Another Czech Republic journey // Konopiště Castle


Another post about my summer holiday in Czech Republic and this time I’m gonna take you guys to ‘Konopiště castle’ which used belongs to Franz Ferdinand – the former prince. Him being killed lead to WW1 and that’s all you need to know from me.

On our early morning after a quick breakfast we went to see his glorious castle just a little bit outside Prague. I remember how cold it was and I was also bare legged… The beautiful scenery around the castle made this cold morning ​ up happily, and the way to the castle involved a lot of climbing which warmed up my leg muscles as well.

Once arrived, we had to pay a fee of 11 bucks to join an hour tour guild through his house. Sadly pictures weren’t allowed to take - so I’d like to describe the inside with a few key words: old, colourful and dark. It was dark because on every inch of the walls is filled with an animal head trophy. Around 300,000 apparently!

Please scroll down to check out the rest of this journey!  

Een nieuwe post over mijn zomer vakantie in Tsjechië en deze keer neem ik jullie naar de 'Konopiště kasteel' die ooit van Franz Ferdinand is – een voormalige prins destijds. Zijn moord leidde tot WW1 en dat is alles wat je mag weten van mij!

Op onze vroege ochtend na een snel ontbijt zijn we naar zijn glorieuze kasteel net iets buiten Praag gegaan. Ik herinner me nog hoe koud het was en ik was ook in mijn blote benen! De landschappen om de kasteel maakte het veel goed gelukkig. En de weg naar het kasteel zelf bevat veel klim en loopwerk en die zorgden ervoor dat mijn benen opgewarmd werden.

Eenmaal aangekomen, moesten we €11 betalen om aan te sluiten bij de rondleiding binnen zijn huis. Helaas, het nemen van foto’s mocht niet baten – maar mocht ik zijn huis te willen omschrijven: oud, kleurrijk en luguber. Luguber omdat ieder vierkante centimeter van de muren wel gevuld is met een dierenkop trofee. En hij heeft er zo,n ongeveer 300.000 dierhoofden hangen!

Scroll naar beneden toe voor de foto’s!

 Hello empty parking lot.

Apparently there supposed to be bears as well but sadly we didn't see anyway :c

This dog totally ignored me :c

Taken in a toilet.

Hopefully this awful sketch of mine somewhat gives you an image haha...
So the castle was basically filled with all kind of animal head trophies (over 300k) and it was scary yet beautiful at the same time.

After our little hour of castle tour we decided to grab tea and some baked goods. There is also a souvenir shop as you can see.


  1. Seems like so much fun ! Lovely pictures !


  2. Ai, I wouldn't feel quite uncomfortable walking around in a house with animal trophies all over the place ^^" Other than that, the house sounds lovely. Love the handdrawn "photo"! Good substitute ;) As for the real photos: beautiful :3 I want a Berliner bol now... ♥

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about animal head trophies, but all in all, the trip seems like fun! I was at an awesome museum in New York, but I wasn't allowed to take pictures either, so I feel your pain! Adorable illustration though :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Oh damn! I love love the photos on the way! I love the country side and stops along the way in europe with so much to just look at!

  5. What an interesting sounding place! That's a shame pictures weren't allowed though, it probably looked incredible on the inside

  6. Haha oh my gosh, your doodle is so cute!! I think I would be a bit scared to walk through that section of the castle with a bunch of taxidermy as well!

  7. Wow gorgeous pictures and beautiful place! Looking forward to more posts like this; I really love it when bloggers post about places they go to and explore. :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your top! Also the Czech Republic just seems so pretty! Great photos, per usual :)

  9. Super! Love the pictures of the country side :) X Helen

  10. I LOVE that you sketched the interior where pictures weren't allowed! So cute, haha.

  11. Ziet er leuk uit! :D

    Fotografeer je nog steeds met je Olympus Pen? Welke lens gebruik je?

  12. I love your sketch! I didn't get to visit this castle the last time I was in Prague but the pictures are so eerie and creepy, I'm sad that I missed it

  13. Aah die prullenbakjes zijn echt schattig! Jij ziet er ook zo leuk uit met je rugzakje c: en mmm die beignets!
    Liefs, Tessa

  14. yay, more CR photos! i can't get enough :) those deer are so beautiful. i love that you took us with you through the day, it makes for a lovely read! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  15. such beautiful pictures! and your sketch is so cute :)

  16. Wat zijn die dolken prijzig zeg! En ik denk niet dat ze echt authentiek zijn...

  17. DANG, I was in Europe this past summer and HOW ARE YOU WEARING SHORTS?? I mean, I wore shorts too, but only because that was the only thing I packed when flying across the ocean! Animal trophies scare the crap out of me, but at the same time, its also really fascinating. I mean, who keeps dead bodies inside their home on display?

  18. Lovely place, specially the surroundings look so calm! Shame about not being able to take pictures inside (300.000 animals heads, that's crazy :S) but I think that your sketch more that it makes up for it! hahaha, so fun! :)


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