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I’m graduating next week! I can’t wait! Today I had my final talk with my supervisors and I was super nervous. And therefore I couldn’t sleep last night and I woke up 3x in the middle of the night because I was afraid to oversleep. In the past I’ve had so many nightmares where I overslept on a important day…
So yeah, I was being cautious.

Because I woke up 3x last night, I am trying not to doze away on my keyboard while I’m writing this post. One bad night sleep and my body is feeling like this already… Tomorrow I’ll doing some refreshing & energizing yoga for sure!

Anyways! I decided to show you how my uni looks like. I remember my first day entering this scary 11 floor schoolbuilding and my first problem already happen: I can’t find the right classroom. And now I can’t believe my student life has come to an end.

Ik ga mijn diploma ophalen volgende week! Ik kan niet wachten! Vandaag had ik mijn laatste gesprek met mijn begeleiders en ik was super zenuwachtig. Ik kon niet slapen gisteren, en werd wel 3x wakker midden in de nacht omdat ik bang was om me te verslapen. Soms heb ik namelijk nachtmerries waar ik me verslaap op een belangrijke dag. Het blijven voor mij soort voorbodes.. Maargoed!

Omdat ik 3x wakker geworden ben gisternacht, probeer ik uiterste best niet in slaap te vallen terwijl ik deze post schrijf. Wat 1 slechte nachtrust wel niet met een mens kan doen. Morgen aan de hardcore yoga!

Anyways! Vandaag een korte tour door mijn school die ik binnenkort ga verlaten. Ik herinner me nog mijn eerste dag. Het aanzien van dit 11 verdieping schoolgebouw was eng! Mijn eerste probleem had ik al gelijk te pakken: ik kon de juiste lokaal niet vinden. En 4 jaar later, zeg ik nu mijn studentenleven vaarwel. Snif.

Canteen down, computer area up.

Where I used to write down notes. 

 At a more older side of the building with awesome windows and lamps!

 And a vending machine with overpriced office stuff!  


  1. Whoa, 11 floor building! Your school is beautiful! Congratulations on graduating :) I've just graduated too so I feel you on leaving school! Good luck in your future endeavors!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  2. That vending machine looks like overpriced heaven with the bright white-ish lighting. :p
    Congratulations! Gefeliciteerd met je diploma :D

  3. Your uni is so nice and modern! And your canteen in INSANE compared to our pathetic little one D: I'm graduating tomorrow waaah, we did it! Looking forward to seeing you in cap and gown!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  4. Wauw wat een mooie school! Die van mij is echt dringend aan modernisering toe.. En ohh zo vaak wakker worden de nacht van tevoren herken ik.. had ik ook toen ik bang was dat ik het vliegtuig naar Londen ging missen :P Zo te horen ging je gesprek wel goed, als je je diploma mag ophalen volgende week! Supergoed meis!! Ik wist dat je het kon! xx

  5. Oh my gosh your school is gorgeous! Ahh, you must be so excited about graduation! :-)
    By the way, your blog layout is absolutely amazing. Did you design it yourself?

    xx, Chaereen | Bittersweet Peppermint

  6. It's beautiful!! Holy crap, and congrats on graduating!

  7. Even though I probably wouldn't buy anything fm it because I'm hella cheap, I love the vending machine! and congrats! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. Congratulations on your graduation!! Your school is awesome!

  9. Congratulation on your graduation. Must be exciting. Your uni looks really grand.

  10. congrats for going to be graduated!! gosh your uni is so cool! I wish my uni is as cool as yours.. looking forward to see pics of you in graduation ceremony!

    Capturing Reves

  11. Wow seems like such a cool school ! Love the machine ahaha !

    Giveaway, win Sally Hansen & Cocoa Brown self tanning products !

  12. Your uni has a stylish interior! :D I wonder if they ever worn a price for it? And congratulations for graduating! :D
    Do you have any plans after the student life?

  13. oh my gosh! such a beautiful interior of your campus! and congratulations on your graduation next week! how exciting!

  14. That's a fancy school you got there! :o

    Anyway, gefeliciteerd met je diploma! :DDDDD

  15. waah zo mooi! goed je best doen daar hihi

  16. Breathe in - breathe out! You are almost there. So excited for this next chapter in your life! You deserve this and so much more, and I can't wait to read more about everything :)

  17. Congratulations on your graduation next week! Your campus is so beautiful and neat!

  18. Congratulations on graduating (and that is a much more chic canteen than my school EVER had)

  19. Big congrats on being able to graduate :D Your uni looks so cool compared to mine!! We have those overpriced stationery vending machines too. I don't think a lot of people uses them lol

  20. Congratulations!!!! Time sure flies by quickly, but glad all your hard work has paid off!

  21. A big congrats on finishing! Your school looks beautiful and soooo many luxuries that my schools didn't have when I was abroad at international schools here in south east asia! love the layout and the cafeteria!

  22. Congratulations on the graduation next week!! That is big! :) What was the talk with your supervisors about? Is some sort of guidance or sum up of your career? Your uni looks gorgeous, those hanging lamps on the staircase are so nice and also the classrooms look big and well equipped. Great idea to take those nice pics to remember your time here!

  23. Oh my! congratulationnnn!!!! And your school is the coolest school I've ever see. You must be proud to be there :D


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