Papa's Birthday dinner // HOTSPOT: Amuz


October month is such a busy month! One of the thing is my dads birthday and the way we alwaaays celebrate is: a happy birthday singing (a tradition since we were kids), a cake and a dinner out house with the whole family. We usually go eat Chinese but this time we did a fine dining at Amuz restaurant – and it was on me!

Before actually eating at Amuz, we had to wait for my younger brother. And he was late! So late that Amuz was about to close their kitchen and I was really embarrassed. Luckily for us, the host was so kind and understanding and she hold up the kitchen for us. Once my brother arrived from a horrible traffic jam, we finally placed our order.

Did you know that all the dishes at Amuz are just 7,50 bucks? Yes! Pretty much the main reason why I decided to treat the whole family gang ha.
Ok, I now may sound like a total cheapskate but everyone ordered quite a lot of dishes. And thanks to that the bill was over 100 bucks, gulp.

Of course I’ve made pictures, scroll!

Oktober maand is zo'n drukke maand! Een van de drukte is mijn papa’s verjaardag en de manier waarop we altijd vieren, is: een verjaardagslied zingen (een traditie sinds we kinderen waren), een taart en een diner uit huis met de hele familie. Meestal gaan we Chinees eten, maar dit keer zijn we op haute cuisine tour gegaan bij restaurant Amuz – en ik betaalde!

Voordat we daadwerkelijk konden eten bij Amuz, moesten we wachten voor mijn broertje. En hij was laat! Zo laat dat Amuz op het punt stond de keuken te sluiten en ik schaamde me dood natuurlijk.
De gastvrouw was vriendelijk en begripvol en ze hield daarom de keuken voor ons open. Zo lief en ik was zo dankbaar. Zodra mijn broer uiteindelijk kwam van een vreselijke file konden we bestellen.

Wist u dat alle gerechten in AMUZ  slechts €7,50 zijn ? Jawel! De belangrijkste reden waarom ik besloten heb om de hele familie te trakteren.
Ok, ik klink nu als een vrek misschien maar iedereen aan tafel bestelde vrijveel gerechten. En dankzij dat is de rekening meer dan 100 euro.

Natuurlijk heb ik foto’s gemaakt, scroll!

As always: a birthday cake from scratch! More of that soon in another post!

On the house: Indian crispy bread and cucumber dipping sauce! The sauce is so good I really want to have the recipe.

The dimmed room is really charming but not ideal for photography, so all my pictures were taken with a flash. Luckily for me the restaurant was empty. 

'Zeeuwse' bread with the following spreads: tomato, tapenade, aioli, salted butter and olive oil.
I really loved the tomato and the tapenade dips!

Antipasti meatplate with roasted bread and truffle cream. Specially for the dudes around the table, but I did tried the truffle cream it was pretty good!

Antipasti seafood plate with bread and lime mayonnaise. Mainly for me but I've noticed that the guys were enjoying this as well, even more than the meatplate above. My favorite here: the squid rings and the lime mayo!   

 The gents all chosen for the: slow cooked ribs with coleslaw beetroot salad. The meat was really tender however my dad wished that it was coated with honey. 

 And myself: pumpkin risotto with chanterelle mushrooms, pecan nuts and blue cheese. It taste very yum as it looks! The risotto rice was so creamy with a hunch of pumpkin. 

 We finished our night with: chocolate mousse, peanut brownie, vanilla icecream and salted caramel crumbs! This final blow did our stomach well.

ADDRESS:  Westsingel 1 4461 DK GOES - The Netherlands
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥ 5/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. Gefeliciteerd met verjaardag van je pa. Wat heerlijk al die food. Die slak (geen idee hoe noem dat). Ik at vroeger vaak toen ik nog in mijn geboortestad woonde.

  2. Wat lief dat ze de keuken voor jullie openhielden! Van harte gefeliciteerd met je vader! C:
    Liefs, Tessa

  3. That food is looking super delicious !


  4. Gefeliciteerd!
    Zijn dat trouwens bloemknopjes op de taart?
    Heb je die ergens gekocht of zelf gegroeid?

    Ik zit nu in een fase dat ik meer kruiden gebruik en ik wil ook graag eetbare bloemen gaan gebruiken. Ben mij hier een beetje over aan het inlezen ;)

  5. Looks like a feast (and rightfully so)! I wish a happy a birthday for your dad :)

  6. Oké, dit ziet er echt ongelofelijk lekker uit! Krijg er wel een beetje honger van.... :)

  7. what a celebration!! the food just looks mouthwatering - the dessert!! i could inhale that right now. happy birthday to your dad! x

  8. wow, that's REALLY hard to believe that such amazing dishes are only around $8! that's an amazing find, what a great place to treat your dad. and eek, that stinks your brother got sooo stuck in traffic! I can sympathize with him though- one time i was a whole two hours late to a restaurant dinner because of the same reason. t's a terrible feeling :(

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. Can't wait for the birthday cake post; the cake looks so delicious! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  10. Ohmygosh! THE CAKE! *_*
    I am also born in October! Happy birthday to your dad; the dinner looked amazing!

    ♥ Ellie

  11. It's so nice that you guys have a tradition for your dad's birthday. The food looks amazing!

  12. Awww happy belated b-day to your daddy! This post made my heart smile. Dad's have an extra special place in my heart; Ever since my mom passed away, I pay extra attention to show my dad more love ^^ Your homemade cake looks delicious and so pretty :3 The pumpkin risotto made me drool :') I will have to visit this restaurant.. if I'm ever near Goes that is :P

  13. The photos are so amazing! It seems like you had lots fun! Every thing looks so delicious <3

  14. Everything looked amazing! And the price really was so worth your while eating all of those dishes! I would've loved to have some pork ribs and that pumpkin risotto! Happy belated bday to your papa!

  15. The food looks so delicious! I would love to try the pumpkin risotto. Anything pumpkin flavored has to be perfect for fall, right?

    The cake looks so beautiful! Makes me feel like baking, but I don't have a kitchen available at the moment.

  16. That's a ton of food, no wonder the bill was over 100...! Looks super tasty though. I wish we had something like that here! Happy belated birthday to your papa :)!

    xx becky // star violet

  17. What a coincidence - my dad's birthday is in October as well :)
    The food looks super delicious, by the way.

  18. happy birthday to you dad's birthday is next month and i'm going to fly back to my hometown to do the celebration with the're really generous for treating your family to dinner.and all those dinner looked really yummy,making me superb hungry now! haha..and the cake is the loveliest cake i ever made it? if yes,please do share the recipes..

    xo josephine c.

  19. That cake looks absolutely fantastic - look forward to the post!


  20. Amazing Birthday dinner, looks extremely delicious, must have been a feast!

  21. Awwww, it looks like your dad had a wonderful birthday dinner. How sweet of y'all

  22. so sweet that you treated your whole family to your dad's birthday dinner! looks like such a wonderful celebration. the cake is beautiful!

  23. Pumpkin risotto with chantarelles?, can't get better! :) really, I won't be able to take this yummy plate out of my mind today :) So sweet Mei that you treated your family with the dinner ♥


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