My beauty pack up + other necessaries


Tomorrow I’ll be leaving home and going on a cultural adventure in a unknown country with my family: Czech RepublicPrague!

In this post I’d like to share you my packing tips. Even we are only just gone for a week, a good preparation = a good start is a half the battle.

I’ve been also checking for some good hotspots via Tripadvisor and I’m already loving a couple: Lo Veg (vegan restaurant!) and Angelato Café (ice cream shop). I hope to set foot in both these places c:

Do you have any hotspots/recommendation for me? I’d love to hear!


Morgen verlaat ik het regenachtige kikkerlandje voor een cultureel avontuur in een onbekend land met mijn familie: Tsjechië – Praag, zoals jullie wellicht al weten!

In deze post wil ik graag met jullie mijn inpaktips delen. Ook al gaan we voor een weekje weg, een goede voorbereiding is het halve werk, zegt men wel eens.

Ook al gaan we via een reisorganisatie met vaste programma’s, ik ben wel op zoek naar een aantal goede hotspots via Tripadvisor, en die zijn er hoor: Lo Veg (veganistisch restaurant!) en Angelato Cafe (ijssalon). Ik heb er zin in!

Misschien heb jij leuke hotspots / aanbeveling(en) voor mij? Ik zou het graag horen!

My toiletries bag!

Love these sample containers from The Body Shop! I also use lens cases to store my creams and such. 

Yup, storing my day and night cream in these lens cases...

 Making a to-do list.

I decided to bring 1 bag and I've picked this backpack! Super convenient and back/shoulder friendly as well. A lot of you have asked where I got this leather backpack: wholesale // similar, similar

Good-to-know handy Czech Republic facts:

Czech Koruna (Kč)

€1.00 = 27.8874 Kč
$1.00  = 20.75 Kč
A$1.00 = 19.25 Kč
 the standard European non-grounded socket

Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC

 No matter if I only am gone for a weekend of a sleep over at a friend, plastic bags are life savers.

Useful Czech phrases (Google translate for pronouncement..)
Good morning
Dobrý den
Good evening
Dobrý večer
Good bye
Na shledanou
Excuse me
Thank you
Do you speak English?
Mluvíte anglicky, francouzsky?
I don't understand
How much does it cost?
Kolik to stojí?


  1. Heeel veel plezier! Wat een handig idee om je crèmetjes in lensenhouder te doen! En ik ben verliefd op je tas c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    Oh, I love your brown bag! Goes with everything, just what you need when travelling...

    Have a great day,

  3. Heel veel plezier! Fijne vakantie, geniet eravan! Ik kijk nu al uit naar je prachtige foto's ^_~

  4. Oh cool! Hope you have a great trip :)

    - Che

  5. Have the best time on your adventure! <3 xx

  6. You're so prepared! I usually pack the night of, end up packing some useless things, forget to pack some useful things, and then buy them when I arrive. And it was really clever of you to use lens containers for other things as well! Have fun! - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Prague is the best, have an amazing time! I actually wrote a small guide to Prague for Atlas Addict I haven't had a chance to link up on my blog yet: :)

  8. i'm so jealous right now you're going to have more subjects to photograph TT___TT can you teleport some of the awesome subjects for me to photograph lol
    it's funny whenever i realize how different we, females are when it comes to packing as compared to guys. guys have their stuff like all over the place. i don't know, maybe it's just my dad but i swear they're like "just stuff everything in one go!" while we're all "these need their own small bag and that one too" and we have toiletries bag, no doubt about that. when i pack, i'm probably less specific though not as random and whatever-ly done as guys haha but my mom, she's definitely very specific and her kind of packing always requires so many small extra containers haha

    i never thought of storing creams in lens cases! whoah, that's a good way to save luggage space. but wow lens cases are like so small and i always thought it won't be enough... maybe it will since i've never tried it before.
    your luggage seems, i mean it's not overloaded (which is good, obviously) but wow how do you do that haha... my luggage is always full because i tend to bring my hair straightener and dryer and then all the charges for my gadgets haha my luggage is full of cables :))

  9. I hope you have loads of fun! Wish I could give you tips, but looks like I will be reading yours :)
    For beauty items, it's such a pain because you can only have so many liquids and space, but I do love the samples you get when you buy products, or if you buy online and their doing a special travel sizes or mini-pack for purchases over whatever amount - those are so perfect for traveling if you get them. You mini bottle and things are so great :)

  10. Nice photos. I miss visiting your site. :)
    Btw, I gave a like to your facebook page.

    Bloglovin | Facebook

  11. so very excited for you! hope it'll be an unforgettable week in prague!

  12. I do the exact same things, great post! Looking fwd to seeing all Prague pictures!! :)


  13. I find that rolling up my clothes saves a lot of space when I'm traveling. c:
    I do the same thing with sample containers! >u<
    Have a safe and wonderful trip, Mei! Hope you make many happy memories!

  14. Aw your blog is so cute!
    Woo I've never been to Czech before! and omg that Vegan restaurant looks amazing, tell me how it is!

    ps. thanks for visiting my blog :))

  15. Safe travels and have a wonderful time!

  16. The smartest buggage that i've never seen!! I will steel for sure the idea to use contact lens case for my eye cream!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  17. So cute and smart! Hahaha I make a to-do list for literally everything ~

    xx, Chaereen | Bittersweet Peppermint

  18. Wauw dat van die kleine bakjes van de bodyshop is echt super handig! dat ga ik zeker ook doen :)
    Veel plezier in Tjechie!

  19. oh! an adventure! i really wanna visit prague some time! You should come to stockholm and I can bring you around!

  20. Very nice tips !


  21. Have a nice trip! :)

  22. I've once gone to Czech but I didn't prepare anything except my passport, luggage and handbag! You've got a brilliant idea to learn some czech words!


  23. OMG, your stuff are so cute! I'm following you now at BlogLovin & Pinterest & would love to have you follow me too :)
    Luxury Haven

  24. Have fun! I do the same thing with the contact lens case (I don't wear contacts, but I use my husband's).

  25. dat deed ik ook altijd, mijn crèmes in een lenzenpotje!

  26. How do you manage to make everything look pretty (even packing)? Have fun on your trip to Prague! I can't wait to see all your photos and to hear about your trip.

  27. Wow, you are ready to rock and roll, haha!! I love the lens' cases idea- it's perfect for a small road trip or a quick trip somewhere to save space! :) Plus, I totally need to get on to making a "to-do" list for my departure soon! Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip :) X

    Chic Nikkie


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