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Thank you for liking my candied fruit muffin from the last post c:
If you pass my house, I’d totally treat you one!

And it’s true, our kitchen is food and our pantry is always (most of the time) filled with goodies.

And especially during the World Cup right now, we have shopped snacks. I might sound like a diehard football/soccer fan but too be honest, I am not. I guess I happily jumped on this (orange) bandwagon like the rest of Holland and be a proud supporter.

This ‘brotherhood’ and united feel and perhaps even loved is one of the things I love during WC.  


Bedankt voor jullie complimentjes op mijn gekonfijte muffins! *deelt een cyberversie aan iedereen uit*.

En het is waar, onze keuken is eten en onze voorraadkast is altijd (meestal) gevuld met lekkers.  

En vooral nu met de WK op dit moment, hebben we ongewoon veel meer snacks in huis. Ik klink misschien als een diehard voetbal fan, maar om eerlijk te, ben ik het niet. De WK is een uitzondering, want de saamhorigheid die automatisch hieraan sluit, vind ik persoonlijk mooier.

En hiervoor ben ik een trotse supporter c:

Sweet potato and tapioca dessert, made by daddy! 

I'm HUGE fan of instant drinks :P and thanks to Nilou's who reviewed these instant chai tea latte (her words: better than Starbucks) and I just had to buy and try the 'chocolate' and 'lemongrass' flavors! €1,99 - 10 sachets Xenos 

This one is chocolate flavored, not too sweet nor a huge chocolate taste either. 

And this here is the lemongrass flavored one which I think it's my favorite out of these 2 c: so creamy!

 Simple delicious supper.

 I haven't had peanutbutter and jelly for a longlonglong time, what a good bite of nostalgic :P 


  1. They look delcious, I'd love to try that sweet potato and tapioca dessert. xo

  2. Oh my God, that looks adorable..perfect post indeed!!!

    thx for visiting my blog..

    I love ur blog it is so nice and sweet, great job°
    I just followed you girl, keep in touch

  3. my mom makes the sweet potato tapioca dessert at home as well! i always thought only

  4. sorry i accidentally pressed submit.

    what i was going to say is that my mom makes the sweet potato and tapioca dessert, too! i always thought that it was something only my family eats, but i guess i thought wrong! pretty cool to find out that your parents make it, too

  5. i alwayss love your post <333 great photos (as always) >< have a nice day! and enjoy the world cup! :D xo

  6. Oh everything looks so delicious here!

  7. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe dat eerste gerecht smaakt! Lijkt me lekker!

  8. That food looks great ! *-*

    Giveaway, win Sally Hansen and Cocoa Brown selft tanning products !

  9. All the dishes look so delicious. Especially the tapioca dessert. I like the jelly like tapioca. Do you know how to make it?

  10. What a lovely blog design. Love reading ur blog!

    Mess Addicted

  11. I haven't had tapioca in so long!! Yours looks so good! I've never had the sweet potato flavor. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog as well!



  12. Sweet potato and tapioca dessert ... WHATTTT!!!!! That sounds as amazing as it looks. So jealous.

  13. i know what you mean about the world cup. it's something i look forward to every four years and don't really follow it. but i do love how everyone gets so excited and it's nice to be part of the excitement :)

  14. YUM YUM YUM! My mom is always making asian desserts at home and she loves making sweet potato and ginger soup! I love sago and I love sago in melon milk! I totally need to make that soon!

  15. That drink looks so refreshing right now! Recently, I have been adding a bit of milk and agave nectar to my green tea and chai tea and then popping it in the fridge for a few hours. It's truly a nice way to cool off in the summer!

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  16. Yummy! I haven't had peanut butter & jelly in forever!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  17. ohh this looks delicious!! I want the sweet potato dessert so badly! I remeber having it like 3 years ago at a wedding thing and it was so good!!


  18. OMG! You're blog looks so cute and the food in this blog post is definitely yummy! (starting to crave) Followed your blog btw! :)


  19. I've never really had peanut butter jelly sandwiches, it seems too weird to me. But yum tapioca desserts for snacks. You should write up a recipe (even though your dad made it), I have a pack in my pantry that needs something to be done with!


  20. Aw they look so yummy, I am jealous!!


  21. The sweet potato and tapioca dessert looks so interesting!! I've never seen anything like it before...it kinda reminds me of my mums sago pudding because it has the same jelly beads in it! Pandora you should do a cooking tutorial on the supper dish! I'd love to try and make it, looks so yummm! :)

  22. Ahhwwww you found the chai! Hhaha, bij mij was die niet meer...maar ik zie nu dat meerderen het toch hebben gevonden dus gewoon even een andere vestiging proberen. Lekker is die he? En ik wil dat recept van tapioca, I got me some tapioca balls lying around here and no good solid recipe :-(

  23. Ow en een tip die ik deze week kreeg was dat je een halve zak lemongrass chai kunt mengen met een halve kop zwarte thee: dan heb je de 'echte' Indian Chai flavour ;-) Ik moet het zelf nog uitproberen

  24. Ik heb nog nooit pindakaas en jam samen gegeten, maar in Amerika eten ze het allemaal.. toch maar een keertje proberen hihi!
    liefs, Tessa


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