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If you are my Instagram follower, than you have might noticed these Halloween themed Pocky’s! Being an Asian, there’s no almost no doubt but to love Pocky’s and my mission is to buy, try and eat all the possible flavors Pocky has so when I saw these Halloween themed Pocky’s at Candysan, I was sold.
(Those darn cute packaging)

Along the Pocky’s I’ve also bought: a melon pan and Koala March biscuits in sweet potato flavor by the brand ‘Lotte’.  

I’ve already told you before about the fast shipping of Candysan and they haven’t failed this time either as this box came right on time before Halloween!

Scroll and have a look + watch my video

Als je een van mijn Instagram volgeling ben, dan zullen deze Pocky’s in Halloween jasje je vast niet ontgaan zijn! Ik als Aziaat zijnde is er geen twijfel mogelijk om van Pocky te houden en mijn missie is daarom ook om zoveel verschillende soorten Pocky’s te bemachtigen! Net als deze Halloween Pocky’s die ik gekocht heb bij online winkel: Candysan!

Naast de Pocky’s heb ik ook nog deze toegevoegd in mijn winkelmandje: een ‘melon plan’ en Koala March koekjes in zoete aardappel smaak door het merk 'Lotte'.

Ik heb u al eerder verteld over de snelle verzending van Candysan en ook dit keer waren ze vliegensvlug! Dit pakje kwam na een week bestellen al op de deurmat, precies voor Halloween!  

Nieuwsgierig? Scroll naar beneden en bekijk de video!

All the 3 Pocky's melted and got stuck to each other like this, forming a 1 huge Pocky snack!

 I've always wanted to try out this 'melon pan' (Japanese sweet bun) at but they are always sold out! Luckily they are restocked again and I made my move. 

 Look at the expire date! Crazy! The melon pan tasted good however I thought it didn't taste like the real melon pan as this one is missing that crunchy buttery top and it was pretty oily as well. 

Free candies included, thank you!

(please watch in HD!)


  1. Ja ik zag die foto inderdaad al voorbij komen! Oeeh zo lekker, en dat zoetje broodje lijkt mij ook heerlijk c:! En omg die koala koekjes!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Such cute Halloween packaging and I recognize that kaola!

  3. schattige verpakkingen, leuk dat je ze deelt ^^

  4. i love love love the cute packaging! i always find myself buying themed japanese snacks, yumyumyum. too bad i can't find a lot here in toronto.

  5. Those are all of my childhood snacks! Love them all :)

  6. So awesome!! I'm thinking of sending one of these to my boyfriend, thanks for the inspiration~
    -Ally Gong

  7. The Pocky is cute! The asian market near my home has the cookies n cream flavored Pocky, although not in the cute packaging... makes me feel lucky that Asian sweets are just a 7 mins walk away. It's still great you can get almost anything online though!

    becky ♡ star violet

  8. So much yummy goodness :O I love Pocky -.- especially the green tea one. Nooooms.

  9. I would sooo eat all of this so fast! :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. i love pocky too!! recently i kept on buying pocky cheese to my evening class.very yummy! have you try it?

    xo josephine c.

  11. That food is looking super adorable !

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  12. It's pretty easy to find Pocky here but I've never seen the themed ones! I never think to buy candy online... it's kind of genius.

  13. The packagings made me squealed! How cute are these?!
    And it's so sweet of them to send you extras. :D Hope you enjoyed your Halloween~ x

  14. So much deliciousness! This makes me miss green tea kitkat so much --- now would be the perfect time to order them because it's winter and I don't have to worry about it melting on the way there :)

  15. This is sooo damn cute! I would have loved to have that halloween pocky! And that last picture! I'd love to eat those too! I love asian type snacks, always cute ad always yummy!

  16. POCKY! Ik had laatst een heel lekker pakje Pocky gekocht (blueberry) maar ik vind dat ze er echt wat meer in mogen stoppen (* ̄m ̄) Een melon pan heb ik ook eens gegeten, was echt lekker! Krijg er nu weer zin in c:

  17. I love Candysan. Thinking of making another order. I really love the Copan (?) salt and butter snack things. I know that's vague, but I'm too tired to go find out the proper name right now. Haha.

  18. melon pan is seriously the best thing EVER!
    Luckily there is a japanese bakery near my town (ok, actually an hour away but it's worth it 。(⌒∇⌒。) )
    Never knew that you can order japanese sweets online! :o

  19. sweet noms and great video! love the background music ;)

  20. Looved the video! The pocky display was so cute appearing one on the bottom of the other, and interesting to know that pumpkin was your favorite, I need to taste it someday! I have just discovered a japanese teashop place where they have homemade melon pan and I've become obsessed :) - so fun the last shot with all the sweets finished ;)

  21. De snoepjes en snacks zien er zo lekker en schattig uit! *O*


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