 5-1. Ik zeg één ding: wraak is zoet c: 

Het weer in Nederland is ook heel fijn, en ik ben laatst nog op pad gegaan met camera en heb her en der bloempjes vastgelegd. Die zijn toch wel het mooist rond Juni, toch?

En het is de dag van papa vandaag! Hoe vier jij vaderdag?
This stuff is goooood!

 Young green apples growing c:

Cap: Quicksilver // Sweater: Primark // Necklace: Primark // Dress: VTWO //  Bag: Primark // Sandals: 

What a victory: 5-1 for The Netherlands! I honesty did not expect that.......

A street dance act: he was not letting her go before she does the 'electric boogie wave' (sorry for the wrong name) with him so she did eventually :P 

This is what I baked for Father's Day today! Recipe, of course, soon c: 


  1. :o I can't believe you're still doing school work! Good luck with the last of it - of course you will graduate :) though I've yet to find my own graduation dress! Your cake looks so good, almost like a cartoon haha.

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  2. Yum! The cake looks delicious! I love your polkadot bag :D

  3. Al je foto's hebben zo'n leuk effectje! Die eerste foto is echt leuk en holy moly die taart! c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  4. Mmmm die tulband cake ziet er verrukkelijk uit!! Succes nog met de laatste loodjes! xx

  5. thanks for sharing with us pieces of your life. i definitely think these posts are the best ways to "get to know" fellow bloggers better hehe!

    that cake looks amazing i love the pink icing!

  6. Such great photos! It looks like you're always busy doing and seeing new things!


  7. Wow, that cake looks really good! I've always thought it was weird that other countries celebrate Father's Day in June, but then again Australia's probably the only strange one for having it in September haha. I'm bummed that I didn't get to see that match, it sounded exciting!

  8. What a cute father's day cake!

  9. What a fun cake! Love all of your photos, they are very summery and colorful!

  10. great pictures! And that cake looks so yummy! Looks like a huge pink donut! :D

  11. Love the mint pineapple juice! Die ga ik zelf ook proberen en ook bij de La Place ;-)

  12. stumbled across your blog and your photography is very clean and pretty~
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!
xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || New Outfit Post || Join My Giveaway

  13. Gefeliciteerd voor je bijna-afstuderen! Ben benieuwd naar je jurk ;) Die cake ziet er zo yummeh uit (net als dat mint & ananas drankje)!! Ik kan ook niet wachten tot straks alles voorbij is qua school, of ja... dat ik zomervakantie heb. :p

  14. the blue necklace looked great on you..and those flowers looked really refreshing!! congratulations on the winning soccer game.guess what, i bought polo tee with netherlands's flag logo for him past weekend.he likes it!!

    xo josephine c.

  15. Pandora, I can't believe you're still busy with school and a thesis?? I've been off from uni for about two weeks now and the free time is making me a real lazy bum XD The cake looks delicious! I'd love a slice XD I didn't do anything for Father's Day except for buying Germany's soccer shirt because I liked the V-neckline XD

  16. the cake just made my jaws drop ,,, lovely mix of pics ,,

    do you wanna follow me back on GFC ?


  17. Awesome picture recap. Your Father's Day cake looks freakin' delicious.

  18. everything is beautiful in June, lovely shots of nature as usual!
    ohh that cake, mmmmm makes my cravings go koo koo. Everything you bake always looks so cute!

  19. i bet it was all celebrations in the netherlands! :) and hope you show us your graduation dress when it's time!

  20. The cake you baked for your dad is so cute! I'm sure it tasted delicious too :)

  21. and pineapple juice, sooooo freshhhh,heheee...:)
    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  22. yes i can't believe it's the middle of the year also!

  23. Love your outfit ! And the cake was looking so lovely !
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  24. Succes! :D
    5-1 had ik ook niet verwacht hahah

  25. Heeeeeel veel succes nog!! <3 Je kan het!! En dat sapje ziet er trouwens zoo lekker uit! Wil ik ook eens proberen!

  26. You're almost there! Try to enjoy it while you can. As someone who has been done with school for over 5 years, I sometimes wonder what I would have done differently had I known how different life would be post uni.

  27. I love it when I can say "I've been there too" :D And that cake looks marvelous *drool* Especially the bright pink icing, yum! Good luck with your thesis! I'm sure you will do great :) I'm graduating too, but we had to write our thesis in the 5th year (which I'm now thankful for).

  28. Oh god that cake.... looks so yummy. I really like using rosewater for desserts too. It's so wild. :)

  29. Good luck for u and hope u graduate soon! <3 nice seeing all the pictures hehe


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