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I don’t know about you, but my week was a rollercoaster. In a good way!

Well almost, because let me start with World Cup: my Holland lost :c
And by that, my interest for football has gone to anti-football again.

But lets be honest, I never thought Holland would make it this far as I really thought they will be eliminated really soon. Therefore I am really proud of our Dutch football team to make it this far! We can walk away with our heads held high c:

Now the more happier news: I signed and received my diploma yesterday! And I can’t wait to share this news with you soon in another post!

And there’s always food around the corner and as always, I take pictures of them. Lets see what I’ve been swallowing lately!


Alweer een hectisch week achter de rug, die positief is!

Nou ja bijna dan, want laat ik eerst beginnen met World Cup: Nederland is alweer gestrand :c
En ik ben weer anti-voetbal.

Maar laten we eerlijk zijn, ik had nooit gedacht dat Nederland zo ver zouden schoppen. Daarom ben ik echt trots op ons Nederlands elftal! Ik denk dat we met opgeven hoofd en trots kunnen zijn en tevreden terugblikken hoor c:   

Nu de meer gelukkiger nieuws: ik heb mijn diploma ondertekend en ontvangen! En ik kan niet wachten om dit nieuws met jullie delen binnenkort in een andere post!

En bij mij is er nooit een post zonder ‘food’. Laten we eens kijken wat voor lekkers ik allemaal heb hieronder!

Every morning a handful of these pecans!

I'm surprise to read  at my French toast post that most of you never seen square bread before! Tehehe, guess I'm not the only one P: Anyway turned these bread into nice triangle sandwiches!

 Still not tasted it yet, I'm saving it for a real hot day. And I'm still waiting...


  1. Oeh! Die frappuccino wou ik ook nog proberen! Ik vond het anders goed warm de afgelopen dagen hier!

    Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met je diploma! :]

  2. This food is so yummy !


  3. Wow congrats on getting your diploma ^O^ You have such amazing photography omg and that ice cream cone looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing and for leaving me a comment on my blog!~
    Following you x


  4. Those little ice-cream cones are so cute! The Starbucks frappuccino looks really good - I hope it tastes good as well. :)

  5. Always love your food posts! And you take really awesome photos :)

  6. Ahh~ Holland did really good though- they lost to the shoot off with 2-4, so I gotta say, they did well. :) & Mmm, that Frappuccino and nuts with cherries looks good! Can't wait to hear more about your diploma! X

    Chic Nikkie

  7. congrats on getting your diploma! yay!
    those snacks look yummy :9 I love snacks hehe

  8. ze zien allemaal yummy uit! en gefeliciteerd voor je diploma c:

  9. Congrats on getting your diploma! Ah I really want an iced coffee now.

  10. Oh, I love pecan nuts!!


  11. It's so nice that they made it far! I'm so happy the initial shock of the loss for us is over. People did not handle it well and resorted to childish ways on how they treated the team when they came back. Win some, lose some, that's life.

  12. Ziet er heerlijk uit allemaal! En gefeliciteerd met je diploma :D

  13. Gefeliciteerd! en wat een heerlijk eten allemaal, je maakt altijd hele mooie foto's :)

  14. yum yum yums! Ik ben niet zo fan van de frappucino, maar wie ben ik he:p
    Ik ben nog wel fan van oranje hoor :D

  15. Ah, jouw foto's zorgen er altijd voor dat het eten er 100 keer lekkerder uitziet!
    Echt knap hoe je dat doet :) En gefeliciteerd met je diploma!!

  16. Do you really have to do this to me... Now I'm hungry >_<

  17. Aw I'm sorry your football fever has gone in reverse! I love your foodie bits! That ice cream in those mini cone cups look sooo good and that sandwich! So wholesome! Yummy!! I need to eat more salad!

  18. I honestly thought Netherlands were going to win it this year, but it's like they fight really hard and get pooped tired and then this happens! But they did really well, I was sad when they were eliminated. Congratulations on getting your diploma! :) And as always the food you are swallowing looks so delicious!

  19. Congrats on getting your diploma! The sandwiches look really cute!


  20. Congrats on getting your diploma!
    Haha I agree that interest in football soon fades when your favourite team has been eliminated. I thought Netherlands were going to win this year because they played really well. But third place is really good :)
    Awww the ice cream looks too cute to eat!


  21. The ice cream cone is so cute, and wow your bread is so flexible! Which is really nice, because then it doesn't break when you fold it in half for a sandwich :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  22. Congrats on the diploma! That must have been a proud moment, for sure! :) yummy eating, I hope I could live all summer long only of fruit and ice creams hahahaha


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