Etos: Color Care Lipstick #117


This is my 2nd lipstick and it’s from Etos: #117’ from their ‘color care lipstick’ line.

Etos is actually our Dutch pharmacy brand and they have their own beauty and makeup line, which is great because they tend to be a lot cheaper than other drugstore brands!  

I bought this lipstick just for my graduation, which I’ve been using this excuse for almost every purchase I make recently…

Care to check out this review of mine? Scroll down!


Dit is mijn 2e lipstick en het is van de Etos: # 117 afkomstig van de ‘Color Care lipstick’ lijn.

Etos vind ik een hele fijne drogist en hun huismerk is ook geweldig!

Ik kocht deze lipstick voor de diploma-uitreiking. Bij elke aankoop die ik laatste tijd maak, spookt het woord ‘diploma-uitreiking’ als ‘goed excuus’ erin voort. Dat maakt het toch minder schuldig…  

Laten we eerst eens kijken hoe deze lipstick mij bevalt. Scroll naar beneden toe!

Let me start by saying: I loooove this lipstick! The color is beyond nice! Not to dark nor to red. However, I wish it was a bit more matte. 

The packaging came like this, with no plastic wrapping around it. I wish it was wrapped in plastic, just for extra hygiene. 

 TOP:  Cheap, pigment, doesn't dry my lips out, available in 25 colors
 CON:  it has this typical lipstick smell that I don't like :c 
 OVERALL:  ♥ 4/5


  1. Oh wow, the color is very beautiful and flattering on you!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose and Pretty Clothes

  2. i think this color is sexy!! but do you think is slightly mature on you since you're really young..might be suitable for dinner party.just my opinion,girl..

    xo josephine c.

  3. such a lovely everyday lip colour! maybe try putting some setting powder on your lips to get it matte. I usually grab a layer of tissue and blot through that :)

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  4. Sometimes you can find quite good quality makeup at affordable prices. I also love the shape of your lips! It is quite unique. Also your skin is so clear!

  5. You look so lovely with that lipstick on !


  6. Staat je goed! Ik ga het een keer swatchen in de etos :)

  7. I liked it, it looks very good on you !

  8. Lovely shade! I really like it on you, so pretty! ^__^

  9. It looks like such a great colour for you! Like that it's cheap and moisturising but not so great that it has that lipstick scent - I don't like that at all either!

  10. Wat een goede review en wat ben jij een prachtmeid! Mooiiiii

  11. pretty color! looks good on you! i like lipstick that is a bit more matte too

  12. Pretty color! I appreciate that it is more affordable but still pharmacy quality :) I am afraid of using make-up of suspicious brands for allergies and such! ;)

  13. LOVE the color on you! Looks so pretty! :)


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