Yarnfood Saturday


These buns are my newest Yarnfood members! I've only made half of these buns with filling of: lotus paste and custard.
Which one is your favorite c:

 Apart looking delicious and fluffy, I think these will be great toys for kids and perhaps for adults as well don’t you think? Steamed buns are one of my favourite food/dimsum and I’m planning to crochet more dimsum foods c:

Do you like steamed buns? 


Deze bapao’s zijn mijn nieuwste Yarnfood leden! Ik heb alleen halfjes van de bapao's gemaakt met vulling: lotus pasta en custard! Welke heb jij het liefst? c:

Ik denk dat deze bapao’s leuk speelgoed kunnen betekenen voor kinderen en wellicht ook voor volwassenen denk je niet? Althans decoratie. Bapao’s zijn een van mijn favoriete dimsum en ik ben van plan om meer dimsum te haken c:

Eet jij weleens dimsum?
Close enough? Mine kind of looked like a boiled egg :P 

It's actually a steamed lotus paste bun. But you can see it as a steamed pork bun.

 Having an idea of attaching velcro straps to it. 

Also a new scissor!
Thank you A. c:  


  1. Leuk die schaar. Waar die vandaan?

  2. This is looking so adorable !


  3. I love steamed buns - these are so cute

  4. Damn freaking adorable!! I love how you made two halves like that an the last gif is just soooo adorable!

  5. Cute scissors, and buns! I looove the yellow buns - forgot what they were called haha. I'll have to buy some the next time I go grocery shopping!

    xx becky // star violet

  6. Those scissors are gorgeous! Would you consider adding dango to your collection of Yarnfoods? :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Yarnfood! Love it! I really am craving some vegetarian dim sum right now.

  8. Cute scissors!


  9. I love seeing your crochet creations! This is so cute! Now I want to eat lai wong bao xP

  10. So so so cute Mei! They would make adorable toys as well, I agree! and those scissors are wonderful.

  11. i love them! and they would totally make great toys for kids!

  12. Yum that looks really good actually. I haven't had one of those custard buns in ages!


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