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After day 1 in Prague, I know Prague and perhaps maybe the entire country is living off of tourism. The amount of tourism which I’m a part of is incredible. That’s why it is important that you shop and eat clever!

After my own experience, it is advised not to pay in euro’s because people will charge you double or even more (happened to me) if you pay in euro’s. I won’t say it’s a 100% scamming because Czech Republic is not a member of the EU and this kind of happens in other big touristy cities all over the world as well.

 If you are blessed with an EU debitcard like I do, use it with any ATM to withdraw cash. It is the most safest and fairest way to get the right amount of money. So skip those money exchange services because they are nothing but moneywolfs.

And last but not least: haggling.  

To haggle at souvenirs shops and market stands are a must in Prague.
Tell me, can you put on a pokerface and say I’ll pay it if only it’s for 50% off? I can’t. Because guilt is biting me. My dad on the other hand has no problem with that at all and he is a true champion at haggling because I got one pair crystal earring for free! More of that soon! So you see, I usually let papa do the (dirty) work c:

Na dag 1 in Praag, weet ik dat Praag en wellicht heel het land haar brood verdient door toerisme. De hoeveelheid van het toerisme, waar ik uiteraard een onderdeel van geweest ben, is ongelooflijk. Daarom is het belangrijk dat je slim winkelt en eet!

Na mijn eigen ervaring, is het raadzaam niet te betalen in euro's omdat mensen het dubbele of zelfs meer rekent (is mij overkomen) als je betaalt in euro's. Ik zal niet zeggen dat het een 100% oplichting is. Tsjechië is namelijk geen lid van de EU en dit soort ‘afrekeningen’ gebeuren ook in andere grote steden over de hele wereld.

Als je gezegend bent met een EU-debitcard zoals ik, kun je geld pinnen bij de meeste geldautomaten! Hiephoi! Het is ook de veiligste en meest eerlijke manier om de juiste hoeveelheid geld te krijgen. Dus sla over die geld inwissel kantoren want die zijn sluw en zeker niet dom.

Last but not least: afdingen.

Afdingen bij souvenirs winkels en marktkramen is een must in Praag.
Vertel me eerlijk, kan jij afdingen met een gerust hart? Ik niet, want schuldgevoel knaagt in me. Mijn vader aan de andere kant heeft daarin geen problemen mee, en hij is een ware kampioen in. Hij heeft dan ook voor elkaar gekregen een paar kristallen oorbellen gratis uit die arme man weten te krijgen! Als het op afdingen komt laat ik mijn papa het ​​(vuile) werk doen c:

I've chosen for a more healthier option breakfast after my first one where I had cake, eggs, and buns and more eggs and cake... I like the fact the hotel provides nice fresh fruits!

Being blown away by this mighty city view from up hill. Sorry for the badly taken panorama picture... 

Sorry for looking so tired.

 Spotted this real cute looking shop where the main theme are cats! 


  1. I am probably The Worst at haggling as well :)

  2. Prague is definitely so pretty. I am terrible at haggling and feel guilty too, even if it is part of the culture. I guess it depends on what you are used to. My parents are comfortable with it since they are from Hong Kong, but being raised in Australia where it doesn't happen, I guess it's not ingrained in me.

    Gorgeous photos as always. :)

  3. the fact that haggling is needed in prague reflects how it's intensely needed in china. god knows how i hate dealing with citizens of china especially when it comes to haggling because them sellers end up scolding us buyers because we're opting for a lower price. wth, really. and don't even start on how rude they are just generally. geez. it makes my blood boil every time i remember how trading works in china.

    i remember this one time when i wanted to buy a pair of cool kicks in china and my mother bargained with the seller and she end up sort of yelling at us especially after i asked her for a different size. i end up not buying the shoes though because i was so sick of the seller that i pulled my mom away, saying that we can find some place else that doesn't make me wanna rip the chinese woman's face off. sigh. (a bonus for me because the chinese woman actually knew that i was pissed with her)

    thanks to my experience with markets in china, i can haggle though not as professionally as my parents lol. i'm more of a "if you can't give me lower price, fine i'll go away" person.

    i love hotels that provide muesli for breakfast! :) usually, only high end hotels offer that haha like 5 stars hotels or something. (then again obviously a 5 stars hotel would offer good variety of breakfast selections)

    lovely photographs as per usual :) prague looks amazing, exclude the haggling. i have a feeling haggling doesn't really involve lots of anger issue though unlike in china, yeah? hmm... i'm not so familiar with the behavior of prague citizens so...

  4. Oh my goodness, it looks like you had so much fun! I'm exactly the same when it comes to haggling haha, I have a guilty conscience so it never works...

  5. How good is that view? Haha I'm too embarassed to haggle but my parents have no shame.

  6. Beautiful view and flower :D


  7. Your pictures are so lovely !


  8. Nice photos! Waiting for the part 3! x))


  9. Nice sights again! :]
    Haggling... Hm, sometimes I can have quite a pokerface ^^"

  10. Hahaha ooohh, afdingen blijft echt een dingetje...ik ben er zo slecht in. :p Praag is zo mooi, je hebt een paar prachtige foto's genomen zeg. Die "katten galerie" ziet er zo cute uit haha!

  11. Yaay I can't believe you took more than 1000 pictures during your stay in Prague!♥ That's so cool!:D the photos are truly beautiful!♥ And even though I love my hometown, I know that some Czechs can be very rude and when haggling:(


  12. that picture from up top where all the roof of the buildings and houses are the same color - i love that one :)

  13. Such a beautiful place! Love the paintings and picture of your tea!

  14. i feel so guilty when i'm haggling as well! i don't know how to do it
    i want to go back to europe and explore more cities now. prague looks amazing
    and you look amazing as well mei! love the outfit. so fresh :)

  15. Great place and your trip :) cool photos on your blog :)

  16. I really must visit Prague. It's so beautiful!


  17. All the photos are amazing!!!
    Such a beautiful place that is!!!

    Thanks for the comment, dear!
    Keep in touch!!



  18. Beautiful photographs! I love your outfit :) xx

  19. Haha ik durf ook nooit af te dingen, gelukkig doet je vader dat! En dat hij er ook een kampioen in is helemaal fijn! Wat zijn je foto's weer supermooi! C:
    Liefs, Tessa

  20. So pretty! Love the views of the city with all the red-orange from the roofs popping altogether with the mint ones. A kitty store! That's a really good find :)

  21. beautiful, beautiful! don't worry, i suck at haggling too. E tells me that I am the worst businesswoman ever haha :) your snapshots of Prague are gorgeous and belong in a travel magazine! x

  22. Such stunning visuals! I love visiting old towns where the buildings have heaps of personality!

    Chloé⎪à la foliee


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