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It’s already officially September and I’ve been feeling strange lately. Not really in a bad way, don’t worry but usually around this time of the year: I go to school. I go prepare myself for the schoolstress and deadlines with heavy coffee in my hand.

Since I’m graduated this year, all of this is gone. Which is nice! But I also feel kind of ‘old’ or maybe the word old is not the right word. I don’t know but I sure feel ready.

Recently I have been sending lots of resume to possible companies (thanks for your previous encouragement!!) and I got my first job interview in the very next week! I’m very excited and hopefully I’ll receive good news c:


Het is al officieel september en ik voel me een beetje vreemd. Niet echt op een slechte manier, maak je geen zorgen, maar meestal rond deze tijd van het jaar: ga ik namelijk naar school. Ik zit me zorgen te maken en zit me voor te bereiden op de schoolstress met zware koffie in mijn hand.

Sinds ik dit jaar afgestudeerd ben, is dit school gevoel verdwenen. Best wel een ‘bevrijdigend’ gevoel maar ik voel me ook een beetje een soort van 'oud' of misschien is het woord oud is niet het juiste woord. Ik weet het niet. Maar ik voel dat ik er klaar voor ben.

Laatste tijd ben ik bezig met het verzenden van veel CV naar mogelijke instellingen (bedankt voor uw vorige aanmoedigingen!!) en tot nu toe heb ik alweer mijn eerste sollicitatiegesprek in de planning staan volgende week! Spannend! Ik ben positief en hopelijk zal ik goede nieuws ontvangen c:

Tomatoes out of our yard c:

 I've received soooooo many lovely comments about my DIY eye patches! Thank you for that guys!!
 Some of you wondered if they are re-usable. And from what I can tell from my experience: not really. They shrink as you can see in the picture :c

My way of enjoying sweets without gaining weight c: more? This way please!

Here my dad made a comment: "look! it's a turtle don't you think?"

And here my papa caught a dragonfly!

Again, homemade panna cotta with jelly c: recipe is right here!

One of my recent DIY's! More? This way please!

I thought the silhouette of the trees and leafs outside was sketchworthy c: 


  1. Ik snap je gevoel eigenlijk best wel! Heel veel succes alvast met je sollicitatie! Die tekening is echt supermooi en oeh ik zie weer allemaal lekker eten c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. So inspired by your polka dots skirt ,,, xoxo


    Am sharing my wedding gown for the first time on my blog
    come & drop me some love ,,

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  3. Your photos are so fun with the food, DIY and random other ones! Hope you hit the jackpot wit your CV send outs!

  4. Good luck for your interview! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of job are you looking for?

  5. Good luck on the interview! The advice, I would tell you, is just to be yourself. :)

  6. photographs really do tell stories.
    love this post!

    Ms. Kei

  7. Best of luck with your job interview! I'm sure you'll do an amazing job. I feel like you're good at everything (sketching, interviewing, DIYs, etc.), so I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  8. Hey hey! No need to be feeling old! Don't worry, I had that feeling when I got my first big job. But my Aunt always says, you're as young as you wanna be :)

  9. Good luck on your interview! I'm doing my final project now, wish I can graduate soon :'D
    Love your suspender skirt, so cute! The food looks delicious too...

  10. Good luck! That green drink looks delicious :) and I love that outfit with the polka-dotted skirt and purple top. PS: Your dad is incredibly skilled to have caught a dragonfly!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  11. I wish you all the best for your interviews that are to come!

    Have a great weekend,

  12. Oooh look at those sketches! :-O And that dragonfly your dad caught? Very cool!

  13. Good luck with your interview! Love your polkadot skirt + suspenders.

  14. I get lost in your blog posts. So marvellous.

  15. Oh good luck with your interviews. I think when you leave university and get into real life is a bit of a shock. Love the DIYS by the way and your sketches are just lovely.

  16. Awww you look so cute in that polka dot pinafore (loving the red lips as well)! Crossing fingers for your interview! Hahaha, your dad's turtle gif is so much fun. xx

  17. Heel veel succes met je sollicitatie! Je kan het! :D

  18. Good luck on your interview! The piece of ginger (or potato?) does look like a turtle indeed, haha!

    xx becky // star violet

  19. Best of luck with your interview!

  20. September has always been a month when I feel so weird! But this year, the transition has actually been ok. Best wishes to you on your interview!


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