Blissful days in Prague


Here’s another update of my trip in the wonderful city of Prague. The city is sure a bliss and I was happy that the weather itself was blissful as well!

However I did put on my raincoat poncho at some point just to make sure and to make sure my camera wont face any surprises and get wet. That would be devastating because during my trip, my fellow tourist companion already called me the ‘photographer girl’.

Hopefully you guys aren’t bored out yet of my pictures from Prague because it is such a photogenic city, and there is still more to come!  

Hier is weer een update van mijn reis in de prachtige stad Praag. De stad is zeker adembenemend en we waren zeker gezegend met goed weer!

Nouja goed weer, ik heb zo nu en dan mijn regen poncho voor de zekerheid aangetrokken alleen maar om ervoor te zorgen dat mijn camera niet voor (natte) verassingen komen te staan. Ik zou dan op z,n zachts gezegd niet ‘amused’ zijn.  

Hopelijk zijn jullie nog niet verveeld geraakt van mijn foto's van een Praag, want Praag is ook zo,n fotogenieke stad en er komen zeker nog meer foto’s jullie kant op!

How romantic would it be?

The guy up there hanging and being photographed by us is 'Sigmund Freud' by the way... 

A wedding! Would you get married in Prague? Me not so sure since it's so crowded :c 

 Ever since Sephora no longer exist in Holland, I did went a bit loose in the Sephora of Prague. I end up buying something for me and for you because I'll be holding a giveaway soon so stay tuned! 


  1. Great photos!!


  2. Haha a wedding in Prague would be amazing, but you're right, too crowded! Maybe in the winter? (Too cold though...)

  3. Prague is so pretty! And can't wait to see what you picked up from Sephora! :)

  4. It looks so nice there! I wish I could go

  5. These pictures are so lovely !


  6. Love the Prague photos! I like how they cover the vandals with the piano over there haha and I wouldn't mind the crowd because Prague is too beautiful to resist <3

  7. It looks so great! What a beautiful weddingdress of hers btw haha.

  8. Hooray! More Prague photos! :) And the photographer girl, huh? Not so shabby, they had the right idea, but look at these fun photos.

  9. Have you lost some weight? Nice arms and legs!!
    Truly lovely pictures :) Prague is on my Europe bucket list, thanks for sharing your adventures.

  10. Ik ben benieuwd naar je sephora aankopen!
    De combinatie van jouw polkadot shirt en die witte rok is echt heeel leuk!!

  11. I hope I will visit Prague one day , seems like u had a wonderful time :)

  12. I really, really want to visit Prague, it looks so beautiful. How cute was the wedding!? I hope you had a great time,

    Emma x

  13. Kom maar door met de foto's hoor! :]

  14. These are such lovely photos! Prague looks like a really cool place, haha I'd really like to visit one day! I hope you had a wonderful time! :)


  15. Hahaha the "photographer girl" sounds suitable ;) I love the piano on the street, but the little figure hanging from the pole is a tiny bit creepy haha. Have fun! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  16. Aww you bought something for us too? That's so sweet! I haven't held any giveaways on my blog yet. Maybe I should... Maybe some cute stationary?

    Oh btw, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog. Not sure if you're into these kinds of chain blogger award things, but I've always found you very inspiring and I wanted to share your link with my readers.

    The award in itself asks each nominee to say 7 things about themselves that readers may not know about them. So if you're interested, I'd love to hear what you share. Personally, I turned my nomination into a little video.

    Anyway, I understand if it's not something you're into, but I thought it would be a cool idea for a post. :)

  17. I love your photos of Prague! I hope one day I can visit there!

  18. Lovely photos, looks like you've had a fun trip! x

  19. It is such a beautiful city. And I was just reading an article on some of the most stunning statues and sculptures around the world and that hanging guy was on the list! So awesome you got a chance to see it in real person!

  20. Photographer girl! that's definitely a compliment! :) Mmm wondering what would be in the Sephora bag ;)

  21. I love travel posts. Gosh, Prague looks so beautiful through your lens!

    Chloé⎪à la foliee


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