I feel less guilty when buying souvenirs


Again, happy Halloween everyone! Hopefully you are all having a fun time dressing up c: Unfortunate I don’t except eating candies and all the bad.

Today I want to show you guys the souvenirs I’ve bought in Prague! I don’t know why but I usually feel less guilty spending my money on souvenirs than spending on shoes or clothes or both.

After all you are on holiday and no holiday is complete without buying a landmark magnet and keychain right? My goal is to have my fridge ‘magentfied’ with lots of magnets from different countries!  

Nogmaals, fijne Halloween iedereen! Wel jammer eigenlijk dat Nederland niet zo populair Halloween land is als we het vergelijken met Amerika bijvoorbeeld. Alhoewel ik zie ieder jaar steeds meer Halloween rekwisieten.  

Vandaag wil ik jullie de souvenirs die ik in Praag gekocht heb laten zien! Ik weet niet waarom, maar ik voel me meestal minder schuldig wanneer ik mijn geld op souvenirs spendeer dan op schoenen of kleren of beiden.

Als je op vakantie ben dan vind ik dat je een magneetje en een sleutelhanger moet kopen.
Mijn doel is dan ook mijn koelkast vol te plakken met buitenland magneetjes!  

Probably my most priciest souvenirs: crystal earrings! 

I've only bought this bar of milk chocolate because of the pretty package! Unfortunate the milkchocolate itself is a let down. 

Must eat foreign snacks. These wafers are YUM! 

 A box Czech wafer 'lemon | a key chain | milk chocolate bar | a jute tote bag | pencil | pen |  a beer mug | crystal earrings | mini match box | blue mini mug | biscuits |  wafers  


  1. I agree! You have to get something when travelling! I always feel less guilty with souvenirs too! xx

  2. Haha my friend loves her magnets too! I generally go light on the souvenirs myself, I generally consider the clothes I buy souvenirs haha.

  3. Happy Halloween! Dat minitasje (of ja, dat koffiekopje zeggen jullie denk ik ;-) ) is zo cute! Vind het ook altijd leuk om kleine souvenirtjes mee te brengen, maar ze moeten dan wel functioneel zijn. Zoals de koekjes die jij hebt meegebracht, mhm!

  4. happy halloween girl..i have the same addiction like you did.i love to collect magnets from different countries.i felt satisfied each time looking at those magnets. weird right?

    xo josephine c.

  5. These are so cute and vintagy (just made up a new word, haha) x x


  6. me too! at least have to get 1 stuff from all the place i went, no matter near or where, as a memory....lol...

  7. Haha, so true! Buying things in a foreign country is not shopping, it's keeping memories! :-)


  8. Happy Halloween! It's always nice that whenever you look at all your souvenirs, all the good memories of your trip comes back to you.

    Ellie | wunderstar

  9. I didn't do anything special for Halloween either, because I had a swim meet the day after. However, the campus dining hall had really cute cupcakes and delicious caramel apples, so I stuffed myself with so many sweets that I felt almost sick :P Anyways, I used to buy souvenirs all the time, sometimes for me, sometimes for friends, but I realized that I never did anything with the souvenirs I bought and that they usually ended up just taking up space. I think I'm going to start collecting postcards though :) I love the little box of matchsticks you bought! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  10. I love souvenirs so much! It's lovely to have a tangible thing along with the memories <3 xx

  11. this is lovely! i think it's totally ok to spend money on trivial things when you travel - you're just capturing memories in little trinkets you'll keep, to remind yourself of that time :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  12. The mini mud and the crystal ear rings are awesome! I think it's very necessary to buy some kind of trinket when going on holiday!

  13. That tiny mug is so cute!!! Love the tote bag too :3

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

  14. Nou er wordt elk jaar toch meer halloween gevierd hier hoor. Kinderen gaan hier zelfs trick en treaten!
    De winkels spelen hier natuurlijk een grote rol in, kunnen zij weer lekker extra winst maken.

    Meestal als ik op reis ben koop ik eten, kleding en laat ik de touristische spullentjes links liggen haha

  15. Ah so cute! I love the bag and the earrings. I also like to buy souvenirs rather than clothing, except when it's a special shop that we don't have here. That pen looks awesome and I also bought a pencil in the Vatican Museum! :)

  16. halloween for me is always watch nightmare before christmas alone, no dress up no candies no nothing else. yea it sucks. i never experienced halloween. i wish i live in the states or something.

    i don't usually buy souvenirs like that. ah then again, when you go to hk, "souvenirs" is always something from sasa LOL at least for me. i'm like a sasa addict so yeah, i buy myself lots of drugstore products. i don't usually feel guilty if i spend bits on clothes and a pair of sneakers but yeah, i mostly buy edibles and spend on food so nope, definitely no guilty there. food is always the most important thing.

  17. Hahaha, I'm the same way! I don't mind splurging on anything at all when I'm traveling, especially on things at the airport where it's most expensive :(

    becky ♡ star violet

  18. For some reason, I always feel silly buying souvenirs unlike you. That's why most of my souvenirs are always food products of clothes. I feel like those are two things I could always use more of.

  19. I always come back with a TON of candy and snacks when I go to Europe - they cannot be beat! Chocolate digestives for sure

  20. Those little matches are so adorable!

  21. I love getting souvenirs too. We also collect magnets of cities we visit! :)

  22. Anytime I go on a 2 week vacation, I like to pick up something for myself as well! :)

  23. Wat een schattige dingetjes heb je allemaal gekocht! Ik zou die chocoladereep ook niet laten liggen met die toffe verpakking c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  24. Hahaha, so true! I always need to buy at least a couple of things for us as souvenirs (and then a few more for family and friends). Apart from the magnet (also collectors!) I always try to buy something I can wear with me on regular basis and that always put a smile on me when I see it for the memories it brings from the travel like badges, pins or necklaces :)


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