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Another Monday, another post and I’d like to start off the week with (another) tale of me in Prague.

But first: thanks for all the positive thumbs up for my upcoming job interview, I’m excited!

So in Prague I sort of met the royalties which is strange because Czech Republic is a country with no longer a monarch. Yet we kind of experienced the closest thing to
 ‘blue blood’ as me and my crowd were standing in- and outside the royal palace, cheering and applauding the guards. Yes guards, lol!

And these guards sure has fans because the crowd is massive!

After this whole parade and being starstriked by guards, we went to have a drink, stroll around the park near the royal palace, gaze at the astonish city view and ate horrible Chinese as supper.


Een andere maandag, een andere post en ik begin deze week met de avonturen van mijn in Praag! Alweer.

Maar eerst: bedankt voor jullie lieve aanmoedigingen voor de aanstaande sollicitatiegesprek! Spannend!

In Praag stond ik oog in oog met de royalty’s en dat is een beetje raar want Tjechië is allang geen land meer met monarchie. Toch was dit de meest ‘close-call’ ervaring met blauw bloed want ik en samen met mijn clubje stonden voor en in het toenmalige koninklijke paleis. En wat deden we daar? Juist, de koninklijke wachters/bewakers toe juichen, lol!

En deze bewakers hadden zeker fans, want de menigte is enorm!

Na deze hele parade, gingen we een drankje doen, een wandeling rond het park in de buurt van het koninklijk paleis, een blik werpen op de beeldschone uitzicht op de stad en we aten onder de maat Chinees als avondmaaltijd.
This must feel like when you are outside waiting for you celebrity crush to come. Join the paparazzi!  

I am not 100% sure what's all the bells and whistles about, but all I saw was guards marching? Oh well. 

 Pod Mostem means: under the bridge. Here I have a glass of apple juice. 

We didn't order anything to eat unfortunate, due the lack of time. And the service was a bit clumsy as well (receiving wrong juices twice).

 After having our juices in our belly, outside there is the famous padlock couple bridge! 

 Then it was time for dinner! We decided to try out this Chinese that was near our hotel. The food was bléh :c

Chilling in the hotel!

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  1. 1019 pictures. WOWZA!!! That's A-LOT. Mind you I'd probably take just as much. Such a gorgeous place! You're lucky to live so close to so many countries. Canada is so big... and so is the US... you can't go very far unless you have A LOT of time on your hands. So glad my parents made me travel overseas in my teens, otherwise I never would of had the chance. I've never been to Prague. I'd love to see that padlock bridge, did you put one on it just for fun?

  2. Wat leuk dat je dit weer hebt gedeeld ^^ Bij de foto's vind je zoals altijd wel yummy food tussen. Wel jammer dat het onder de maat was. Was noodlesoup met (denk ik) tofu of ei zo slecht? :(

  3. Love your adventures! I love all of your photos! Also, I really love your outfit in the first photo, very lovely! ♥ And that's too bad the food you had before heading home was not good. :/

  4. Wat leuk allemaal zeg! En mooie rok had je aan xx

  5. Your Prague adventures were amazing. Must've been so great to take everything in. Including the food :)

  6. Super foto's, en wat gaaf dat je zoiets heb mee mogen maken met de Royals. Toch iets bijzonders :)
    De tweede foto's van alle slotjes aan de brug is mijn favoriet!

  7. Hele mooie foto's, super kwaliteit!

  8. Prague is one of the many cities I've wanted to visit for ages! And your pictures look really interesting :) Looks like you had a nice time ;)

  9. Wat een mooie foto's! Praag lijkt me zo'n mooie stad. Jammer dat het eten tegenviel, het ziet er stiekem wel erg lekker uit xx

  10. Oh my gosh I'm so obsessed with your skirt!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  11. woooh! meeting with the blue bloods~ aristocracy eh ;) impressive!
    LOL at your caption about waiting for celebrity to come out.. except those people are probably too grim and stern looking to wave back and look at the flashes of phone cameras haha

    i'm drooling over the apple juice... i'm turning really thirsty all of a sudden x__x
    i've always liked the idea of the padlock bridge. i wish i can visit the place on my own someday.. it'd be cool to put a lock of myself there -- is everyone allowed to do so though? or is it just there for the eyes to catch?

    sorry to hear the chinese food sucks :(
    if i were you, i don't think i'd go for chinese delicacy in prague... heck, i don't even like going for chinese food in indonesia even though there are lots of em. none of them is awesome, to be honest; all so mediocre. as much as i hate going to china, it's still the best place to enjoy chinese delicacy (hong kong included, of course)... though it's really scary because chinese eat anything and everything that moves; including sandworms and beetles and scorpions... ewww -__-

    your hotel bed looks comfy! when i went to china last year, the hotel bed was so bad..it's hard and it made every bone in me sore ugh good thing they have renovated and i slept good last week (just got home, eh)

    i had wanted to bring my laptop with me during traveling but meh, china kind of blocks everything (google, twitter, youtube, etc) so it's really useless... i had to rely on VPN apps to access blocked sites. what a bummer.

    anyway, awesome photographs as always :D

  12. Ik blijf het herhalen: Wat een prachtige stad!
    Dat Chinees eten ziet er inderdaad niet al te kunstig uit, maar hee, geen enkel Europees land kan toppen aan ons Chinees eten he :p x


  13. Ik vind de rok die je aan hebt in de bovenste foto echt geweldig. En het is zo jammer hoe Chinees eten in sommige restaurants gewoon niet echt...lekker zijn? Begrijp me niet verkeerd, ik vind "echt" Chinees eten fantastisch, maar in sommige restaurants valt het zo tegen :(

  14. Love to see another chapter of your Prague adventures! I've been a couple times to London but never seen the change of guard, maybe it is something similar to the one in the Royal Palace in Prague? It must be fun to experience, I laughed with your paparazzi comment. Your skirt is so so cute, and do I peek a camera necklace as well? ;)

  15. its really nice to see a polish name "Pod Mostem" in Prague on your blog! i was surprised about that :D
    Amazing views are there... :)


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