The happy pies and tarts


Thanks for you suggestion on which hairstyle I should take on the last post! I think I know what to cut! Also, thanks for liking the DIY as well c:

Today I want to show you a quick tease of my upcoming merchandises! You might have seen it already at my Instagram c:

I’m currently using Etsy as my onlineshop, even it’s quite empty at the moment. I like Etsy, but somehow I find it overpriced: you have to pay a fee for each item you list and it will expire after 4 months. After 4 months, you have to pay for that list spot again. Even though the listing is only 20 cents, the expire date bothers me the most.

Maybe I’ll move back to Bigcartel.
What do you think?

Bedankt voor jullie wijze advies op welke haarstijl ik zou moeten nemen, van de vorige post! Ik denk dat ik weet welke ik ga nemen! Ook bedankt voor jullie complimentjes op mijn DIY c:

Vandaag wil ik je een snelle sneakpreview laten zien van mijn aankomende koopwaar! Wellicht heb je ze al gezien op mijn Instagram c:  

Ik gebruik op dit moment Etsy als mijn verkooppunt, ook al is het nogal leeg op dit moment. Ik hou van Etsy, maar ergens vind ik het prijzig: voor iedere verkoopplek waarin je je product neerzet, moet je betalen en zal vervallen na 4 maanden. Na 4 maanden moet je weer betalen voor die dat verkoopplek. Hoewel de verkoopplek slechts 20 cent is, de vervaldatum die me meest stoort.

Misschien ga ik terug naar Bigcartel.
Wat denk jij?


A blueberry cheesecake!

On a totebag? Wallet? Keychains?

Chocolate tart!

Another cheesecake...

Greentea tart!

I've made these for a girlfriend, but the packaging should be the same when selling it...


  1. This is the cutest thing ever! Chocolate tart is my fav :-)

  2. Aww, how adorable! They really look amazing as well :) If you like bigcartel better, than I'd suggest to go back again.


  3. Everything is so adorable !


  4. aw!! these are sooooooo cute!!

  5. Aaah ik vind ze zo cute! Die bruine is mijn favoriet! Echt lief c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  6. These are very very very cute, ahhh! You're quite talented with a crochet hook. ^-^

  7. Ze zijn echt zo leuk! Ik zou ze zo kunnen opeten, haha.

  8. My favorite is the lemon meringue one pie one! Hmmm I think Etsy will get you a larger customer base since it's so popular among the arts and craft community but I also agree with you, the short listing time doesn't sit well with me either! If Bigcartel worked well for you then I say stick with that, I think Etsy works well if you're using it more like a permanent shop =) (This is all just my personal opinion though!)

  9. These are so adorable!! My favorite is the pumpkin pie and the berry pie!

  10. Oh wow... Etsy sounds really expensive now; maybe switching to Big Cartel for a start up may be a good try. On another note, I am so envious by your crochet pieces!! Sometimes my stitches are uneven when I crochet, haha.. it's hard to maintain the gauge.. your girlfriend is super lucky to be able to receive this box of goodies, hehe!

    Chic Nikkie

  11. i had no idea about etsy and the fee you pay for listings! and these are so cute. i almost want to take a bite out of them :)

  12. How cute are these!! And love how packaged them too. What a lovely idea.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  13. Big Cartel ziet er ook prima uit hoor! Ik denk dat het in jouw geval niet echt veel verschil maakt qua doelgroep en klanten. Ik vind dat mini tompoesje nog steeds zooo leuk!

  14. I know everyone is excited for the new items! I can't wait to see how your new hair style will look like :)

  15. These are soooo freaking pretty! I would totally order your stuff from etsy!!!

  16. It's sooooo adorable! You have so much talent, these are so pretty and creative! I have been following your blog in silence for the past few weeks, but I'm still here c:

  17. Ahh they're so adorable! <3

    Jennie xo |

  18. these are soooo adorable!!


  19. Your crochet mini pies are adorable! I didn't know about the etsy fee when listing, do they also charge for each purchase?

  20. I looooveeeee these! Didn't see them on your Etsy page, though. I'm thinking about getting one for my best friend who is a pastry chef!



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