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Our first supper in Prague was Thai food. Our goal was actually Chinese food because no matter where we go, we always need to eat Asian food. Or at least my family does... But we couldn't find any decent Chinese restaurant so we end up with Zebra – Asian Noodle Bar.

Zebra cooks our food right in front of our noses in this open kitchen so the food was at least freshly made which is a huge plus! 

We had a long walk through the streets and alleys of Prague so we took our time and relaxing at Zebra’s.

So after plugging my phone charger into one of the sockets (so nice of them!), I started with a refreshing Thai green tea (recommended!) and la starters: veggie spring rolls, veggie dumplings (thumbs up for the veggie choices), duck eggrolls and fried shrimp patties on skewers. Happy face!

The starters were a great start of our supper so we were looking forward for our main: stir fried Thai rice, ‘pad Thai’ with shrimp and Thai red curry rice. The dishes were so salty and I was kind of disappointed, especially after having great starters. 

But thanks to the awesome veggie dumplings and spring rolls, I'd still recommend you guys to eat at Zebra because those were nice! And their tea of course. 


Onze eerste maaltijd in Praag was Thais eten. Ons doel was eigenlijk Chinees eten, want wij als Chinezen moeten nou eenmaal altijd Aziatische eten. Of in ieder geval mijn familie. Maar we konden geen fatsoenlijk Chinees restaurant vinden dus we eindigen met Zebra – Asian Noodle Bar.

Het eten was zeker weten vers omdat al ons eten in dit open keuken klaar gemaakt werden.

We hadden een lange wandeling achter de rug door de straten en steegjes van Praag, dus we namen onze tijd bij Zebra’s. Beginnend mijn telefoon op te laden en dat vond ik super aardig van de service. Als volg de verfrissende Thaise groene thee en la starters (aanbevolen!): veggie loempia's, vegetarische dumplings, eend in loempia's en gebakken garnalen op spiesjes. De

De voorgerechten waren een geweldige start van ons avondmaal, dus we keken ernaar uit naar onze hoofdgerechten: stir fried Thaise rijst, ‘pad Thai’ met garnalen en Thaise rode curry rijst. De gerechten waren zo zoutig en zo verschillend met de voorgerechtjes. Dus ik was een beetje teleurgesteld.

Al met al is deze plek aan te raden vanwege de prijs en de goede voorgerechten. En de lekkere thee.
My first Thai green tea and what a vibrant color! I think the only difference from other green tea is that this one has a light pandan flavor in it. 

The dough is so thin and the filling were lovely - these veggie dumplings/gyoza, one of the best I ever had really. 

The interior has a nice modern Asian twist. Loving the lamps of course.

My dad and I got the same  stir fried rice dish . It was so so SO salty :c

End my meal with this nice large cup of cappuccino c: 

ADDRESS:  Celetná 38, Prague 1 Prague - CZECH REPUBLIC
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥ 5/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. It is a shame that your mains were too salty :( But at least the starters were nice. Also, the colour of the tea is incredible!!

  2. The fried spring rolls and the kway teow noodles looked amazing! It really looks quite authentic though although this place is in europe! I think I'm going to miss the homey authentic asian food here in singapore when I go overseas end of the year for study!

  3. I'm loving the colour of the tea haha it looks so green! Ah the food looks so good I love Thai food. c:

  4. That food is looking super delicious !


  5. Everything looks so perfect! Oh the dumplings! Right now I just want to head out to the nearest restaurant and eat myself to happiness :)

  6. Jammer dat het zo zout was! Het ziet er wel allemaal erg lekker uit!

  7. Wow, I just want to taste all those appetizers right now. And it's only 7:30am here! Haha.

  8. the starters do look really good! shame the mains weren't quite up to scratch, but it still seems you had a lovely meal there :) can't wait for all your Prague adventures!

  9. Hahaha! Zo herkenbaar, toen wij in Istanbul waren wilden m'n moeder en ik ook heel graag Chinees eten :p Ziet er lekker uit! Jammer dat het zo zoutig was :c

  10. Omg all that Thai food just makes me want to eat Thai food right now! Your photos make it look super delicious of course. The dumplings looks so yummy and I usually don't like dumplings haha How was the cappuccino by the way?

  11. yum~~ spring rolls and dumplings. my favorites!

  12. Dat ziet echt lekker uit! Jammer dat jullie geen echt Chinees restaurant konden, maar dit lijkt er wel erg op! Die groene thee ziet er jummy uit!
    Liefs, Tessa

  13. i laughed a little there when you said no matter where you guys go, there needs to be asian food somewhere in those days. my parents are like hardcore frequent china visitors so our "holiday" doesn't feel like holiday at all; it's always a business trip because they kinda do the work stuff in china too (which i hate). so yeah, china and hong kong...both are asian so chinese food is not a doubt. (makes me so bored lol)

    but yeah, even if we're not going somewhere overseas, even if we're just going to, say, an italian restaurant who also serve some asian food (restaurants here are weird and not really specialized haha), we tend to choose the weird stuff and by that i mean foreign ones that stay true to its, uh, "origin" lol
    i think we won't eat our hometown food if we were to go to prague :P my father and i like trying out weird new menu haha and we're one of those "we go all the way to this new place and eat what we can eat in our place whuuuut" people

    the restaurants here also let us charge our gadgets to their sockets :D doesn't that happen in where you live too? though these days everyone seems to have a portable charger already.

    omg the thai green tea is so greeeen *o* it's so true to its nameeee *o* so pretty~

    the rice dish looked tasty....until you mentioned how salty it was :( that sucks, man
    the others look so good though ughhh thai food is GOLD.

  14. Oh wowwww, I didn't know green tea could be so vibrant! That's a gorgeous shade!
    I love dumplings, and these ones you had sound delicious, too bad the mains were salty...

  15. OH MY GOOOOOODNESS. That looks so good!!! I've been craving Thai food for some time now, and after readingg your post, I might just go and get some haha.

  16. Zebra looks like a cool place to eat with its awesome interior. Too bad the main dishes were so salty though D:

  17. The food looks geeewdd! Jammer dat het te zout was :(
    Heb ik jammer genoeg wel vaker met Thais eten. Ze houden gewoon zoveel van sojasaus en vissaus haha

  18. thai green tea?never try though but looking at the color make me think of pandan (i think is called screw-pines in english), i'm a thai food lover too.always love green curry..and spring rolls too!

    xo josephine c.

  19. Ooh, ik hou van thais eten en die groene thee is echt groen *O*! En praag is echt zo'n mooie stad :) moet ik ook ooit naartoe gaan.

  20. Wow, that green tea is SO green! The lighting looks super cool there too. The appetizers are making my mouth water, but it's a shame that the main courses were so salty ;(

    xx becky // star violet

  21. The green tea is like a neon green! That's crazy. Usually our green tea isn't that green.

  22. The dumplings look amazing! Pity the main courses were too salty :S I also love taking pictures from our meals while travelling (well, mostly everywhere, really hahaha) to the amusement of our family that do not get those pics ;)


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