I want the perfect chai latte in my cameralens


The color white is my 2014 summer color and I am determined to find thé perfect white shoes/sandals. It’s sad because I haven’t found them yet, besides these white flats that I got from H&M.

I’m very happy with these flats, they are very comfy and super convenient as well. But the search for the white sandals/shoes is still on. Very on.

Apart shoehunting I’ve bought some household items from Xenos with the 25% voucher! Shopping in this sunny summer heat is perfect: everyone is obviously at the beach so the shoppingcentre is (almost) empty and relaxing.

Because there’s on thing that I hate during shopping and that’s a place being overcrowded by people.

What’s your latest purchase(s)?

De kleur wit is mijn zomer kleur van 2014 en ik ben vastbesloten om de perfecte witte schoenen/ sandalen te vinden. Jammer genoeg heb ik ze nog niet gevonden, naast dat ik wel deze witte flats heb kunnen bemachtigen van H&M.

Ik ben erg blij met deze flats, ze zijn zeer comfortabel en super praktisch. Maar de zoektocht naar dé witte sandalen/schoenen is nog niet van de kaart hoor!

Maar goed.
Afgezien mijn schoenenjacht, heb ik nog aantal huishoudelijke artikelen van de Xenos met de 25% voucher gekocht! Winkelen in deze zonnige zomerse hitte is perfect: iedereen is natuurlijk op het strand aan het bakken, waardoor het winkelcentrum (bijna) leeg is!

Er is wel 1 ding dat ik haat tijdens het winkelen en dat is wel een overvolle winkelcentrum.

Wat is je laatste aankoop(en)?
5 bucks c: 

Some basic essential tee's.

Awhile ago I have received this 25% voucher to spend at Xenos, a Dutch household store! 
And I've bought this super duper cool thermos shaped camera lens! 

So so happy because having a camera shaped thermos bottle has been on my wishlist quite a while!

I've been also making lots of salads, specifically pasta salads lately!

 Some belated graduation flowers from my cousin! Thanks!


  1. Love the white flats!

  2. awesome pics! cool post<3


  3. Really cool photos !


  4. Those shoes looks adorable! I've always wanted one but A) they don't make it in my size (size 2 kids) and B) it rains a lot in Vancouver, it's not ideal to wear lace shoes around town. For the past week and a half it's been pouring rain!

  5. Is hij van Photojojo? :P

    Hm... Latest purchase, a pair of summer shorts! :]

  6. ahh ik zag dat cameralens vandaag ook in de xenos! Ik weet nog toen dat voor erg duur op internet te koop was. Ik ben dol op xenos hehe

  7. Oh those shoes are cute! They're very similar to the TOMS shoes that are lacey. Those are really quite nice if you ever get a chance to get your hands on them & each purchase means one new pair to a child in need of shoes! :)

    Good luck on finding a pair of white sandals! Reminds me that I need sandals....too.

    Love that lens cup! I've wanted one for quite some time, but they're so expensive! Glad your wishlist item came true!

  8. Oh my gosh, those white flats are gorgeous! o: I really want to go and pick them up now too. >u<
    Congrats on the new lenses, and belated congratulations on your graduation, Mei! c:

  9. Oh I've been eyeing that camera lens bottle too! So nice :) And the salad looks so tasty & healthy!

  10. Wow, those shoes were such a great find! Love that camera lens mug too by the way, I've always wanted one for myself :)

  11. Wit is ook echt mijn lievelingskleur deze zomer! Het staat altijd zo mooi c: die drinkbekers is tof!
    Liefs, Tessa

  12. Oh die bloemen van je nicht/neef zijn tof, heel mooi in dat vaasje! En mooie schoentjes ook.

  13. Oh! Those cameralens mugs are always on my wishlist, hahah! My last purchase were a 50% discounted shoes and I'm the happiest gal, cheap and nice new shoes, yay! ;) I agree that it feels good buying (and cinemas! unfortunately movies do not tend to be very good during this season) on summer with the stores half empty :)

  14. I loveeee the flats! I've managed to find a pair of heels in mostly white, but like you, still not the one yet. :)

  15. i think white is a great color for summer. and those flats are cute!

  16. How funny! I'm wearing similar shoes today. They're not from H&M though -- I bought it at some shoe store near my work. I hope you find the white shoes you are looking for! :)

  17. I have the same flats, just in black. White ones are definitely more pretty but they didn't have them in my size.
    Love your photos:)

  18. Lovely photos as usual! The graduation photos from your cousin are beautiful too.

  19. i always wonder how people keep up with flats. i had one pair last time and i swear i wouldn't wanna buy another haha i don't like how it feels like you don't really wear anything. well, that's the point of "flats" but it feels weird..it's like i'm walking directly on floor but not literally bare feet... if that even makes sense.

    in my case, that first pair of flats i bought has now turned loose and once i wore it again, it's like they're too big for my feet! i wonder if it's because of how stupid the material is... hm, judging from h&m, i don't think their flats are gonna be that ugly? who knows heh h&m is one of my favorite brands (probably even more than F21. weird, F21 now doesn't seem that... mesmerizing anymore for me. they still have good platform heels/shoes sometimes though)

    you make me wanna have new pair of sneaker shoes ugh! i want another vans TT0TT my mother doesn't understand me because she's biased for bags, not shoes lol she's like "you have too many sneakers already, young lady!!"

    the camera lens thermos was a hit in here but the trend kind of died already. i thought about purchasing one last time but thought it was too mainstream and i don't really like/want to be one of those "people who follow trends", you know... (geez, they even call me hipster! ewww..) on the contrary, it's a good thermos though. very good for coffee ;) (and i bet way cheaper than starbucks' tumbler mug *cries*)

    pasta salad!! i stopped pasta as home cooked meal though since i'm terrified of carbs :( gaining even a kilo freaks me out senseless x__x but i do loooove pesto pasta though, with the spinach and olive oil and whatnot TvT *guilty*

  20. Same story here - I was on the search for a pretty pair of white sandals! I have found them now. They had a very cute collection at Schoenenreus. Mine are these, I found the link for you: http://www.schoenenreus.nl/damesschoenen/sandalen/sandaal-hot-item-wit-125426903.html#.U9rC4PnUZAA They walk lovely ^^

  21. I've seen a camera shaped thermos before and was so close to getting it, but later forced myself to walk away, because I've already bought so many tumblers from Starbucks :'( I've also been shoe hunting this summer, but I'm back from Taiwan already and I still haven't found anything, so I guess I'll just stick to my plain ol' Converse for now. I love white because it's so clean and fresh, but I'm so worried about mucking it up! Btw, your graduation flowers are gorgeous! - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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