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As the day before yesterday I´ve announced going to the Markthal at Rotterdam and today I´m bringing home some news!

Markthal means: markethall in Dutch, and the Markthal has officially opened a few days ago, yippee! A reason for us to go explore.
As the title may reveal, it’s an indoor market with the focus on food. Think: sandwiches, wines, pastry, tapas, Asian, nuts, cheeses, green/fruit, fish and many more! Totally my cup of hotspots.
And a place to have a foodcoma.

Also a fun fact: on the outside of the Markthal, there are apartments that you can rent/buy!

Being a foodie, I’ve been following this news since the beginning of this year but beside for the food, the Markhal also has the largest artwork of the world! Reason #2 for me and my papa and brothers to visit Markthal! And I think many people had the same mindset because the place was crowded with eating people!

However, I did miss: benches. Or chairs. Some stands have a bar with stools where you can sit down and eat your food but not all of them had this facility.

As I have this expectation beforehand, but I was pretty much blown away of how large this piece of artwork is. I’ve obvious taken lots of pictures (and video!), and hopefully these will give you a good impression and view of the Markthal!  

Zoals eergisteren had ik gezegd dat ik naar de Markthal in Rotterdam zou gaan, en vandaag breng ik u verslag uit van mijn Markthal avondtuur!

De Markthal heeft onlangs haar deuren officieel geopend, en dat is leuk want een reden voor ons om deze te verkennen.
Zoals de titel je doet onthullen, is het een overdekte markt met de focus op (h)eerlijk voedsel. Te denken aan: broodjes, wijnen, gebak, tapas, Aziatische, noten, kazen, groentes/fruit, vis en nog veel meer! En je snapt, ik was in mijn nopjes!

Ook een leuk weetje: aan de buitenkant van de Markthal zijn er appartementen die u kunt huren/kopen!

Ik ben iemand die dol op lekker eten is (durr) en heb dit nieuws sinds het begin van dit jaar gevolgd. Naast het eten, heeft de Markhal ook het grootste kunstwerk van de wereld! Reden # 2 voor mij en mijn papa en broers om de Markthal te betreden! En ik denk dat veel mensen dezelfde gedachte want de Markthal was druk met etende mensen! 

Wat ik wel miste: bankjes. Sommige kraampjes hadden wel een bar + krukjes faciliteit maar helaas niet bij allen. Dus je moet gaan staan/lopend door de Markthal struinen met je eten. 


Voordat ik überhaupt voet zette in de Markthal had ik wel verwachting op voorhand, maar ik was echt van mijn stoel weggeblazen bij mijn eerste aanzien: de Markthal is prachtig! Ik heb zonder twijfel veel foto's (en video!) gemaakt, en hopelijk zullen zij je een goede indruk en beeld van de Markthal geven!


It all start with a point system!  

So basically you need to collect 6 stamps to get a free cute canvas grocery bag ( mine is yellow ), by visiting and buy stuff from any marketstands of desire!

In total: 4,000 tiles!

Let check out what 'Markthal' has to offer us!

Could be a worthy prop for Lord of the Rings movies or something, this big fairy-ish looking mushroom!

 At an Asian grocery/merchandise store and this mug is CUTE. 

Lets eat!

By starting off with a super healthy raw drink. From: Vers van de Teler

These badboys were fresh and crunchy on the outside and the drizzle of dark chocolate were just perfect. From Coffees & Sweets.

While my family were having some Southern Eastern bowl of noodles and tea. 

Then we went back to the healthy juice bar station, this time I picked a drink with: beetroot, cucumber and apple!  

Yes, I've lingered from afternoon till evening c: 
Sorry if I went spamming with pictures, but The Markthal was just to wonderful. 

And if that wasn't enough already, here's a short impression video:


  1. wat leuk filmpje, MEt welke camera gebruik je?

  2. Wow this place looks so amazing ! Great pictures !


  3. (not sure if my last comment went through!) This looks so awesome, I love the setting this market's in. It's way classier than the indoor markets we have here, haha.

  4. Looks awesome! It is near Rotterdam Blaak, isn't it?

  5. wow, looks amazing! the produce looks so fresh!

  6. It's such a lovely place! I would spend hours here too!

  7. Omg, daar wil ik dus echt een keertje heen! :D Misschien ga ik dat binnenkort maar is doen xD. Churros *Q*

  8. Love it! I awwed so much at the kitty mug! Too cute, too cute :,3

  9. Wat leuk!! Ik heb hier nooit over gehoord, maar wil er echt een keer langs gaan :D

  10. My friend from Rotterdam posted some photo's on Facebook and I got so curious! Your photos and video definitely gave me a better impression. Thank you so much ^^ I'm dieing to go there :D Too bad it's such a long drive from my place to Rotterdam. Can't wait to get a bubbletea again too ;)

  11. Woww, what a gorgeous building! I love the video too, this event seems like a lot of fun :)

  12. This places looks CRAZY fun! So nice you got to visit! I would also be able to spend hours and hours here :)

  13. wonderful photos! :)

    xoxo, rae

  14. What a beautiful place, I'd love to go there one day!

    Have a great week,

  15. Oh wow, such an interesting place! I wish we had such cool places here! I really would have loved walking around the vegetables and the that mushroom looked super awesome, very few of us see how our food gets produced or what it looks like before it's packaged!

  16. Really love the fresco's! Nice post. Want to follow each other?
    x Mieke

    Check out my new post:

  17. Okay this looks so flipping cool - next time for sure. I need to plan a trip!

  18. wow! this place looks amazing!:) lovely photos!♥

  19. ik ga morgennnnnn =D ben benieuwd!!

  20. Wow markthal looks amazing! The kind of place I would get lost watching all the food in every stall ;) love that they had that idea of the grocery bag and oh my that roof is incredible. Oh! and churros with chocolate on top! yumm!

  21. Haha the mushroom is cool. WOW this place is like heaven on earth! It kind of reminds me of New York's Eataly or Philly's Reading Terminal Market, but on a grander scale :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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