I am no believer, possible a sinner but also a church lover


There is no way you can avoid holy buildings in Prague because you basically see one from 5 kilometers distance. And it’s not so strange either, Czech Republic used to be a very religious country.

Expressly on used because Czech Republic has the least religious populations in the world nowadays. And this is all due to a huge religious conflict long time ago. Boy, I’m glad I didn’t live in the middle age.

Yes, I have paid attention to my tour guide because I’ll be all ears when there’s rich (juicy) story to listen at and it was really interesting to know this history inside Prague! Anyway, enough with the religion stuff I don't want to bore you c:

We went to see the Strahov monastery, Astronomical Clock (my favourite) at the 'Old Town Square', Jewish quarter and the grandest cathedral of Prague: St. Vitus Catherdral.
Lets check them out together here under!

Er is geen ontkomen aan maar je zult om de iedere hoek heilige gebouwen tegenkomen in Praag. Het is natuurlijk moeilijk te missen met zulke hoge glorieuze torens. En het is niet zo vreemd ook, want Tsjechië was ooit een zeer religieus land. Met een donkere kant.

En deze donkere kant heeft geleid tot een religieus conflict in heel Tsjechië met als resultaat dat Tsjechië tot op de dag van vandaag het minst religieuze bevolkingsgroepen in de wereld is.

Oh jawel, ik heb wel opgelet hoor tijdens de rondleiding!
Ik ben een en al oor als er een rijk (sappige) verhaal te ronde doen. En de geschiedenis van Praag/Tsjechië is zeker rijk!

We hebben een bezoek gebracht bij de Strahov klooster, Astronomische Klok (mijn favoriet), de Joodse wijk en de grandioze kathedraal van Praag: St. Vitus Kathedraal! 

Scroll naar beneden toe om ze te bekijken c: 

I really love love the highly detailed sculptures on the buildings. 

Strahov church. Apparently Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played the organ here! 

Go early to avoid tourism plague. 

 I've bought a souvenir magnet shaped 'Astronomical Clock' as well c:

These segway rides were everywhere! Have you ride one before?

Lots of street artists/musicians at the Old Town Square.

 Apfelstrudel! The apple tasted mushy :c but the crust was crisp. 

The Jews has a played a huge roll in the history of Prague. 

Of course it was overcrowded. 

But eventually I've made my way to the first row and took a quick snap, thanks to papa c: 


  1. Wow, there were so many people! Especially Old Town Square. Such a bug contrast to when I visited in January where there were probably a tenth of the amount of people there. But the buildings in Prague are just so pretty.

  2. Wow, die kathedraal! Prachtig!

  3. I'd especially love to visit the Old Town Square! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Ah, Prague's old Jewish quarter is beautiful and the history is just amazing

  5. beautiful photossss! wow. :"D i always wanted to visit Prague because of its rich culture, and architecture :)))

    xoxo, rae

  6. I love it! Wow it's definitely crowded there in the summer. The church in Old Town Square was probably my favourite building in Prague.

  7. churches and other religious buildings have some of the most interesting and detailed architecture. i love visiting them. and those segway rides are popular in washington dc as well. we see lots of people on them. :)

  8. Beautiful! I too am no believe, have never been and never will be. I let those who are happy believers continue being, I will not confront anyone unless they are confronting or hurting others! Its true, in europe you can't avoid these buildings, they've lasted centuries just like temples in asia, the forbidden palace etc! The photos are amazing!

  9. I'm intrigued to know the details that your tour guide gave you on the history of the Czech Republic! I love learning about the interesting tidbits of places I visit as well :)

  10. Wat een drukte! :o Ik zou echt gek worden!

  11. Ohhhh, prachtig! Wat mooi dat jullie ook zulk stralend weer hadden! Toen ik een aantal jaar terug was was het superbewolkt. Maar wauw, het blijft er uit zien als een sprookjesachtige stad! :o

  12. So interesting the mixing of architecture & religion on a same city, we don't have this in here were all cathedrals are catholic, so it's definitely something I admire :) Oh! and also your cute skirt! love your travelling outfit!


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