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I exercise so I can eat like a pig, ha. And my form of exercise nowadays is: yoga. And you might think how can yoga make you sweaty?

Don’t underestimate the easylooking poses because yoga makes you work real hard. Especially in the summer, I sweat like a baboon. The first week of yoga made all my muscles in my body burn and torn up!

Now half year later still yoga'ing, my body feels amazingly balanced, strong and flexible. Therefore a little reward with yummy maybe a bit bad food every now and then is no problemo c:

Ik sport zodat ik mag eten wat ik wil en hartje begeert. En de  lichaamsbeweging dat ik doe, is: yoga. En je zou denken hoe kan yoga je uit de naad werken?

Onderschat niet de zweverig uitziende bewegingen binnen yoga, want yoga maakt je kapot! Maar wel op een goede manier. De eerste uitprobeer week stonden mijn spieren lekker onder vuur.

Nu, een half jaar later, mijn lichaam voelt ongelooflijk in balans, sterk en flexibel. Daarom is een kleine beloning met lekkere en misschien foute dingen zo nu en dan geen problemo c:

Only 4 inside :c

Pasta and rocket salad, yum!

I thought it was strange to see chips packed twice, and when I finished the chips (which was YUM) I saw this powder sachet... 
Apparently you have to toss the chips + this powder into the bag and shake it real well until everything is combined. 
And then you may eat. Sigh.

My kind of savory snack plate!

Do you workout? 


  1. Yoga is actually really difficult! I tried it a few times in anatomy class with my teacher and the whole class was sweating from all the hard work. A few of us were even sore the next day.

    Those unagi chips look so good! I would love to try those.

  2. Omnomnom~ Everything looks so yummy! *A*
    How long do you usually do yoga for? Do you follow a video online? >u< I've been meaning to start yoga as well, but I don't really know where to start! *A*

  3. The Unagi crisps look very interesting! Ik ga het een keer kopen :)

  4. Cool pictures ! Everything is looking cool !


  5. Die unagi kabayaki chips ken ik, hahaha! En ik had precies hetzelfde, nouja, nadat ik de helft leeg had. :p Maar ik vond het zowel met als zonder lekker haha!

  6. Ik sport meestal 5 keer in de week en ik houuuuu van eten, haha! Wat een fijne foto's!

  7. Hahaha, I was super good about working out my abs yesterday and I ate pretty healthy today. It's just too bad I'll start slacking off sooner or later :P The dark chocolate ginger sounds amaaaazing!

    xx becky // star-violet

  8. i like the fin carre dark chocolate with cranberries very much, the ginger one looks very interesting, maybe i will try it one day ;)
    do you go to a yoga course or do you do it by videos? if so can you recommend any videos? i would like to start yoga :)

  9. I try to do yoga although I haven't in a little while now which is a shame. You always eat such yummy things!

  10. I've never tried yoga myself. Wow those are massive prawn crackers haha.

  11. Omg is that a giant prawn cracker?! I must find it!

  12. I have a hunch you might like Eat Your Kimchi and then especially the FAPFAP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMtDePlMyiqv2XC_ByNEVQ :]

  13. i keep meaning to take up yoga cuz i feel so stiff all the time! i got this 90s how-to book that has really good photos in !

    i thought that prawn cracker was a slice of pineapple what a funny shape lol

  14. Hey, I just watched your 30 random facts about you on youtube. I loved it! I've been reading your blog for a long time and honestly love it! I didn't know you've got a youtube channel till now! Keep it going :)

    Also I am trying to be a little bit healthier and started to try out yoga and pilates and am really enjoying it! :)

  15. Ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit! Ik heb zelf heel lang Body Balance gedaan, combinatie van yoga, pilates en tai chi, het was super leuk. Helaas heb ik nu minder tijd, maar over een week ga ik toch weer beginnen op vakantie :)

  16. The crackers on the last photo look so yummy... x

  17. i tried yoga many years and it was just so hard for me to keep up with. it's definitely hard and need a lot of focused concentration. and that pasta salad looks so so good. i've been having a lot of them during these hot summer days.

  18. Looks yum! I wonder how the unagi chips would have tasted like.

  19. mmm, these snacks look so good!! After swim season ended in January, I basically stopped exercising. During the last few months of school I decided to do yoga and pilates with a friend (an hour each, consecutive sessions, once a week), which was really great! I also felt sore, but it was great!! We were doing this at school though, so we haven't been exercising over summer break. I start college in 14 days, and I'm hoping to join a yoga club! - Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  20. Unagi chips! Dani should never know about them or he'll become obsessed! hahahahahhahhaa :) Were the chips still tasting like unagi without the dressing?

  21. unagi crisps?? never seen such a thing! i wish i had the patience for yoga - i've tried it out a few times and liked it, but not enough to continue with it. running is my exercise and although i need to do more toning/muscle building exercises, it's enough for me for the moment! x


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