My new pink ears


If you have been following my Facebook, then you probably know about my newest purchase: a pink headphone set from Sony!
I’ve always wanted those large headphones.

Before I that, I use earphones but earphones are fragile as I treat them real rough by tossing and throwing around in my bag and everywhere.

And I was tired to keep buying these earphones every 3 months so I decided to invest in a better one.

Of course not a overpriced Dr. Dre Beats headphones (great bass though), but these Sony pink headphones! I love Sony. My current laptop is Sony! So I am expecting these babies to last long c:

What ear/headphones do you have?    

Als je mijn Facebook volgt, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk mijn nieuwste aankoop gespot, namelijk: mijn roze hoofdtelefoon van Sony!
Ik wilde altijd al zo’n grote koptelefoon hebben…

Voorheen gebruikte ik oordopjes maar oordopjes zijn kwetsbaar. En ik ben best wel ruw en niet zo lief voor oordopjes: ik prop en gooi ze in mijn tas en overal…

En ik was een beetje zat om steeds oordopjes om de 3 maanden te kopen. Dus ik heb besloten om een investering te doen in een wat betere instrument.

Natuurlijk niet in die peperdure Dr. Dre Beats koptelefoon, maar deze Sony roze koptelefoon! Ik hou van Sony. Mijn huidige laptop is Sony! Dus ik verwacht goeie luisterkwaliteit van een lange periode.

Wat voor oor / koptelefoon heb je?
Does people nowadays still using walkmans? I still have my mine and it's working!

The bass is nice but kind of the same with my previous 6 bucks earphones...

 The design is real nice obvious. As in comfort matter it's not bad as well! Even with my glasses on c: 


  1. The color is very cute! I'm pretty terrible with my headphones too haha. I'm not even sure how I got them, maybe they used to be my sister's :P

    xx becky // star-violet

  2. Love the color! I'm the same way with earphones. I always keep a second one around, because one side will always end up going out sooner or later :(

  3. I don't have any brand on these earphones I use.
    This place I used to "work" at had different merch and one of them was a pair of earphones.
    They're still doing me a lot of good. I've had them for a year now.
    I really like them, and I've tangled them up, stepped on 'em, so much
    And they're still here. I really love them.

  4. I am adding this on my list of things to buy and save up for they are so pretty on you!


  5. Those headphones are so pretty. I love the shade of pink they came in. I only have my iPhone headphones, I could use some new ones. Don't throw them in your bag like you did the previous ones! Lol. Hopefully they last longer. :P

  6. Oh, what a nice pair you got! I'm sure they'll last for a while!

    Have a fantastic day,

  7. Tegen mij hoef je geen u te zeggen hoor, haha... flauw :p
    Mijn koptelefoon van de Benetton is jammer genoeg spoorloos verdwenen... op een oorkussen na.
    Het wordt tijd voor een nieuwe!
    Deze ziet er zo leuk uit :D Hele leuke kleur en makkelijk te combineren ook!

  8. Aw they're so cute! I just use earphones cause they're easy to put away.

  9. They are looking super cute !


  10. i have these headphones in white but pink is my favourite colour so i absolutely adore these!
    amelia from wonder reads

  11. Nice!

    I prefer Sennheiser, quality is fine and price is good too. Although I am still wearing earbuds, not those in ears (I think that's dangerous when you are on your bike etc). I am looking for some headphones too though, I think they are great when you are travelling by plane!

  12. wat een zoet lief kleurtje! en het heeft trouwens ook een erg schoon design. Ik vind philips en sony erg fijn. Beats by dre zal ik nooit aanschaffen. Onnodig duur vind ik :s

  13. They look so darn cuuuute!! I use the earphones that came with my Iphone (I'm so original) lol but if I could get my hands on earphones with a great bass and aren't Dre beats I'll be over the moon!

  14. They look great on you! I recently got new headphones too! :)

  15. You cut your hair? Cute :)
    Love the color!

  16. Love these! I have a pair of noise-cancelling Shure earphones, and they work really well, but since they are noise-cancelling, you need to wrap them around your ear, which isn't the most convenient, and after awhile might get uncomfortable. Headphones are so much comfier! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  17. i love them. they are so cute. i've been wanting headsets like this! :)

  18. Very cute! Love your outfit too.

  19. Wow! They look fantastic! I still use the earphones but my daughter has a bright red pair and she loves it! Hope you are enjoying them

  20. the color is so adorableeee omg <3 this makes me want a new headphone too TvT (or one that's for gaming lol) my parents wouldn't allow me though because i rarely use my audio technica one ha hahaha..
    unlike you, i use earphones more than headphone because the latter tend to damage my hair LOL my hair goes flat and all ugly after using headphone for hours. for earphones, i've been using Apple's. this may sound biased but Apple earphones are still the best, despite me liking sony too (i love sony so much too i mean-- there's a reason my camera is sony and not canon :P ) i think Apple did a good job with their macbook's speaker, mic and earphones :) my sony earphones went dead faster than i thought it Apple ones, however, has survived washing machine more than twice now so yea haha


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