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How was your weekend? Mine was nice with a sad tail. “Why :o ?!” you may ask. Well!
I saw one of saddest movie ever in my entire life called: ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ and some certain scenes inside this movie has really grabbed me throughout the weekend.

 It’s an animation movie by Ghibli studio (Spirited Away!) and the movie is about a brother and his younger sister during the WW2 in Japan. It’s not a warm movie as you are used to from the Ghibli studio, yet I’d still recommend this movie because the storyline is really good with great animation and it moves you (get ready for sweaty tears) and perhaps it’s an eye opener as well.

So that was my sad tail of the weekend.

A more brighter side as you some of you might know I had a job interview last week and this week I’ll be having my first try-out! Pretty excited and I hope I will do well c:


Hoe was je weekend? De mijne was fijn met een triest staart. "Hoezo :o ?!" kun je je afvragen. Nou!
Ik zag namelijk een van de droevigste film ooit in mijn hele leven, genaamd: ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ en sommige bepaalde scènes in deze film heeft me echt gegrepen.  

Het is een animatie film van de studio Ghibli (Spirited Away!) En de film gaat over een broer en zijn jongere zus tijdens de WW2 in Japan.
Het is helaas geen warme familiefilm zoals je gewend bent van de Ghibli studio, maar ik zou je toch aanraden deze film, want het verhaal is keigoed met mooi gedetailleerde animatie en het raakt je (wees voorbereid voor de waterwerken) en misschien brengt deze film je een andere kijk op.

Dus dat was mijn trieste staart.

Aan de andere en wat helderder kant: jullie weten waarschijnlijk dat ik vorig week een sollicitatiegesprek in de planning had en deze week mag ik komen proefdraaien!  Ben zeer enthousiast en hopelijk wordt het een goede leerzame dag c:
This cute tinned candy box is from the movie 'Grave of the Fireflies'. One of the saddest animations ever!

   hooked on instant ramen lately.. 
If you are a Instagram follower of mine, then you probably know I've made some delicious steamed custard buns (lai wong bao) lately c: Recipe here

This has to be the snack of the month, a Twix white! So good too good... 

So how was your weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness! That movie is officially the saddest movie ever. I watched it when I was a child (probably when I was 8-9) and it was scarring and probably inadvertently affected me. The scene with the relatives (was it their aunt?) and the dinnertime really made me sad too. Just so much sadness, especially the end :(

    I can't believe you found the actual candies! I've seen the similar ones, but not the exact one. Everytime I see your custard buns, I start having cravings for them. Looks so yum

    Goodluck with your trial!

    My weekend was pretty uneventful. I work the entire weekend at my retail casual job, so nothing much to talk about there.


  2. Oh I am Ghibli obsessed! I think I've watched Spirited Away 8839 times. Grave of the Fireflies was so sad! I made my brother watch it and he said it was alright, he was annoyed with the sister, and I hear that opinion a lot from other people who watched it too. Oh well! Hope to hear from good news :)

  3. Noodles... dayum :3
    ik ben echt verslaafd hahaa, maar heb het gelukkig niet al te vaak.
    Mijn weekend was vol huiswerk, maar heb gelukkig wel iets met mn vrienden kunnen doen!

    x Jessy

  4. Wow! Where did you purchase the drops? So neat! That movie is one of my mom's favorite movies, believe it or not. We used to watch it every few months when I was growing up.

  5. It looks super delicious !


  6. oh i remember that animation. i saw it such a long time ago and it was terribly sad to see... the effects of war on children is such a sad sad result.. xx there is a candy shop in washington dc's chinatown that i happened upon and had lots of candies, of course, but also from japan as well. it made me think of you :)

  7. haha ik doe altijd ei in mijn noodles, en je blikje is super cute en vintage. Ik neem aan dat je het niet van hier hebt gehaald :''(

  8. Argh, that movie is *really* sad...I don't know a single person who *didn'* cry watching it :( Another movie along the same lines is Barefoot Gen, though it was so sad and graphic that I never actually finished watching it '___';

  9. I haven't seen that movie but I should probably check it out. All of those snacks look delicious!

  10. Grave of the Fireflies is indeed such a sad film - I first watched it when I was 13/14 years old so it is such a throwback.
    & I love lai wong bao too. It looks delicious!

  11. That soft boiled egg, noodles & veggie such comfort food!!!

  12. Witte twix :3
    Gefeliciteerd met de try out!

    Ik heb de film klaar staan om te kijken, maar ik weet niet of ik er zo'n zin in heb, van alles wat ik gehoord heb ^^"

  13. Een witte twix :o. Die ken ik helemaal niet. Waar kan je die kopen?

  14. So jealous right now ahah, lovely food!
    Good luck on your try out.

  15. Steamed custard buns are MY FAVOURITE - NOM. Best of luck in your trial run :)

  16. I haven't watched Grave of the fireflies yet. But now you have gotten me curious!

  17. Ahhhh Awesome foods! I would love to steal that bowl of noodles! Sorry to hear that the show was sooo sad, but I'm sure you enjoyed it! I've just been chilling, relaxing and hitting some parts of town to do some personal shopping!

  18. Oh, the food looks delicious. I am so excited to see a white twix. I want to get it so bad right now!!

  19. I haven't watched Graved of the Fireflies, but the tin is certainly a cutie! I need to find a day to watch the movie, I can't deal with sad movies any day, I need to plan ahead, ha! white cholocate twix, ohmy! love both white chocolate & twix, together sound too good to be true :)

  20. I hate sad movies so I will not be watching that haha... congrats on getting the trial, good luck with it!

  21. Gefeliciteerd met het nieuws over die sollicitatie, ik hoop dat het goed gaat/ging en leuk is/was! - Grave of the Fireflies vond ik een prachtige, prachtige film. Maar inderdaad tranen met tuiten haha. Ik heb deze week die nieuwe van Isao Takahata gezien (die ook Grave of the Fireflies heeft gemaakt) en is werkelijk prachtig! (The Tale of Princess Kaguya) Denk dat je die ook wel mooi zal vinden!

  22. That's one of my favourite movies, but it's so sad. ;_; I found some sweets like that a while ago too, but now the store doesn't have them any more. D:

  23. Steamed custard buns were my childhood! In Chinese, we call it Nai Huang Bao :) AND OMG I LOVE HAYAO MIYAZAKI / STUDIO GHIBLI!! My favorite animation of all (by him/them) is Princess Mononoke, but my best friend's favorite is Howl's Moving Castle. I've wanted to watch Grave of the Fireflies for forever, but my friends never want to watch it with me, because they know that it's really sad and they don't want to be sad. I should probably just watch it myself sometime soon :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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