Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer

(how nice is this quote)

It is no secret that Prague is full of hidden alleys, charming buildings and a treasure of history. Being a leisure tourist that I was, I fully enjoy every inch of them.
And totally went overboard with taking pictures so I’ll keep it short and let the pictures tell the journey of mine!

Het is geen geheim dat Praag vol van verborgen steegjes, mooie gebouwen en een schat aan geschiedenis bezitten. Ik als een ware toerist en fan van oude dingen, genoot er met volle teugen van.
Daarbij horen foto’s nemen absoluut bij dus ik zal daarom kort houden en laat de foto’s jullie de reis vertellen!

All these baby looking tiles! Wow!

 Inside this Wallenstein Palace garden, there was this not so ordinary owl cage. It's also called 'The Grotto of Dripstone Wall'. 

 Me conquering these 200 steps.

 At one of the windows, I spotted these cute looking decors: flowers and bells! 

 During my Prague city trip I've noticed the large amount of graffiti on walls and buildings which is really a shame. 
 It it so narrow that a traffic light is a must because 2 bodies would not sidetrack successfully. 

 A 'Kürtőskalács'
Don't ask how to pronounce but this grilled sugared bread roll is DELISH! Popular around the mid Europe. 

Thanks for reading my mini tag and thanks for your (again) sweet comments! I'll share the 'secret' of that picture c:


  1. Those owl things are amazing!

    The smallest street in Prague: why, because somebody hated fat people! :p
    No two way traffic either :p

  2. Hahaha a traffic light to walk down a street. I agree about the graffiti! In some places, it's whatever, but on old buildings and down what looks like a quaint little street? Eurgh no. Restrain yourselves, graffitti people! And YES, that quote is so true and I've found myself with a sudden urge to travel recently that I've never had before.

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. Prague is so pretty, I could totally understand why you have so many pictures! It's cute that the narrowest street has a traffic sign, haha~

    xx becky // star violet

  4. Good morning,
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful amazing photos. I totally agree with you... travelling is definitely good for the soul. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I agree with your statement. I've heard and seen of people who earn a lot of money but can't save enough to pay for their bus fare home or to pay for a short holiday because they spend it on big ticket items like a designer bag or lots of meals out during a regular work week! I know many of us strive to becoming big earners eventually but I'm very happy spending my money on traveling! That's truly enriching!

  6. Die quote is echt helemaal waar! En wat ziet Praag er super mooi uit zeg c: ik hou van reizen!
    Liefs, Tessa

  7. LOL that narrow street! I totally didn't come across that when I visited... LOVE how it has to have a traffic light.

  8. These pictures are so gorgeous ! Love your outfit too !


  9. Wow, that Wallenstein Palace garden wall is so interesting! :) I agree about the graffiti here, I love street art but these are only random names doodles on the wall. Hahah so funny the street light in the narrowest street! and I'm like a broken record but you look cute as a button in this skirt!

  10. I love how beautiful and ornate everything is in Prague! And the traffic light for the narrow street, I've never seen anything like that before! How neat!

  11. The owl cage is so interesting! I've never seen anything like it!! Were there actual owls inside?

  12. Beautiful photos!♥ Wallenstein Gardens are defintiely one of my favourite monuments!:) and I looove your outfit! the mustard skirt is so stylish!:)

  13. i can't denied prague is such a pretty country!! and this is my first time knowing such a narrow staircase exist in the world.thanks for showing to me..though i'm not going but through photos i felt i had being there,at least in my imagination :)

    xo josephine c.

  14. Your travel photos never cease to amaze me! That alley way with the traffic light is so cool!!
    I agree with your statements about graffiti too, Street art is one thing but just tagging on beautiful and historic structures, that's a no no!

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

  15. Absolutely in love with your post title! I've been running into the fun and inspiring travel quotes a lot lately. A lot of good vibes from your photos, such a beautiful place Prague is :)

  16. A picture is worth a thousand words! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  17. Love all the photos! It looks beyond beautiful and I hope to be able to see all of that for myself one day.

    The narrow street is pretty funny actually. And the fact that they had to put in a traffic light makes it even better!

  18. i love the flowers and bells and that narrow narrow alley way!


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