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Is it really August already? That makes me sad a bit because that means we have passed half 2014 for sure now. I hope you all are enjoying your summer break! Or winter break for the Aussies readers c:

August will be a nice month because me and my family are going on vacation! As mentioned before, we are going to Prague, and can’t wait to see the glory of this city! I’ve been checking for the hotspots recently andagain, I can’t wait to see this city.

Maybe you know a good hotspot in Prague? I’d love to know c:
I'm planning to do a VLOG about it as well!

Below are pictures that summarize July, enjoy!

Is het al echt augustus? Dat maakt me een beetje verdrietig, want dat betekent dat we nu zeker voorbij helft van 2014 zijn. Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal nog steeds aan het genieten ben van je zomervakantie! Of wintervakantie voor mijn Aussie lezers c:

Augustus wordt een mooie maand omdat ik en mijn familie op vakantie gaan! Zoals eerder vermeld, gaan we naar Praag toe, en ik kan niet wachten om de glorie van deze stad te bewonderen! Ik heb natuurlijk voor hotspots gekeken en ik heb er helemaal zin in!

Misschien ken jij een goede hotspot in Praag? Laat me dan weten!

Hieronder staan ​​foto’s die mijn juli samenvatten, veel kijk plezier dus!

Work In Progress. 

A huge dislike in the summer are really the bugs.... 

 Remember the post about my friend J. moving to a new place? There were things she didn't want to move with, so this Fatboy has a new owner! This is me in the train transporting it and lots of people gaved us weird look of course. 

 In the kitchen~

 Went to a dance festival with these 3 partygirls ;) 


  1. AHAHA, thanks for not forgetting your aussie Readers. I didn't think there were that many of us to be classed high enough to be mentioned. But thanks for the recognition nonetheless. And goodness, I hope you finish the WIP. Can't wait to see it completely, I can only imagine how beautiful it'd be!

  2. Veel plezier in Praag! Ik ben er zelf nog nooit geweest dus ik weet helaas geen tips, alleen dat het eten daar heel goedkoop is :P Dat uiltje is zo schattig! Zelfgemaakt? xx

  3. Het ziet er allemaal weer lekker uit! Door die foto van de fatboy moest ik nogal lachen, haha.
    Veel plezier alvast op vakantie!

  4. Sounds like August will be an exciting month for you, Mei! c:
    Prague is such a nice place to visit~ I've never been, but it's on my bucket list too!
    All the food photos are making me so hungry. *A* Everything looks so delicious!

  5. That's s funny that you transported that huge cushion on the subway! Was it hard to do so?

    Have fun in Prague! I heard the opera is really good there, if you want to get tickets or anything.

  6. Mmm het eten ziet er heerlijk uit, as always!
    Dat zebraprintje is echt gaaf man, gewaagd, maar heel leuk!

  7. Lovely photography and cute cute cutee owl ornament! My college mascot is an owl, so as a dedicated freshman I automatically like all things owl :) Have fun in Prague! - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. Ahh, I just love your posts, they always satiate my late night cravings for delectable looking dishes! ^_^

  9. Hope you enjoy your trip tp Prague!!!!

  10. You enjoy summer vacation!
    I have not gone to Prague. However, there seems to be very fun!


  11. Have a good time in Prague!! The vlog sounds great, can't wait to see what you come up to! :) I have never been there but I heard lots of nice things about it, I'll be waiting for your impressions. Love to see your July in pics.

  12. you will love Prague! it's a gorgeous city. I laughed at the photo of you with the giant beanbag/cushion thing -and i also want it! how cosy would it be to sit on it and read in the garden? x

  13. Al dat eten... *kwijl* Je fotografeert het ook allemaal zo mooi, het ziet er echt ongelofelijk lekker uit :-) Enneuh, je work in progress? Waauw!

  14. i'm so sad it's august because i'm getting older soon and we're so close to 2015 aka i'm so close to my 6th semester then my 7th which will be the death of me because internship >__< dang. it's happening too fast. i can't keep up.
    so jealous you're going to prague omg >A< and more chance to snap some good pictures too~ aaahhh so jealous

    lol that's actually a nice picture of the bug though. what is that bug though? it looks...creepy and is it plastered against your glass window or something? :o this may sound stupid but is there any cicadas there during summer? haha whenever it's summer i always think of cicadas, like in those japanese anime :P that a cronut sitting beside your mcdonalds? haha

    your pictures are always so clean and crisp *o* so lovely~

  15. your family vacation sounds wonderful! i hope you'll have a great time while there. can't wait to see your pictures when you get back and your vlog

  16. Ugh, I hate bugs during the summer time too. I am also in shock that it's already August. I haven't had summer break for well over 5 years, but I still miss it. Have fun with your family in Prague! :)

  17. wow,going to prague? cool..please snap more photos..would love to see how prague look like.

    xo josephine c.

  18. Your pictures are looking super cool !


  19. Wat lekker dat je naar Praag gaat, ik hoor altijd zulke leuke dingen over de stad! En die rok met die zebra's is echt tof c: ! Alvast heel veel plezier in Praag!
    Liefs, Tessa

  20. I love how tasty everything looks. A day filled with yummy foods is definitely something I'm into!

  21. can't wait for some posts or vlog form your trip to Prague :) I always wanted to go there but actually never did :(

  22. Such nice pictures! I love the face you are pulling in the train. It's like, "what ya lookin' at??"

  23. Aww that owl stuffing is soooo adorable. :) I like that photo of you in the train haha. It's so funny! All the food pics look so good. :D I keep forgetting you're a pescetarian like me bahah.

  24. Noodles and bread - girl keep posting pics of food because it's almost as good as getting to eat it


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