But this gives me the an opportunity to visit you and have vacation!


A few weeks ago, I attended my friend J. graduation and goodbye party as well. I know J. at my very first parttime job which is like more than 5 years ago!

Therefore I was of course sad to see her move, moving to the other side of this country. The reason: her boyfriend. And his reason: he couldn't find any job at the area where they live now. So decided to move and hopefully to find new opportunities.

On the day of this grad/goodbye party, she was having her graduation at uni first. I gotta say, her university did a lot better job at decorating and organizing the graduation than my very own university (oh well) and they even have professional film camera’s for live streaming as well!

Once J. signed and received her diploma, we head back to her home where the party finally started. It was a small gathering yet warm and very cozy. And we did not leave the house with empty stomach either!

Een paar weken geleden, was ik aanwezig op mijn vriendin J. afstudeer- en afscheidsfeestje. Ik kende J. vanaf mijn allereerste parttime baantje die inmiddels al meer dan 5 jaar geleden!

Daarom was ik natuurlijk verdrietig omdat ze gaat verhuizen naar de andere kant van dit land. Vandaar dit afscheidsfeestje. De reden: haar vriendje. En zijn reden: hij kon geen baan vinden in het gebied waar ze nu wonen. Dus besloot het paar te gaan verhuizen en hopelijk nieuwe kansen tegemoet komen.

Op de dag van deze afstudeer/ afscheidsfeestje, is eerst haar diploma-uitreiking bij haar school. Ik moet zeggen, haar hogeschool heeft een betere werk geleverd betreft het ​​decoreren en organiseren van dit afstudeer ceremonie dan mijn eigen diplomering (ach) en er waren zelfs professionele filmcamera's voor live streaming aanwezig!

Zodra J. haar diploma ondertekend en in ontvangst mocht nemen, gingen we  naar haar huis waar het feest eindelijk kon begonnen. Het was een kleine bijeenkomst die warm en gezellig was. En wij vertrokken zeker niet met een lege maag, wat werden wij verwend zeg!

My friend J. also played guitar and sang at her graduation, which was really beautiful and touching. I was so proud of J.!

J. and her boyfriend lived at this very top house, near the beach and Dutch coast line. Yeah I was kind of jello :P

 View gazing and peeking at below neighbors c: 

First time holding a canned chocolate, so intriguing! For the chocolate fountain. 

Even though I don't eat meat, I'm not a picky person when there's meat involved in food. I just pick them out like I did with the ham on this delicious hawaiian pizza c:


Also, thaaaaaanks for liking my DIY 'crochet candles' at the previous post!


  1. Wat leuk dat ze zo'n feestje geeft! Toch een leuke afsluiting! :)
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Sigh, it's sad whenever friends move but you can still stay in touch with technology nowadays! :) And all that food looks so yummy and where she lives has such a fantastic view! :D X

    Chic Nikkie

  3. the pizza look so yummy :) great pics!

  4. I like your blog ! great photos, kisses from Poland

  5. these photos are super cool ! love the food !


  6. Wat leuk dat ze ook zong tijdens haar eigen afstudeerceremonie! Zo te zien heb je het wel naar je zin gehad qua foodies haha :) Ik wou je nog zeggen dat ze bij de Hema nu ook wolvilt pakketten hebben! Zo een als toen bij de Kruidvat, dus gogogo! ;) xx

  7. Congratulations to your friend on her graduation day. It's sad that she has to move away, but I wish her the best!

    Hawaiian pizza is by far my favorite, whoever thought to put pineapple on pizza was a genius. Pineapple + mushrooms + spinach + tomatoes = my ideal pizza

    Carolyn | BLOG

  8. awww it's sad to see friend's go.at least you were able to have a warm n intimate good bye party! those are the best

  9. OMG, Loved all the foodie photos! Congrats again! Love the chocolate fondue and pizzas!

  10. Leuke foto's! :) The food looks amazing, it must be very delicious!

  11. So much nice food! Got my eye on that chocolate fondue haha >:)

  12. Such lovely view from their place!

    ~ K

  13. Hey! I emailed you a while ago, but I didn't get a reply so I wasn't sure if you got it. I feel like I emailed you a long time ago before & never got...a reply too. Hmm strange, I wonder if my emails get flagged down as spam or something.

    Anyway, congrats to your friends. Sounds like a lovely ceremony. Her previous place was so beautiful! I'm quite jealous of it. I hope she & her boyfriend find more opportunity elsewhere!

  14. I'm still so happy for you! Congratulations again and again. So nice you were able to build a friendship :)

  15. great food. i love those smaller cozy gatherings. they make them a bit more special and warm. :)

  16. I love the view of the neighboring homes! Looks so quaint.

  17. It's always sad to say goodbye to a friend, but at least it's so easy to keep in touch now! So much yummy food! <3 x

  18. What a sweet way to celebrate a graduation (particularly with that chocolate fountain - nom)

  19. Your friends lived in a very nice place! It is always sad to say goodbyes to friends that are going to live far away, but the good news is that sometimes you get to enjoy much more quality time in your visits that If they had lived in the same place, hope this is the case! :)

  20. yes exactly - long distance friendships have its perks :) what a great celebration! x

  21. I've lived in an international community for eight years (I turn eighteen this month), so I'm used to people coming and going, and I've never felt a sense of permanency. I've always been a little jealous of people who have been raised in one place all their life, who have friends they've grown up with since they were in elementary school or even pre-K. However, the great thing about being part of an international community is that even though we always end up scattered all over the world, we have no doubt that we will run into each other in the future. I wish J and her boyfriend the best! Also, the packaging for the canned chocolate is so cute :) - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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