Oops - I kind of lied because I told that this post here will be my last Prague post but today I bring you another post about one of my adventures in Prague! It's because I have made too many pictures, I can't see it clearly anymore.

Anyway, this time I bring you a hotspot: a 100% vegan restaurant called ‘Lo Veg’! Veganist, vegetarians and pescatarians like me, you’ll embrace this place! I sure did c:

I’ve Googled about this place beforehand and I was really excited about the menu and their vision!

So for our last meal I want to have a good meal so I was on a mission to find LoVeg which is set in a beautiful building. Not so strange of course since all buildings in Prague are insanely gorgeous. The food was lovely, made me feeling a lot healthier and the service was great as well c:

Oepsie – ik heb soort van gelogen, want deze post hier is niet mijn laatste verhaal over mijn vakantie in Praag, maar deze is! Denk ik. Ik weet het niet meer door al veel te veel foto’s die ik gemaakt heb.

Hoe dan ook, deze keer neem ik jullie mee naar een 100% veganistisch restaurant genaamd: 'Lo Veg'! Veganisten, vegetariërs en pescatarians zoals ik, u zult deze plek omarmen c:  

Ik heb van te voren gegoogeld over deze plek en ik was echt enthousiast over Lo Veg en hun menu en visie!

Dus voor onze laatste maaltijd wilde ik goed eten, dus mijn missie was LoVeg vinden die overigens gevestigd is in een prachtig gebouw. Niet zo vreemd natuurlijk, omdat alle gebouwen in Praag waanzinnig mooi zijn. De service en het eten was heerlijk en al dat veganist eten gaf me een gezond gevoel ook nog!

The drinks:
Homemade lemonade citrus mix

This was my drink: homemade raspberry lemonade which tasted raw, sour and really refreshing thanks to the lime!

Rooibos ice tea. I just love the glass a lot and later on I found it's from IKEA. 

The interior
Their restaurant & interior is pretty nice, decorated with lots of wood elements and buddha decors. Apparently Lo Veg has roof terrace as well! 

The food:
My dish: buckwheat risotto. And it was so amazingly good! It was also my first time eating buckwheat as well. 

My dad's dish: Thai green curry. Looks really appetizing but the only dad was complaining was the small portion. So that's a good thing right? 

My brother's dish: lasagna! 

My other brother's dish: vegan burger with grilled potatoes. My brother is a big meateater but he enjoyed his substitute hamburger c: 

ADDRESS:  Nerudova 36 Praha 1 - Malá strana - Czech Republic
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥ 5/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. What a lovely little place! Everything looks so delicious, from the drinks to the food.

  2. There is always time for food posts! This place would be my ultimate dream! Now I know where I could visit if I ever went there. :)

  3. very very awesome! and yay for one more prague post. ;)

  4. It's barely 8am here and looking at all these photos made my mouth water! Looks like it was healthy & delicious :)

  5. this place and food seems very lovely :)

  6. I really like the ice tea cup too, it's so lovely. Vegan food looks so yummm, i love risotto, i tend to always get it everytime i see it on the menu.
    Such a pretty little restaurant <3

  7. Wat ziet het eten er heerlijk uit zeg daar! c: en wat een schattige plek!
    Liefs, Tessa

  8. That's awesome! I am so happy that travelers are spreading good word about Prague ^_^. I have to thank you so much =)
    I know Lo Veg but never been there. I have to visit them!!
    Have a great day,

  9. Ik ben zelf geen veganist, maar alsnog spreekt het restaurant mij wel aan!

  10. I love to have good recommendations when I visit foreign cities, I will make sure to bookmark your posts if we ever have the good luck to visit Prague. That potatoes and bread of your brother's burger looks mouth-watering so those everything else (those drinks!)


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