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I’m glad to hear that my strawberry tee from the last post has been approved by you guys c:

I can’t wait to wear it! And maybe I can it wear this weekend already, because it’s going to be a 28°C!
I think that will look good with a nice ice cream in my hand, don’t you think?

Actually, I’ve had my ice cream already this week…

Fijn om te horen dat ik niet de enige ben die de aardbeien shirtje leuk vind uit mijn vorige post!

Ik kan niet wachten om het te dragen! En misschien wordt het gauw een feit, want aankomend weekend, is er 28°C voorspeld! Woohoe!
En dan moet ik echt wel een 2 bolletjes ijs erbij nemen hoor!

Ook al heb ik mijn ijsje al op deze week...

 I was surprised to find the waffle and ice cream packed up separately! No soggy ice cream waffle c: 

 My guilty pleasure :c

 And of course healthy mangoes. 


  1. Aa papierencupcake is altijd zo lekker. Heel nostalgisch! En mango... my fav :) Ik vind het altijd zo jammer dat er maar 2 "speciale" oreo's in een verpakking zitten. ;p

  2. MMM! Looks so good.


  3. That ice cream sandwich looks so good! It reminds me of one I had in Japan, except it was already assembled and still miraculously not soggy haha :)

  4. Ohhh my goodness, the oreos look unbelievably delicious! Haven't seen those in the UK xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  5. Wait, are those oreos covered in white chocolate? That looks super good! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  6. Mmmmmmm....food :) The ice cream waffle is making me hungry!

    - Che


  7. I don't know why I always read your posts on an empty stomach - I get even hungrier! Those oreos look so yummy!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Dat ijsje is zo goddelijk, en dat cakeje, en die oreo omg..! en mango is ook zo lekker :D
    Liefs, Tessa

  9. Hi, Good photos!
    I want to see that you wear the strawberry tee early♡


  10. Everything looks so yummy !

  11. Gimme dem mangoes!!! *starts nomming* Seriously, mangos - together with pineapple - are my favorite (summer) fruit. And yeah, woop woop for temperatures rising :-) We're getting almost 30 degrees here too tomorrow. Time to go climb that first mountain of the year I think!

  12. Haha I like that they packaged the waffle and ice cream separately! Very thoughtful. I haven't seen coated oreos around before.

  13. i've been having more mangoes too. i love it when they get ripe - just slightly soft.

  14. woh where di you find that oreoo? never see it before :OOO and ps your post made me feel hungry :" ahahah have a nice weekend! :)))

  15. So good!!! You are seriously making me hungry and ready to grub ha!


  16. i was just munching on a ice cream sandwich here at work while reading your post :) i wish i had waffles rather than a too sweet soggy cookie haha.
    i love eating mangos in the summer. I remember in NY, people sold mangos on the street.mmmm good times


  17. Soooo much yummy stuff! I'd love to try that oreo product and MANGOS, I love thai and burmese mangos!

  18. i am positively drooling over all of these!! a waffle ice cream sandwich?! genius. x

  19. Mangos love them! Well, that's not weird since I am addicted to almost every fruit out there :) A big fruit salad bowl is my favorite summer dinner. Oh! waffle ice cream sandwich, never tried, but they look good!


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