My weapon is literature. And ice cream.


I am having a meltdown right now because Holland is in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures above 30°C. The sun is gone, only thick clouds now which creates this muggy atmosphere, almost like a dry sauna feel.

I didn’t bath in the sun because it was too unbearable and UV is so so so bad for you skin.

Therefore I just ate ice cream and stayed inside and watched anime/manga (Naruto). Yes I'm that nerd-ish. I also have to watch the re-mastered Sailormoon as well! Which is my favourite first cartoon when I was little.

Do you watch Japanese anime/manga?

En ineens was die hittegolf er met temperaturen boven de 30°C. De zon is nu weg en er hangen nu dikke (onweer)wolken die deze benauwde sfeer creëert, dat aanvoelt als een droge sauna.  

Ik heb daarom ook niet lang in de zon wezen bakken, want het was te ondraaglijk en UV is zo zo zo slecht voor je huid.

Daarom heb ik ijs gegeten en bleef binnen en keek naar anime / manga (Naruto) series. Ik ben ook van plan om naar de ‘re-mastered’ Sailormoon te kijken! Dat was mijn favoriete en tevens ook mijn eerste Japanse anime serie geweest toen ik klein was!

Kijk jij Japanse anime / manga?

A pretty awesome mango on a stick, because: 100% natural and only 95 calories! From this brand

 I've also spend 30 bucks on books lately! My readings for the summer! 

 By the way, when I flipped my popsicle around, I was a bit put off seeing these (blueberry?) spots. Still, ate it and it indeed tasted like blueberry.  

This was my dinner with my family love ones to celebrate my graduation. Always with Chinese food........ 

 My latest sketches! 


  1. Jelly fiiisshh! Heerlijk :D
    Ik heb gister ook een boek gekocht. Eat pray love.. niet echt heel diep, maar wilde het nog lezen voordat de film ging zien. TFIOS is heeel leuk/mooi! Ik moet nog The Legend of Korra seizoen 1 opnieuw kijken en dan begin ik aan seizoen 2 :)

  2. Really cool photos !


  3. Amazing book picks! Enjoy them <3

  4. Jellyfish? D:

    Pfff, ik stap fris en fruitig uit het vliegtuig en BAM, 35 graden zweet sauna in NL, NS loopt weer te @#*(#$*. Welcome home! :x
    Naja, hopelijk kunnen we een beetje slapen in deze hitte!

    Hm.. Ik heb ooit Naruto gekeken, maar volgde het op een gegeven moment echt niet meer. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) was erg mooi/grappig/zielig, ... eeh.. D.N.Angel... Goh, weet ik eigenlijk niet meer :p

  5. Damn that weather sounds like singapore minus the humidity and add some hot air! We are always 28-35 all year round with humidity's horrendous I tell you! Freaking love the mango ice cream, I love mango ice cream and haven't had any in a while! The dim sum looks great too!!!

  6. There are mango Popsicles in Beijing too and they're my favorite! (They're not actual mangos though, just mango taste and shape). // I just watched TFIOS yesterday!! I was one of the many who teared up :( I'm gonna have to rewatch the movie on a small screen and also reread the book. // I just started watching anime! If you count Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki, then I've been watching anime for awhile now :) Earlier this month I watched Ano Hana, all in a day, and it just started Clannad, and I got a bunch more from a friend!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. congrats on your graduation :)
    is the mango just a mango on a popsicle stick with blueberries? it looks so good! ice cream is great for a heatwave...and every other time of the year ;)

  8. Heyy, congrats for your graduation! Good luck for the new step ahead (:
    Anyway, you always have eye catchy pictures. How was the fault in our stars? Speaking of anime, I never be an anime girl (or it says otaku? Is it right?), but I always loveee doraemon and conan!

    Have a good day for you, Mei!

  9. Ah, you don't know how much I miss the hot weather now, haha! Weird- it was soo hot last week and this week it became sort of dusty, then really rainy, and now cloudy with a chance of meatballs (jk on meatballs)! I used to read a ton of manga!! Loved them! And I watched only some anime but not much~ I always tend to become distracted online when watching them, haha. I need to catch up on some popular hits so far I heard were good.. Attack on Titans and Free!!! X

    Chic Nikkie

  10. Love your inspiring post ;)


  11. Sounds like a valid way to spend a hot day! The mango ice block looks really yummy.

  12. Love your inspiring post ;)


  13. I loves watching Sailormoon, too, haha! :-)

    Have a fantastic day,

  14. Hmmm dat ijsmerk kende ik nog niet: ik wil wel mijn eigen ijsjes maken deze zomer, staat op mijn to do list :D

  15. Haha was not expecting those spots on the ice cream, but it still looked delicious! I was in love with Sailor Moon too <3

    Jessica | streetandsheer

  16. ah sounds so hot! wish we could give you some of our cold- it's freezing in Sydney haha! xD

    Metallic Paws

  17. I fruuucking love popsicles! I actually don't like ice cream. But popsicles? Yes! The weather here is crap though, not exactly popsicle-appropriate.

  18. It's been crazy hot in Zurich too I have been making strawberry milkshakes to beat the heat :)


  19. Ahhhh, ik eet veel te weinig Chinees eten. Er zit een ontzettend lekker kantonees restaurant in Amsterdam waar ik graag kom, maar komt er de laatste tijd maar niet van :( En het was zo warm inderdaad, ik was zo blij dat ik afgelopen dagen lange dagen in een boekenwinkel stond met airco!! - Ik kijk geen Naruto of Sailor Moon (al denk ik dat ik misschien ook de remasterd ga kijken... Sailor Moon vond ik vroeger echt fantastisch). De laatste anime die ik heb gezien was geloof ik Attack on Titan en daarvoor Death Note (maar ik vind Ouran High School Host Club ook hilarisch haha).

    Geniet van Kafka on the Shore, dat was ook mijn zomer boek 2 jaar geleden ofzo. Vond 'm geweldig, beetje raar (as usual) maar geweldig!

  20. Literature and ice cream sound good to me!! And all these books sound great too!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  21. Agreed, it's so so hot in Belgium! I also love how you balance your books on the kitchen roll!

  22. My best friend growing up and I always watched Sailormoon!

  23. haha this is so funny - E loves to watch anime and is trying to talk me into the remastered Sailormoon! it's good for his Japanese so i'm not complaining :) x

  24. it was so hot the past few days but today is kinda chill which is a great welcome. and i love japanese anime, manga, drama and movies! :)

  25. Sailor Moon remastered edition, yes, I totally forgot I also have to take a look! It was one of my favorites as well as a kid. How is the jellyfish cooked? I have never tried myself! How does it taste? :) Oh! and Kafka on the beach, let me know what do you think about it, it is a little bit crazier than Norwegian wood.


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