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Last week I had a sushi date with 4 lovely people and one of these 4 lovely people have not eaten proper sushi before. Well, actually this lovely person does had sushi before at a buffet restaurants but that does not really count, right? Even though most chain sushi restaurants here in Holland is common and probably does not stand to the real authentic Japanese version, it does stills my hunger and longing for Japanese food. For now.

Going to Japan still is on top of my wanderlust! 

Vorige week had ik lekker sushi opgesmikkeld samen met mijn 4 lieve vrienden en één van deze 4 lieve vrienden heeft nog nooit echt sushi op gehad. Nouja, nog nooit, ze heeft het één keer sushi op gehad bij een wokrestaurant maar dat telt niet vind ik, toch? Hoewel de meeste sushi restaurants hier in Nederland nu toch wel ‘ingeburgerd’ zijn en standaard is en waarschijnlijk de echte authentieke versie nooit overtreffen, ben ik toch blij met deze restaurants. Het stilt immers mijn honger en verlangen naar Japans eten. Voor nu dan.

Want mijn plan om naar Japan af te reizen staat nog steeds in mijn bucketlist! 
Same drill.

Just a humble and a bit boring bowl of rice with eel and 'wakame'. 

a little camera lesson (please click for bigger picture)
The spot where we sat had an overall low yellow light and therefore most pictures were made with automode. Which I don't prefer because of the icky ISO dots. So telling from my own experiences, try to use manual as much as you can!

Our desserts: banana fritters and assorted fruit with jelly!


  1. I used to have Japanese food quite often back in Beijing, and it was delicious! However, Japanese food is so much more expensive here in the States (or at least where I am) (maybe restaurants/shops near college campuses are just more expensive in general) so I haven't eaten it much. The campus dining hall sometimes has sushi, but it's like... weird American sushi... (not even the good American sushi! Like California Rolls or something!) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Yum! Looks delish! The bowl of rice + wakame + unagi/eel looks mighty tasty to me! :)

  3. you made me drooling for japanese food too! i always love japanese food more than anything's always great to meet up with some friends and have a little chit-chat.i haven't done this in ages..and you're getting prettier girl..

    xo josephine c.

  4. Hmm, banana fritters sound really good! I'm not the biggest sushi fan, as I only eat the veggie version anyways and don't like the taste of the alga stuff! :-)
    Haha, can you tell I'm a pro?


  5. The food is looking so amazing! Very nice !


  6. Oh, I loooooove sushi!! We are having sushi once a week with my boyfriend ^_^
    Enjoy =),
    Michael / facebook / Bloglovin / ig: @majki

  7. Looks like you ladies had a lovely time! Now you have me craving some Japanese food! :)

  8. Wat lekker!
    Ik heb gister sushi bij vrienden gegeten maar die van jou zien er toch wel lekkerder uit!

  9. NEVER HAD SUSHI BEFORE???? WAT. Anyone who I take out to eat has to be able to eat everything! But I'm flexible enough to go somewhere if they're more picky or have issues with certain foods otherwise I EAT EVERYTHING. I love japanese food! Everything about their noodles, rice meals, bento sets, hot plates, sushi....BUT I don't really like sashimi, even if it's really fresh...I still prefer to eat other things! I love love tempura too! HHMMM! I'm glad to you took their sushi virginity! Hahah!

  10. Oh man... now I want sushi for dinner!

    7% Solution

  11. Now I'm craving for sushi so hard :) I've been at home with a flu but I guess now that I'm slowly feeling better I can convince Dani that sushi will heal me completely? ;) Eel don is one of Dani's favorite, I still feel a little weird the texture.


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